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Guest chapter 15 . 2/12/2022
Another very lovely fic, beautifully written! I was so happy to see that this one was complete.
SapphireOcean chapter 15 . 3/10/2019
The final chapter. I'm so ready and at the same time not ready at all. But I treasure this as much as your other stories!
Apologies for grabbing a whole paragraph (it may not be the only time I do this) but: "'Seeds of love planted in hearts, blooming under attention and care into loving gardens. My little flower should think about being a poet.' He grinned. 'Wearing a kimono everyday writing prose in pretty calligraphy, with a brush pen with thick black ink.' He smiled dreamily. 'And in the afternoons, ikebana for inspiration.'" My AU-obsessed brain is VERY happy with this paragraph.
And the entire plant metaphor conversation ALSO makes me really happy because it's so well thought out, and so true, and it sounds natural for them to say and goshgollygee I'm just forever in awe of your writing
And then! Oh boy what's he calling Ayame for, this'll be interesting...
"'Says the guy whose girlfriend already has two boyfriends!'" oh snap. I feel uncomfortable for everyone involved but also... it's true and you should say it *shot* I swear I appreciate their friendship too I just love them together every possible way *sobs*
"'You were right, we shoulda made him walk across fire or something,' [Uo] said to Hana over Tooru's head.
'There is still time.' Hana-chan said placidly."
I live for my girls looking out for Tohru!
"Why was he making excuses for that guy?" mmm tasty Yukyo morsels sorry I'm trash
"Tooru smiled and he knew why he made excuses, not for the baka neko but because he didn't want to see her fuss." but also this yes IM TRASH
Hisae and Akane encountering AyaMine fills me with too much glee. The entire makeover onwards fills me with glee. and Tohru's fruit metaphor! And standing up for Fuji-san! "'...if Ayame-san thinks that Fuji-san isn't a prince, maybe I shouldn't be a princess. May I have my borrowed kimono back, please? I'll go change."
YOU GO OFF MY GIRL *SCREAMS* IM SO PROUD OF YOU! And so proud of Ayame for listening to you and correcting himself, he's such A Good!
And Fuji-san has no clue what's going on but Tohru called him a prince so he's all set, asfhkfd he's so cute and a lil sad im lov.
Meanwhile- HAHAHA JESUS CHRIST HISAE someone get this girl some water (also mood). But Miki shut up
Hmm... Tohru's having a reckoning with herself. Sweetie it'll be ok
The entire cherry-blossom scene I could just see everything in my head. So busy absorbing that I have nothing to say except I love it. Just like the rest of this fic. Oh oh oh but I do really adore Tohru talking about her mother with them! They're all fans how cute is that?
Ah! The babies have arrived! (I'm sorry I know they're 12 but MY BABIES)
Hot damn Hiro's at it with the harsh truth bombs. False kindness... That must be hard for her to hear.
"She couldn't be Fujitsima's girlfriend. Perhaps she was a desert garden and he was a willow tree, or he was a cactus and she was a riverbank. They just weren't right. When she looked at how she felt for him, on it's own, she felt... pressure, confusion, sympathy, and yes, it was a happy feeling to be cared for and pursued, but it wasn't love."
I'm gonna stop myself from quoting all the paragraphs to the end, just imagine me internally screaming the whole time
Aaa, the pain I felt during the breakup scene! Tohru no honey keep the fishbowl good lord. Fuji-san saying he can't be friends with her- expected but still ouch. And the switch from nickname to full name, subtle and effective, amazing job. She'll name the fish Prince I have feelings in my eye! And when they agreed they were each other's first BF/GF, I just *clutches chest* end me. AND WHEN SHE TOOK HIS HAND FOR THE FIRST AND LAST TIME HECK I JUST REALIZED GUHHH
And of course she still wants a plant to grow in his heart. And I do too! I'm sure it will, as Ayame says, it's springtime. In more ways than one. Fuji-san has time, and I wish him the best...
But. But then.
