Reviews for Promises
pihip chapter 1 . 12/10/2016
'Everything I wanted to say doesn't have to go unsaid'

Having read your trilogy, this part feels just tragic, because it was this inability of sensing stuff beyond time that made Kira the broken monster he is in Eternity, up to the bitter end. One can only wonder if, had he been able to feel Fllay as Shinn does Kika, he would've managed to stay at least partially sane. But I guess everything fell apart as early as that baited beam shot in 'Seeds of Shadows'.
Connor Prafist chapter 1 . 9/12/2010
Well, well, well...look who is back! How long has it been since you have posted a story on fanfiction? Years. Understandable since I expect you are working on your next installment in your messed up version of the CE. I am glad that I will be around for the next part in the story, because when you were posting up Destiny, I was too young to understand and enjoy it fully. One of the reason why I am rereading it now and imagine my surprise when I saw that there is a new one-shot in your epic tale. Nice present! I must subscribe to you to get notices on your new tale!

If you compare your last chapter of Destiny to this one-shot, the difference is staggering. You have matured and grown as a writer to the point where I am simply aghast at your skill. Props to you man.

So anyway I really liked the internalization of Shinn, and his conversation with Kika was bitter sweet. All of it was a nice homage to your last fanfiction and it really gets me wanting more! Oh and I really enjoyed that Roxy character seems that all of your characters have grown up and are more adult. I know that this one-shot didn't get much attention so far, but that is because it is a one-shot and most people don't pay attention to stories that have only one chapter.

A shame, but it can’t be helped.

Anyway dude I am looking forward to Twilight (never have typed that before) and I hope to god that certain writers here on fanfiction will take a note or two out of your book and realize that they suck. Post soon Shadow Cell! Post soon! Hopefully by the end of the year? I will keep my fingers crossed my friend!
Steamrollers Solve All chapter 1 . 9/2/2010
A nice little piece. Also gives us one of those rare moments of hope in your wonderfully bleak, fucked-up version of the Cosmic Era.

And I mean all of that in a good way. Endless GRIMDARK without hope isn't fun to read. Yours is quite entertaining.
DarkJackel chapter 1 . 7/17/2010
Nice to see this fic continuing and I look forward to the next stage in the saga you have crafted. Good job in setting the stage for the next big conflict.