Reviews for Eleni's Missing Years
Danielle chapter 19 . 9/16/2009
This is a wonderful story! I hope to read more by you soon. Are you writing more or is this the end of the story? If you are going to add another chapter or two. Please do as soon as possible! I really want to read more!
anuradha chapter 19 . 7/20/2008
awsome FF...really wonderful FF...plzz complete it soon...
gnarglephilliac chapter 19 . 6/3/2008
Hey, loved the story, but so need the rest!

Is there more coming?

Asti chapter 1 . 2/8/2008

I think that this is a beautifully written and very exciting story.

Once I started reading it I could not stop and ended up finishing it and going to sleep at around 3am on a school night (OMG!).

One of the things I really like about this story is how you have shown Snape in a different light (he is so much more loveable when he is nice ;) ).

I can't wait for the next upload and hope it doesn't take too long.

Thanks for a very enjoyable read.

gr33n eyes chapter 19 . 8/26/2007
wow... your story about Eleni is absoloutely great!

No kidding. It's the best fanfic I've ever read.

I just love your characters, especially because I've got a secret crush on Snape (keep the secret, please :))

So keep up the good work! Can't wait for more chapters! :)
Nazu chapter 19 . 7/23/2007
Love this story ... love it, LOVE IT! Please keep writing .. I can't wait for the next chapter ..
nbarnes chapter 1 . 8/3/2004
Wow-this story is great! I love the whole thing with Snape being his usual self but then a more tender side to him coming out on occasion. Keep it up!
Guest chapter 19 . 5/25/2004
I have just discovered this site and have finished reading all that you have written. I wanted to e-mail you to tell you that I think your stories are great and to keep up the good work!
SamanthaEline chapter 11 . 5/7/2004
Hi, it's me again. Love your story and I don't mind reading it twice. It's wonderfull. K going to read further. bye
SamanthaEline chapter 5 . 5/3/2004
k, I'll take your advise and drop a note about the story. I LIKE IT. I'm not really a new reader, I discovered your story a long time ago, but I have been busy with my own stories and forgot what your story was about. But now I'm back and I like it!
Serpentus chapter 19 . 3/22/2004
YOu have got to post at least 1/2 a chappie! or else i shall cry! the story have drama, action, and mystery all at the same time! I'm lovin it! if u don't post within the next week or so i WILL track u and i WILL force u to write this until u die! !
peace out! ;
lia chapter 12 . 11/28/2003
i thought it was cool how you came up with the ideas. and how severus spape was concerned abut someone.
Saherah chapter 19 . 10/15/2003
Well ... i just liked what you did with the gir, hwo she was trying to find out about was with Great style , and done with such flow of words , i hope to see more of this in the future.

PS: Where did you get the Vodmorts from ?

Rhyia chapter 19 . 10/10/2003
this is a great story. you have to finish it and then let me know when the rest of the chapters are up.
Neverwen chapter 19 . 9/19/2003
Nice story, Im enjoying it a lot, I hope you write another chapter soon. :)
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