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Theriza chapter 34 . 12/1/2015
I suddenly remembered an old fic and spent a while searching the depths of the archive to find Red Duty, Black Honor and once again got sucked in by it and it's sequel. Reading the last chapter had left me at a bit of a loss what with the cliffhanger, and remembereing how long it was since I read it last left me at a bit of a loss, thinking it was likely long since abandoned. What a plesant surprise to see that, although long ago, the update date is at least this year.

So I'm just popping in to say that this fan, at least, would be incredibly appreciative should more chapters pop up at any time!
sultrypickle chapter 34 . 11/13/2015
Ah man! I seriously need the next chapter! I've completely fallen in love with this story and the cliffhanger is killing me. Please update soon!
XxTealJadexX chapter 3 . 8/7/2015
this is one of the few stories i like while it having strait pairings with the characters and no ocs',
MariaJane chapter 34 . 7/30/2015
Okay you just like cannot do that. Where's 35 oh my god? I've been devouring this story, haven't slept for basically 48 hours and it's not complete? how, please, I'm dying, you actually managed to get me to like Rukia! And like...
Okay I am gathering myself. I'm gonna write this for both stories because I've just went through them in one breath and didn't even stop. I was reticent to read it and had it like in my tabs open for a while becaue it had spoilers and I hadnt read up to that part and I was like meh I'll just read it spoiled myself enough anyway. And BTW crazy thing! The day before starting I dreamed of the same thing with Yumichika becoming a lieutenant in another division and I was like :O coincidence... because I had never read that in another story and I love him so so muu-u-uuuch :'( *insert tears*
These stories are masterpieces, right up there with like 3 or 4 other massive Bleach fics I've read and I've read many... I lvoed it so much, even though my sleep-muddled brain found it hard sometimes to keep track of all the characters and all their plots... But this was so wonderfully constructed and the characters are absolutely flawless... The relationships between Byakuya and Renji (who are so perfect with each other omg the zanpakutou thing just like yes omg yes like i am so satisfied i am dying), Ichigo and Rukia (which were so flawless and the best written thing ever and I cannot usually read hentai pairings), Shuuhei and Kira (so. freaking. cute), Madarame and Ikkaku (flawless thing, so flawless), and looovely Ukitake and Shunsui (who are so natural with each other and exactly how i would imagine them to be, with centuries of love behind me omg they are my weakness the most lovely thing to this universe), and even the weird thing between Unohana and Kenpachi and the loveeeeely small past of Ukitake and Byakuya which I would imagine would be the sweetest thing ever are so so so natural and just flow perfectly with canon I can't believe this... I had to mention them all because they were so lovely jesus I am absolutely dying here... Not to mention the plot.. So so good they should make another arc after this with all the relationships I would die and I never thought a T-rated story could keep me so engaged with the relationships and plot and stuff this is lovely... so lovely.
The characters by itself, beyond their relationships are so good and developed so well... the whole coming from Rukongai thing, especially with Renji, Shuuhei and Yumi, as well as the kids who are awesome was so well done, I felt it to my core... Your OCs in BoH however are flawless, and the angst destroyed me. Loved how good this was put together with Kuchiki Masa who is a dumbfuck and who in the end created more havoc than Aizen... I expected Aizen to be a bigger deal, the battle seemed a bit too less, but the Soul Society thing mostly made up. Glad you don't like character deaths BESIDES RUKIA WHO I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED WITH.
Okay I think I'm done... Please post 35? I need to know what happens with the lovely Kuchiki clan and Rukia and Bya and Renji and Ichigo and and everyone please btw Gin my dear I loved him so much in here I am hurting and grieving.
This is marvellous, I will proceed to reading the director's cut and the rest of it and cry my ass off but please... please chapter 35. Please!
This turned way longer than I expected, I love you so much, you are truly a genius and pleeease keep writing and bringing more soul destroying masterpieces onto this world. Thank youuuuu! All the looov P.S.: CHAPTER 35!
Emily chapter 34 . 6/19/2015
Gorgeous story, I can't wait for the end!
Jeanne8917 chapter 34 . 4/17/2015
Oh dear... Only one more chapter? How... Eh... Everytime I checked out my e-mail I was looking for alert for this story and niw you tell me it will be for the last time? How good you have editor cuts and other shots!:)
And dont do this to me! Don kill Rukia! I dont know how to feel about it!
Anyway you play it nice! Masaki as a Queen - I like that thought.
In this chapter I feel that it was not enough abt Aizen, Byakuya, Renji and others Capitans.
And I just want to tell you that I will comment every chapter as I will translate! I can be not so quick but sure I do it!
Thanks for your work :)
Qwertzu chapter 34 . 4/17/2015
Nooooo, I dont want this story to end with the next chapter! I want more Renji! I *need* more Grimmjow! And Ulqui! Gyaaah!

