Reviews for Will you be my daddy?
sevvyboy1fangirl chapter 25 . 2h
sectumsempra isnt an illegal spell because snape invented it. it is not a recognized spell, therefore it cannot be regulated against.
A.L.S chapter 35 . 7/1
That was a amazing chapter I did not expect Draco to propose even.
A.L.S chapter 30 . 6/30
Wow this was a intresting chapter, I have a few ideas on what the injunction might have been.
A.LS chapter 26 . 6/30
Wow your writting skills are really good, I'm not just saying this but sometimes I forget that JK Rowling disinterest write this
Guest chapter 24 . 6/30
Wow that was a great chapter I loved it
A.L.S chapter 2 . 6/29
Ok so I love it so far but I hate that he's not friends with Ron and granger and that Ginny cheated on him
Guest chapter 1 . 6/29
It's really good you should continur
SimpleLilacDun chapter 42 . 5/30
I knew it! I had a feeling it was him!
Undertheskys chapter 45 . 4/30
Haha Harry's a "mummy" now. Awwe Severus is the godfather. YAAAY MARRIED AT LAST! I'm happy he's happy to be a big brother to Scorpius and Conall. That's sweet Moony is still watching over him. Haha Scorpius still want another sibling but a sister this time Haha. Awee Happy ending.

Great story, loved it but one thing I didnt like was when Teddy kept giving Scorpius glares and looks. I mean I understand why he felt that way but still. But all in all AMAZING STORY!
Undertheskys chapter 44 . 4/30
He should rot in prison for the crimes he has done to all those people. Well I'm glad that Teddy is see what kind on example Scorpius kis showing towards the baby. I am happy he wants to be a big brother to the baby but what about Scorpius? Does he want to be a big brother to Scorpius too? No matter how mean Severus acts, he's a very sweet person ancd cares very much for them. Yaay baby Conall is born
Undertheskys chapter 43 . 4/30
Oh god I hope Harry and the baby will be okay. Poor Teddy, he feels that it's his fault. Hopefully Teddy will understand how much he means to Harry. So happy Harry and the baby are okay.
Undertheskys chapter 42 . 4/30
Oh dear, Draco had to put Harry to sleep just to calm him down. Uh oh Hary has to go alone! Damn it was him!? I'd never guess him of all people. Wow that is low, very low dude. Using children for your revenge. WHOOOOAAA WHAT!? Remus!?
Undertheskys chapter 41 . 4/30
The whole wizarding world knows. Haha Severus is caught in between the two. Cool Andromeda is going to the Malfoy Manor. Awwe so cute, they're going to have a son! Honestly Scorpius is the cutest little big brother. Dang Teddy blew up and Harry sent him to his room. NOO TEDDY LEFT AND HE WENT WITH THE VILLAIN! Oh the letter is sad.
Undertheskys chapter 40 . 4/30
Draco that did not sound right... Draco knows his son so well. Bribing him with the checkup to find out the baby's gender just so he would take his medicine, well at leasr it worked. Teddy feels neglected...
Undertheskys chapter 39 . 4/30
Ohh a memorial. HAHAH Loving Blaise and Daphne. What a way to tell Hagrid that Harry's pregnant. Oh shit the villain!
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