Reviews for Angel And Liar
Magiveth chapter 2 . 2/22/2014
Even though my better judgement insists on telling me there is no point in reviewing what was written almost 4 years ago, well.. I don't seem to know better other than to ignore it. So here it goes.

I'm not usually "hyped up" on the idea of a tryst between Shadow and Amy, since frankly, I can't picture it. However, this actually made a lot of sense, so you can thank yourself for shutting my mouth up.

I liked the two different points of view. I can see Shadow "cooping up" his emotions to himself, and I can see that because of such silence, he comes off as indifferent in the eyes of Amy. It was all so longing and bittersweet I couldn't help but drown in my emotions GAHH!

Still, I can't picture Sonic hurting Amy in something other than not marrying her. It's not Sonic's nature to [consciously] hurt others physically or verbally. But this is your story, am I right? You borrowed SEGA's characters characters to create something new from your own world, so I can't judge that.

The past where Shadow is deciding which question should he ask her, and finally settles for the simplicity of "Do you love me?" Literally made my heart jump! I also enjoyed where Amy feels grateful of Shadow's calling of her for her first name. God, so sweet and yet so tragic! Quoting Shadow in your story..."It hurt. It hurt like hell."

It was wonderful, though, wonderful and bittersweet. Now, I shall return to the comfort of my bed, and brood for the rest of the day. You're story left me thinking. I loved it!

Magnificent work !
Skelebae chapter 2 . 11/1/2011
Shallala chapter 1 . 5/16/2011
I am sorry to review so late on this Depyyyyy! XD I had lotsa schoolwork to do :p

Anywayz, the story is amazing I really loved the eending line! And it was just SO emotional and realistic... what a way to describe the feelings of the two of them!

AWWWW! *melts* Congrats, my greek online friend!

Otherwise Uncolonized chapter 2 . 8/7/2010

That was too lovely for me to contain myself, let alone scream that into a paper bag!

Drats...I usually would have a long, splendid review about four pages long, but I'm too wrapped up in little emotions to type anything other than: "This most certainly reached my heart."

I yearn for one-shots/two-shots that have a poetic feel to its flow. It weaves the emotions much better, leaving things up to the imagination, but leaving enough to grasp onto. Nothing overly descriptive (like mine) with too much detail to where you might be able to pick something out of the 'back-story' that you didn't like because you're a biased reader of the couple. There was also nothing too emotional with the proper balance of emotion used to convey the dark, but somehow tragically romantic atmosphere of it.

One reason it reached out to me, is because I've been in a similar situation before. There wasn't a hotel involved, but it was relatable down to the boot. Honestly, it felt a lot like this - neither black nor white, but plain shades of grey, and you can't decide what's running faster-your heart, or the thoughts in your head. When the resolution comes, good or bad, you're so used up you don't know how to react or feel about it.

Another reason I swoon over it, is because it kept a realistic touch to it. I was really hoping that wouldn't end, haha. The last chapter, with how they wished they could play out a movie where the characters overcome all the hardships and obstacles for a happily ever after, when we know such things, especially love affair cases like this, don't work out that smoothly, was refreshing. All stories end with that, "all ends well" feel to it, but this was more like, "To be or not to be."

I was attached to Shadow and Amy's separate thoughts in the matter. It was expectant for Amy, or rather a woman in that situation, to feel the regret and guilt while it was all happening, mostly because her longing for "something more" is something that won't be sufficed to her. Shadow's was full of that longing, and it's almost like all those hairy feelings he kept inside made him seem "twisted" on the outside, especially to Amy, who seemed to not be able to read between the lines simply because he did a good job of acting like there were none.

I'm not sure if it's implied that Shadow is with Rouge, but I like how, regardless of if he is with Rouge [hell, is he? _ ] his mind is set in stone on Amy during the nightly exchange. I suppose we know who he loves "first." Tch, she was his first encounter to reach out to him on ARK, regardless of the limited extent to it, so I don't see why not.

