Reviews for Reversed Life
Sebastiaan Asselbergs chapter 90 . 7/25
Currently at chapter 90, damn this is an amazing story
inherifan1 chapter 92 . 7/24
arya and saphira can't decide
Sebastiaan Asselbergs chapter 40 . 7/23
I love this fanfiction so much, you did an amazing job! I have been reading for 17 hours straight and i am currently at chapter 38.
Guest chapter 37 . 6/29
One of the best chapters I have read so far.
DaLoneWolf007 chapter 8 . 6/25
What's with all of the Black Butler references?
MyDemonsInside chapter 1 . 6/22
Awesome story
Helpful Dude chapter 58 . 6/8

It's funny since you spelt/spelled "mistaks" wrong, when saying you were trying to avoid them lel.
EvilDragonMuspelheim chapter 15 . 6/7
"Those wings, I want them too." A quote from crisis core maybe?
EvilDragonMuspelheim chapter 1 . 6/7
I'm really confused... is this a sequel to move forward?
Fundindar chapter 88 . 6/2
First of all, I seem to remember in inheritance Gladr telling Eragon at the vault of souls that you cannot hide a mind. You can shield it, but not hide, and only with the help of several kilometres of stone stops the Vault of should from being discovered because of the sheer amount of matter deepening and eventually blocking the trace.

Secondly, why the hell didn't Arya and Eragon use magic to filter he air?! I'm sure it wouldn't be a particularly energy drawing or complicated spell, and something like it is done when visiting the Rider's island to stop the characters from getting radiation sickness. Or whatever type of sickness is generated when someone converts their flesh to magic.

Other than those two points, I really enjoy this story.
coralium chapter 112 . 5/26
I really enjoyed the story. The relationship between Eragon and Arya was done really well, the way it should've been in canon, and the ending was very satisfying.
Toliveinafantasy chapter 10 . 5/24
This was rather confusing. Eragon should not have sworn fealty to Nasuada so willingly, after he longs for freedom...
Henri chapter 112 . 5/14
Awesome story. Best eragon ive read so far. But then, i read only one other where the author has dropped off the face of the earth. Still a great story.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/12
Honestly better than CP wish you wrote the series and it would make a fantastic movie!
Guest chapter 58 . 5/9
But, wouldn't the true name for Alagaesia be constantly changing? You may know it for a moment, but then poof! Someone is born, someone dies, someone does something that minorly changes Alagaesia, but since the true name is everything and wholly the thing it describes, it alters the name. In comparison, the Ancient Language is a set thing, and no new grammar or nouns are being added to it.

Well, whatever, it doesn't really matter.
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