Reviews for Reversed Life
Archangel299 chapter 1 . 7/25
Loved it! Wish it wasnt over really hope you decide to follow up with a sequel even affter all these years
diggerboy4 chapter 112 . 6/19
What a read what a read! Took me a while but i finished! So sad its over :( what a great story!
Guest chapter 38 . 6/14
I know you probably see this but i do know a good book series well two actually they're call Red Queen (better than it sounds P.S there us fighting and blood) and the other one is called five kingdoms(slow at first but gets really good) this is a trilogy but Lord Of The Rings another 2 series is rangers apprentice and brother band chronicles
Guest chapter 10 . 6/14
Im only on chapter 10 so far however i love it so far also i like how even though eragon has gone through a lot he has a soft spot for children
SOB188 chapter 46 . 6/3
Forgive me for rambling but i truly love and appreciate you. Are you working on something original i would really love to read it. I must have read reversed lives a hundred time by now! Thanx
I must have read it a hundred times but i am never bored
SOB188 chapter 1 . 6/3
Yo! I know you dont know me, but i am absolutely in love with you writing! The way you portrayed eragon in reversed life, and the development of eragon and arya relationship is bueatiful! But what truly commendable is that you retained their personality and developed it throughout the story with deviating from it, according to me thats the mark of a true write not the story or the imagination, yes that is important too, but to maintain a person personality that the hard part.
mbarocket2001 chapter 4 . 4/7
This is honestly the 4th time I read this and every time I read it I get hooked immediately. You did so well with writing this story and this is one of the only stories that show Eragon in this light. You portrayed all of the characters really well. Good job.
mobile54691 chapter 112 . 3/26
Beautiful story and I loved the ending. Amazing job with character growth and development.
ddzhalev chapter 85 . 3/22
There are things I can and things I can't accept in a story. I'm sad to say that I won't be finishing this, even after having read over 80 chapters. I seriously doubt I'll be reading any of your stories in the future, but I wish you all the best.

Deep in the Night chapter 1 . 3/21
It's been a few years, at least, and reading this again makes me feel so nostalgic. I love seeing how your writing has evolved from beginning to end; reminding me that everyone has a starting stage.
Ash Kechum Guardian of Legends chapter 38 . 3/14
i know a Good x-over Harry Potter and Inhiertance Cycle called "Inhierting an Draconian Mantle"
Kaliedo chapter 10 . 3/11
This was a confusing chapter, almost as confusing as chapter 8, not sure what the hell happened there.

His oath of fealty is very out of character, especially since he even refused to give it to Galbatorix, that he would do so to someone he'd just met is baffling, more so given how much he seemed to have valued his freedom. It wasn't even necessary, it was so in the books because he was the 'last free dragon rider' at the time, where as here, he isn't. This Eragon is not as weak as he was in the books and has no issue or need to worry about making enemies of the council, all he needed to do was voice his approval not sign away his freedom to an unknown.

Seems like a very heavy handed way to tie him to Nasuada for whatever reason.
ThreeStarHunter chapter 38 . 3/4
The Legend of Jig Dragonslayer by Jim C. Hines is a good series. Three books in total. Also, Mercedes Lackey is a wonderful author as well. She has written several books.
ThreeStarHunter chapter 35 . 3/4
Luckily, Christopher Paolini is planning a fifth book, so we'll get some answers!
Nehit chapter 74 . 3/3
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