Reviews for Dear Mai
sairiotana chapter 1 . 12/17/2010
Hey! I know I promised a while back that I would review your stories, and I'm sorry I couldn't do it any sooner. I hope that it's okay with you.! This is so lovely! It's a sad and distant love, but surely one of the cutest I've seen. Great job on the letter! :D
Calm-Waters chapter 1 . 8/15/2010
Awww! That's just so awesome and really good.
Mkitkat chapter 1 . 7/23/2010
Aww I really liked this :) I liked that everything you put in the letter he probably put in the letter.
My Thyla My Captain chapter 1 . 7/14/2010


LULZRANDOMMAN chapter 1 . 7/14/2010
I'm not a Maiko person, but this is so sweet :) And I love ur idea for what he wrote in the letter :D
gloomy maiko lover chapter 1 . 7/11/2010
this was did a good job. xD
MetellaStella chapter 1 . 7/11/2010
Honestly, I wondered a lot more about Toph's letter than this one. :)

I don't think his letter was this well phrased. I don't think he had the right words to say. XD Mai was ANGRY when she confronted him. (Think about it. Mai. Emotionless MAI was angry.)

"Mai knew this. She expected it. In fact, she wondered why it had taken him so long to find the *right path.*" Um, Mai, in no way, shape, or form, believed that Zuko made the *right* choice when he left. : Quote from the Boiling Rock: "*Saving* it? You're BETRAYING your country!"
xxSugarAddictxx chapter 1 . 7/11/2010
I really loved this story. I can actually imagine Zuko writing this letter! My favorite was Zuko's last line, and Mai's reaction to it.

Well done, I'm looking forward to your next fic.
Kimjuni2 chapter 1 . 7/11/2010
ahh i love it, you did great job