Reviews for Conversations with My Killer
Rylieellie chapter 1 . 9/24
what a great story. i finished this in under 48hrs. i wish there was more
Blake n Gentry chapter 30 . 9/24
Not sure if I've reviewed this before but I just finished rereading this whole story and I loved it. I know it's been a long while since you've updated, but I'm hoping you'll continue this soon.
taesumi chapter 1 . 6/8
hello there! i really love and appreciate your work! it's truly one of a kind! and because of it, i have a question - can i translate this work and public it on another site? with your permission, and with your autorship (i'm going to be just a translator).
mandm1984 chapter 31 . 5/2
Hope everything is going good just wanted to know if you were deciding to finish this or not? Loving it so far
abaker9 chapter 31 . 1/6
One day, I'd like to see this finished.
abaker9 chapter 25 . 1/5
Ahhhh I see the chapters ticking down and I don't want it to stop.
abaker9 chapter 24 . 1/5
Love this Bella. So glad to hear from Jasper.
abaker9 chapter 6 . 1/4
OMG I love her snark. Also, what the fuck is going on with the family why they're getting cozy?
Seraph07 chapter 31 . 12/15/2022
I would have loved to see this play out. It's been an enjoyable read.
XxFantasyFiascoxX chapter 31 . 11/1/2022
I wish… oh gosh. You’re such an incredible writer. I sincerely hope one day you return and finish this story. I would love to read it in completion!
Rome4 chapter 31 . 7/6/2022
I really wish this were complete. it's like something was about to change between them and then no more chapters. you just left us hanging.
Sandy2348 chapter 31 . 4/11/2022
Loved this story! I hope you continue
Blake n Gentry chapter 31 . 3/17/2022
WOW! So I found this story a couple of days ago and couldn't stop reading. I love your Jasper and Bella. This intrigues me very much and I really hope you decide to continue it. I know it's been several years since you've added anything but I would love to know how it will end.
Natalia GAG chapter 31 . 2/4/2022
Gah... I can't believe I hadn't read this story yet! It's fantastic! I reeeeeaaaaallllyyyy enjoyed it 3
You stepped on my heart and I loved every word of It. Thank you!
Emo4 chapter 30 . 10/29/2021
this is so good, I want to cry that you left it unfinished! I'm going to follow it in the hope you'll comeback.
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