Reviews for White Storks at Dawn
seventeenthsymphony chapter 1 . 4/10/2012
This was brilliant. The emotions and the characters were extremely well brought out (especially so since Harken is one of my favourite characters). The time leaps were very effectively used, because the reader could see how it all came together in the end, it isn't haphazard at all! Interesting perspective about war, with the parallels between Isadora and Elimine. Thank you very much for this, best fanfiction I've read in a long time.
Vanechka chapter 1 . 12/19/2010
What can I say? you made me last through a fic about a character I didn't care much about, and after the fic, I realize that there's so much I didn't know about her.

Brilliant! Just brilliant!

Harken's internal struggle was also amazingly well-portrayed, from a detached third person-ish point of view. I love the tense shifts, by the way; these shifts between the present and her flashbacks are very effective.

And your characterization is as good as ever. Your Legault would delight even my fangirl friend Flo (snowylavendermist) if she ever decides to read about one of her least favourite characters; that was a nice touch linking the story and setting the time context with the introduction of Lucius. Your portrayal of Renault rivals that of the Renault specialist who wrote Wayward Son, Gunlord.

This is just brilliant. Isadora managed to captivate me for so long? Wow.

Oh, did I mention that the themes explored are also well thought out and makes one think? And the Les Mis quote, oh, the quote. It fit so perfectly.

Everything is so good I have nothing else to say.
Kitten Kisses chapter 1 . 8/2/2010
Pfffff. The fact that you used a quote from Les Mis is just win.

I really, really love the first scene. Things like [black ink spilling] and her reason, and then, the fact that words, [even unspoken, intruded upon the silence she had sworn]. the hell do you write so well?

[For her there was nothing left but the cloister.] I really like this, and I think you mentioned it to me before? Or maybe mentioned it in another 'fic? Sorry, my memory is completely shot. I think I recall you talking about wanting to (?) write her as a youngest daughter, which is depressing because of the fact that she would have nothing ahead of her.

[In those days, half a year seemed an eternity, and parting so final.] Isn't it the truth. Considering people didn't usually live to a "ripe old age" of nowadays' 80 or older, and tended to die in their 30s, 40s, and 50s... Well, half a year would seem much longer to them than to us. I can't even imagine.

[She no longer remembered what she had said in reply.] A nice touch.

[a luxury for one born and raised in distant Pherae, but a fact of life for any Etrurian] I like this touch.

[Even now the memory of that miraculous moment still stole her breath away.] Nice! I really like how you've written Harken in this, by the way... I just do.

[But his eyes were watching the shadows in the fireplace behind her.] Ouch.

["Cute," said Legault, and the sudden edge in his tone made her shrink back despite herself.] This. THIS. It's brilliant. It was like I was hearing him say it, tone and all. I don't believe for a second that Legault's really a silly goof-off. I just can't believe it. That, I feel, is closer to his real personality than I've ever seen. Sure, he can act flighty and silly, but in reality, he's exactly what he says he is: an assassin.

[If there was one thing she regretted, Isadora thought, it was not the question she had asked, but the ones that she had not.] Those unasked are always our undoing.

[She had known a Lucius, once.] Nice!

[She had not even been able to save the man she loved from himself. That was a regret she would carry with her to the end of her life.] Also nice.

And the end was a good one. Another wonderful piece of writing by you. My regret is that I didn't review this sooner for you! But I did want you to know that I enjoyed it. I don't find Isadora particularly fascinating, but you managed to write something about her that was definitely worth reading! Thanks!