Reviews for Harry Potter And The Aspects Of Death
Arthorius chapter 12 . 8/2
2 years without a update to this excellent storyline appears to be abandon/dead...
Osmodious chapter 12 . 5/24
Very interesting story, and quite enjoyable...I hope you continue it someday.
Guest chapter 12 . 5/4
Oh I love this story. When you first introduced the trunk I could not stop loling. I see it has been a while since you updated it, have you abbandoned it? I hope not. It is to funny to be lost.
ironhair chapter 1 . 4/30
Dragonfly1010 chapter 12 . 4/29
Really good story. Loving it so far. I think Harry should be in Slytherin or Ravenclaw. Considering that he won't ever be put in Gryffindor or hufflepuff with the way he is portrayed now. Also I feel as though the ghosts at Hogwarts will be terrified of Harry at first but if they are left to roam the halls by the master of death will be in complete dept and will respect him. That's all I have to say.
Oh right! Also please more chapters! I looked at the date and I'm all sad now... I love this story!
thonez chapter 10 . 4/28
Shadow Eclipse chapter 12 . 4/24
loving it can't wait
Guest chapter 12 . 4/24
love this story I hope you continue it and your humor through your stories is brilliant... Given all the knowledge harry has maybe the ravenclaw but then he doesn't bat an eye lash at causing death so maybe the house of snakes would be good too. As to how the ghosts will react I can see them running away since it seems that harry can force them to pass on ...
Master Xehanort chapter 12 . 3/28
I love it this is great so far keep going my friend.
Celexs Draconia chapter 12 . 2/22
This story really is a fun read. I would very much enjoy seeing how it continues.

The use of Death as a character trait of personality is brilliant. Harry is changed for what most would think of him, his is apathetic, but at the same time still shows emotions that make him seem more human, more real.

The thing with the thestrals was so well done, I never even slightly pieced that together, and that made it all the more amusing to see happen. I look forward to seeing Harry and Hagrid connect, even if it is only in passing.

Excellent work.

Vivianne95 chapter 12 . 2/19
Absolutely great!
More please!
allisondasher chapter 12 . 2/18
Brilliant story !
Kutsuu Mugen chapter 12 . 1/28
I love this story, even if it is old. I started reading it yesterday and just now finished it. I will probably always hope that this story will meet its eventual conclusion, but that's entirely up to you. Good work. Very humorous in its sheer chaos.
TOWTWUKER chapter 12 . 1/19
i think we shall recieve great and terrible things from this author(ess)...
CynthiaRosenDale chapter 5 . 1/9
It seems even if Harry's body aged and has this much of knowledge, it seems his maturity didn't get any better, he acts and talks like he's a teen no mature at all. Hope harry in the end has a better personality, at least dignified or act more adult.
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