"...She glanced up at Kyou, catching him looking at her out of the corner of his eye. She felt a tingle up her arm, loosening her shoulders, and gave him a watery smile. She looked over at Yuki and caught him staring at her profile. The soft buttery feeling uncurled in her stomach when he blushed at her glance.
Something was definitely sprouting. Two hardy plants."
The way they each take her hands, and take hold of the things she's cared for. This is where she truly belongs. Where she had room to nurture those two plants and all the others in her heart. And maybe... those two plants will have beautiful flowers. And maybe... she can help nurture two plants growing in the boys' hearts too (one not even sprouted yet, that needs extra love and care.)
Ah, sorry, I went all poetic there. Even though I know I can retread your fics whenever I want to, it's only once I can read them for the first time... A lot of emotions going on right now. Thank you. I can't tell you how much this, and Spotted, and Discoveries (!) mean to me. Hopefully my obsessive commenting gets some of that across, ehehe. Thank you so much.
SapphireOcean chapter 14 . 3/9/2019
Hmm. Maybe... Fuji-san and Hisae... Well wait no she's with Akira, but. They could be cute together. Not to devalue friendship or anything! *flails a bit*
"'If she likes the Idiot... then it doesn't matter if we like her.'" not I. *We.* Ah~ my heart flips every time there's a bit of language to mold to my shipping whims, ahaha
"'I didn't go watch Fuji-san play tennis.' She blinked at him. 'Because I don't understand love and things like that.'"
"He stopped before he could finish that thought - and touch her, like I want to with you." *quiet screaming*
And then it goes down the tubes, fml that hurts... Tohru, bby plz that isn't what Kyo's thinking. But then they fixed it! In a perfectly Kyoru way, aah my heart
"' there must be many kinds of seeds. I think I must be full of them.'" MY PRECIOUS DAUGHTER (and, and two of the seeds are larger than the others right, right? *brick to the face*)
SapphireOcean chapter 13 . 3/3/2019
Maybe it's because I'm getting close to the end and don't want to, but I devoured this chapter in a haze and can't think of much to say. Some favorite bits: Yuki getting Tohru a windowsill garden (and his thoughts on jewelry reminding me of what happened in Discoveries). The entire conversation with Shigure; his guilty look when she calls him kind, her beginning to realize Yuki and Kyo give her different (but similar~) feelings... And her taking the yaoi novel anyway, sweet baby cheeses I love aaaallll the implications of that hahaha~
I hope now Tohru can start moving toward what she really wants... And I also hope Fuji-san will find happiness too.
SapphireOcean chapter 12 . 2/23/2019
I am such trash for Kyo running his hands through Tohru's hair!
Loorrrrd help me I was cringing through Fuji-san trying to find a date day, these poor uncomfortable kiddos
EEEYYYY *high-fives Hisae over nicknames*
Akira reminded me Hana/Yuki was (is?) one of my sailboat ships along with Uo/Kyo lol
Oof Yuki go off! *claps/fans self* my husbando everyone
And wow that last scene was a whirlwind, how the hell did Kyo get roped into being Fuji-san's wingman asljgfgjk oh man
SapphireOcean chapter 11 . 2/10/2019
"The problem with causing trouble on a Monday was that there were still four more days of school to deal with afterwards..."
For some reason this line gives me the same feeling that "There wasn't any more tea" does in Ch13 of Discoveries. So casual yet loaded at the same time.
Oh my GOD Yuki-kun you sneaky goddamn bastard I lov u. Stage 1 I'm screaming
Little does Yun know it's having the completely opposite effect on poor Tohru, oh no... Bby no you didn't upset him (I don't think?)
