Reviews for We Weren't Crazy
Runner043 chapter 313 . 4/14
Definitely a good thing they are going to get help.
Daisyangel chapter 313 . 4/14
I like that Sarah is there for Avery.
Runner043 chapter 312 . 4/11
Too bad more young students aren't as wise in their planning as Colton is.
Daisyangel chapter 312 . 4/11
Glad to see the strong friendships between the kids.
piper maru duchovny chapter 312 . 4/11
I so feel Avery right now. I had to stop midchapter for a coughing induced throw up session. More than you needed to know, I know. Anyway, Avery is my spirit animal these days.

Colton and Isa made me cry. I love them so most and they're becoming such grown ups.
2NYwLove chapter 10 . 4/8
I can't review every chapter or this would take years, but I am enjoying it immensely already!
Runner043 chapter 311 . 4/7
Colton is so grown up now. Adam will be 'dad' (instead of daddy) soon.

Oh, poor Avery. But I don't think she said the 'wrong thing' at all. It's a thoughtful gesture.

I like the kids helping other kids for the holidays. Maybe they can do something special for a needy or special needs child in honor of Rebecca.
Daisyangel chapter 311 . 4/7
I know this had to happen and I know it's going to get worse before it gets better, but I sure hope things get better soon.
piper maru duchovny chapter 311 . 4/7
Oh sweet freaking Kurt Cobain.
All my feels in the history of ever have been totally slayed.
I love this one so most of all.
Runner043 chapter 310 . 4/5
Lindsay isn't the only one who had to breathe through and blink away the tears.

I do hope they have a birthday party for Rebecca, even if she can't be there for it.
piper maru duchovny chapter 310 . 4/4
I knew it was gonna kick me in the teeth and it did.
You are totally amazing though and I know this storyline is going to work out best in the long run. It's really the twist that makes all the difference.
The idea of them drinking scares me but I am glad that Adam insisted that they needed to feel things instead. Proud of that man!
Ooh. I have an idea. I'll message you.
Good heartbreak.
Daisyangel chapter 309 . 3/31
Really hope they get good news.
Runner043 chapter 309 . 3/31
A laundry basket? How does someone do that? That's one I'd like to see.
Daisyangel chapter 308 . 3/22
Licking them before she roasts them is so totally an Avery thing to do. lol
Runner043 chapter 308 . 3/22
Now there's a couple in love... when you care enough to tell the other something, even when you know they won't wanna hear it, but need to.

Avery is such a crack up.
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