There were a few grammar errors here and there, nothing big enough to distract, but a bit of pet-peeves, yet none of that was enough to stop me from sending this little one-shot to some people, LOL. It achieved what I would like to, but don't have the ability to as of now. A mature-shot with little to explain and much to weave, just enough to satisfy without a reader needing to ask questions if the emotion of the story did its job well enough. Then again, I just need to choose a story in which that kind of story-telling would be my purpose. I wish things flowed like water for me like this little two-shot here...

Mrgh, the intercourse-descriptions were made of win; again, it didn't overdo anything, since that's the purpose of this kind of story here, but you knew what was going on just fine.

Either way, the tryst of Shadow/Amy has always been appealing to me, since I could see it happening vividly.

Amy's not necessarily an empty or lonely character, but she shows far more implications and hints of it [no tears needed], or rather reasons to BE it, than Rouge the Bat and other characters combined, who I have not seen such implications of depth to align Shadow with in an emotional least, not like this.

I never imagined Amy to have a tryst all because of Sonic, if over him at all-but simply because of life. She's not a lost character, but on several occasions, she strives to not be useless and sometimes lacks her own identity, wondering where she fits in with the group and trying to prove her worth to the world, something that, to me, would be enough to cause some crisises within her life when she's older if she begins to "wonder too much"-a Shadow crisis, if you will. Or more like, an adult crisis that people have in reality ;D Especially if life slowed her down or suffocated her, even for a second.

Instead of too many rainbows and such, I would see Shadow/Amy as a shades of grey kind of pairing that would endure all sorts of things a lot like how this displays, in an adult fiction setting, anyway. That, to me, is just a big part of its appeal...enough to keep you interested in the development, rather than the anticipation. There is a climb to every bittersweet relationship, but surely nothing is impossible unless two people make it so.

...It's kind of how reality, goes, anyway XD;

Wow! That did turn out long! Anyway, I apologize for not having talked for a while ~ ; I don't deserve to be on that friends' list on your page, but I just had to stop by and sneak a review onto your page! And let me tell you, this was an inspiration to me here.

-And if you see any typos, you'll have to forgive me there. .;
LadyShadex chapter 2 . 8/5/2010
Aw, Shadamy-ness... X3

Well, you should know this by now, I luuuved it! Thanks for writing, buddy! Keep it up! :D
janiemanie1993 chapter 2 . 8/1/2010
i thought i reviewed already! oh well. good job! well written and lovely. is shadow with anyone? just asking
Maga Valkyria chapter 2 . 7/30/2010
Aw! You did continue it! ! This was a beautiful story :3! even though the sad true, at least they know the feeling and they will work on their relationship X3! Nice work ~

~ Elys
Rafael Pereira chapter 2 . 7/30/2010
Thats the most realistic description of their relationship I ever saw,good you going to continue it?(please,say yes)
kenokosan chapter 1 . 7/14/2010
wow. This is so...I can't find the words for it, but it's amazing!
Crying Silver Fox chapter 1 . 7/14/2010
The pure emotion you posses and the raw talent you have is truely amazing. The parallel of love and lust is clear and how they can sometimes mean the same thing. At leat that's what I got from it. I really enjoyed it becaue it wasn't the usual I-want-you-but-can't-have-you-so-I'll-just-have-to-settle-for-this scenario. There was something more. I'm not sure what it was. Maybe it was more "loving", more "tender" than that of lust. Either way, I loved it and I hope you continue to write more!

November Ember chapter 1 . 7/13/2010
Ooooooooo! say yes! she probably does. nice story!
Project Shadow chapter 1 . 7/13/2010
Ah~! So freaking adorable. X3

Beautifully written~!
Maga Valkyria chapter 1 . 7/13/2010
Awh~ Shadow was so sweet! I would love to see Amy saying "yes" T_T

Beautiful story, it really is X3! Great job~

~ Elys
Rafael Pereira chapter 1 . 7/13/2010
It has to be a One-Shot?I liked it so much,please continue.