Reviews for Reversed Life
kelwin chapter 12 . 4/24
good ic
readmore chapter 71 . 4/18
thx so much for the warning
Unkown98 chapter 112 . 4/17
This was A really good story.

Probably one of the longest Fan fiction I've ever read.

This is now one of my favorite story's in the IC archive but also on this site thank you for writing this story.

Can't wait to read you next story.

But right now i'm going to bed because its 3 o'clock where i'm at, and i couldn't stop reading this story for the last 10 chapters.
Guest chapter 112 . 4/16
overdone story
Unkown98 chapter 98 . 4/16
every time you mention a hymm, I always have the "Hymm of the faith" playing in my head.
Unkown98 chapter 96 . 4/15
Did you reference Attack on Titan?
Unkown98 chapter 93 . 4/15
I feel like you want Eragon and Arya's daughter to be named "little one" in the ancient language...

great story by the way.
chemiczen chapter 86 . 4/13
"They had endured and they had overcome it. Now it was time to continue on." This is supposed to explain and justify the non-sense last chapter? Ridiculous! And you expect them to still have kids after this? You know how messed up that kid will turn out?

No. You've ruined this story for me. This is just too rage inducing. I'm categorizing this as a piece of trash that I should never have bothered to read.
chemiczen chapter 85 . 4/13
Thanks, you just ruined my whole day.

Children being experimented on- and now this?! I don't mind dark stories, but not when it's written like this. So disappointing! I had really high hopes for your story. I was thinking about adding your story to my favorites after I've read everything. But now I am seriously considering whether to just drop this story.

Such a damn shame. All that time wasted reading this. I had really high hopes for your story.
readmore chapter 67 . 4/12
so dramatic, so intense
readmore chapter 63 . 4/12
Guest chapter 28 . 4/8
Fear not free
leylinjan chapter 112 . 4/7
I really, really loved this story and I will surely read it again in the future :)
leylinjan chapter 38 . 4/6
I loved this chapter! I love the way you describe the relationship between Arya and Eragon - it is light, not overly dramatic, and still has an undercurrent of seriousness but also serenity.

Love it.
leylinjan chapter 24 . 4/6
uh-uh ... I'm scared I know what Eragon's situation is about - is Galbatorix finding out his True Name bit by bit?
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