But seriously, thanks for the update and the lovely story...
Suggababi chapter 33 . 3/12/2015
I have long since come to to read stories about some of my favorite cartoons. Bleach right now has my full attention so I can not get enough. But your stories Red Duty Black Flag and Bonds of Honor made me sign up for an account so I could reach out to you to say YOU ARE AWESOME! THESE STORIES ARE GREAT AND MAKE YOU WANT MORE! YOUR ARE GOING TO GIVE US MORE?... RIGHT? (Insert the longest PPPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE here! :-) First the likes-SERIOUSLY EVERYTHING! The love between the different couples makes me so happy. Want more of Shuuhei and Kira, another conversation between Isshin, Jyushiro and Sunsei, I'm glad Hinamori was made stronger though I've never liked her for Toshiro that way... But her not going out of her mind was really nice! The break downs to build back up of Hisagi and Kira was so emotional, as well as when Renji was attacked, when Renji chased Byakua through the Serrita and screamed his feelings and I really boo hooed as Renji trying to explain to Ichicgo the states of Rukia and Ukitake and further explain Byakua couldn't handle and shut down. Its so much more but I am aware that I'm close to writing your whole books back in the review! (I'm sorry, I really loved these stories)Its also many stories to build off of though we did get some answers at the end of this one but I'll go ahead with what's burning in my mind? Where is Rukia? How will it be fully confirmed that Rukia and Byakuya are actually siblings to everyone? When will Ichigo tell Shinji and Kensi their fellow visards fates? Will Ichigo get confirmation that yes dad was in a relationship with both Ukitake and Kyoraku? (This was obviously before Masaki but when did Isshin get with Ryuuken then?) Second, was this relationship before Ukitake and Byakuya? Third was Ukitake also with Kyoraku when with Byakuya? When will they find Ryuuken? Will he be alive or dead? Will he give it a go with Isshin and will they have their families support? I felt bad when Sado and Ichiro had to split up but understood once you explained Chad is in Sado but feel really bad that Sado's moved on with the new Grimmjow and we haven't heard anymore on Ichiro. Was Byakuya full estate burned to the ground? Where is Ko, Fumio, and Haru? When did Rikichi get attack? Are him and Hanatarou a couple? Do we assume he couldn't save Hanatarou family? I hate Gin died before Matsumoto or Kin could arrive. But maybe he will also be reborn? So happy Masa is gone gone gone! What a (girl shut my mouth)! What is up with Ginrei and the spirit king lady? And as I said before...I can keep going but I know you know your own story! Thanks for being patient with me and can't wait for a response and your next chapters!
Qwertzu chapter 33 . 3/8/2015
Oooh, thanks for the update! Im soooo happy that Renji and Byakuya survived! Please continue with the awesomeness
honeyMellon chapter 33 . 3/7/2015
So much drama! This chapter was nail-biting from the beginning till the end! My goodness, you're such an amazing story teller!
Nek0Nek0 chapter 33 . 3/7/2015
Cliffhanger! I'm really looking forward to the next chapter after the events of this one!
honeyMellon chapter 32 . 3/4/2015
I'm so happy to an update to this story! I had finished RDBH some time ago, but when I saw that its sequel seemed to have been left incomplete, I daren't even start reading this because I know I'd just be heartbroken, your stories are that good!

So much drama and cliffhangers! I didn't expect the return of the Espadas, so that was a pleasant surprise! Nnoitra reincarnated as a girl is so adorable!

You certainly have me on the edge of my seat. Can't wait to see what happens next!
Drakonflight chapter 32 . 3/4/2015
Soooo . . . I just caught up and read the last, like, three chapters. My initial reaction:

Well, f*ck. This is utterly terrifying.

It sounds like somewhere between a third and half the captains are down, probably DEAD (if Renji and Byakuya die, I will probably cry, and you don't want me to cry, my face gets all red and blotchy and I make sniffly noises and it's not pretty). The only good news as far as I can see is that Kyouraku is going bankai (that is going to be awesome), and Ichigo's children are actually reincarnations with bad-ass zanpaktous (did NOT see that one coming). Hopefully the temporal-freezy-thing (I know, scientific terms, right?) hits Karakura before Aizen really gets into the swing of things as a Shinigami. (Since he just died, I'm pretty sure he just died, right? I don't know, it's hard to keep track of everyone, there's so much going on . . . )

Anyway, overall, very emotional, and I think you're eliciting the emotional responses you wanted, so good job. I'll definitely be watching this for updates, so please keep writing!
Qwertzu chapter 32 . 3/2/2015
Thank you for the update! Im sooo glad you havent given up on this story. I love it and I would be terribly sad if you decided to abandon it. Please update soon?
NamineLily chapter 31 . 12/24/2014
This has been a fantastic ride I cannot wait until the next chapter is released. Such a cruel cliff-hanger!
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