Reviews for Not YOUR Fault
lionheartilly chapter 1 . 7/12/2010
I have strong feelings in regards to the whole Ruby situation with Sam. For one, Sam had just lost Dean. The man was a mess, vulnerable and Ruby used that to her advantage making it much easier to manipulate Sam and gain his trust. As time went on and Sam discovered he couldn't save Dean, I think he just succumbed to Ruby's powers of manipulation not realizing what he was doing or even what she was doing to him. Yes, Dean came back and that's wonderful, but going through something like Sam did isn't going to make it all better and make everything that had happened just go away overnight. Within those months, Ruby used him to her advantage, gained his trust and that was that. Sam didn't know that she was using him and she saved his life as well, but he didn't know any of the reasons. Sam didn't know anything until after he killed Lilith and Ruby explained it to him. None of this is Sam's fault. He was a vulnerable, broken man. Ruby is the one to blame. Not Sam.

Anyway, great little drabble! You should add more to this. Tell us about this Lily and such! _
494dwangel chapter 1 . 7/11/2010
awesome...i believe sammy was manipulated too although i feel he trusted ruby almost blindly without questioning her motives which he should have done so becoz he is a genius damnit...and if we all cud see her for wot she was then he shud've...