"She felt like she was lying to Fujitsima, but everything she'd said was true." aah gosh my heart this is so painful to witness. And Fuji-san reminding her of her mother reminds *me* of the manga turning point of Yuki and Tohru's relationship but we're not gonna get into that (I've always had...mixed feelings about it *coughs*)
DAMMIT YUKI SHE'S NEVER THOUGHT OF YOU AS A BROTHER holy shit I love u but you're being a dumbbutt right now
3 paragraphs later: "How could he have messed things up so badly?" oh thank god it's over (and they nearly kissed?! OMG)
KYO! COOKED BREAKFAST! FOR TOHRU! You've murdered meeeeee
SapphireOcean chapter 10 . 1/26/2019
Holy wow, I forgot Yuki's Ice Prince mode (how dare I, honestly).
"Definitely not a sibling feeling" im. ScReAMIng
Anyway it's late and I'm tired and somehow this chapter stole all my other words so
OH. I love the mention of Kyo and Yuki fighting less. And of course I love Kyo thinking "she was theirs!" not just his. ok fine theirs as in the whole little unit/Sohmas in general probably but u know me *taps OT3 goggles* gotta take what I can get (*blesses Discoveries for the millionth time*).
So! Fuji-san is properly understanding. Disaster averted, hopefully permanently. But we'll see...
SapphireOcean chapter 9 . 1/26/2019
Oh. Oh my god? GOOD BOY FUJI-SAN! He's not *quite* as weak as Kyo and Yuki would have it...
but homg i, i really love how Kyo stepped in, and how Fuji-san stood up for him in return! I love it a lot!
But then- ffff suddenly Fuji-san knows she lives with the Sohmas *screeches* what's gonna happennnnnn
SapphireOcean chapter 8 . 1/26/2019
Such an innocuous title for this chapter! I don't have much to say this time because feels bowled me over. Haru and Yuki interacting! Yuki literally lovesick! He kept all those mementos even the chocolates part of me is worried and part of me is squeeing! and meanwhile lmao about Haru picking on Fuji-san's height! But mainly thank you for the Yukiru I love them I love him!
SapphireOcean chapter 7 . 1/21/2019
Oml my precious bab giving literally everyone chocolate?! I mean I know she said she did but having it spelled out- different shapes for everyone and flavors and aaaAAAA like on one hand I'm amazed and on the other I'm not at all surprised. Also I can just see how cute they all are sgdfsdhhx
Meanwhile the gulf between Fujitsima's family and Tohru, and her feelings about it, are interesting and also painful ow thanks. I do appreciate him noticing how uncomfortable she was at first though!
And then oh NO hahahaha of course Haru and Momiji crash the date poor Fuji-san! I choked at him treating Momiji like a kid, understandable but oh my god XD
Aah, Hatori! Suddenly I'm excited to see if/when the rest of the Zodiac show up... I bet they will, somehow, I mean Fuji-san has to meet all of them right hehehehe~
I am not a fan of every single person chiding Tohru for the chocolates, I know they don't want her to spend money but srsly
"She felt a confused flurry of thoughts, a swirl of purple eyes, red hair, yellow ribbons, and leek soup." 1. I love this 2. Everything about the car scene up to that is so painful, I really do feel for Fuji-san and of course Tohru, guilty over feeling relieved...
SapphireOcean chapter 6 . 1/19/2019
"Tooru wouldn't have been sure he was even still living in the house if the cartons of milk she left for him hadn't been drunk." ok but WHY IS THIS SO AMAZINGLY ADORABLE? *deep breath* i'm fine now
"'Honda-san is so lucky!' Fujitsima grinned. 'She has such cool friends.'" oh my god im gonna cry stop making me like you a whole lot!
Still making chocolates for everyone despite being "forbidden", that's my girl *wipes tear*
"Kyou was struck breathless by the sight of her. She was positively glowing." *clutches chest*
"He wouldn't think of anyone else. No one, no one but Yuki." and then sudden feelings. I love Kazuma and Kyo so much aaaaaaa
"The last rays of the sun dipped into the room and turned it hazy and golden as they continued their give and take." I love the last line and that dialogue is so Kyoru I adore it!
SapphireOcean chapter 5 . 1/19/2019
I've missed Gure-Gure! I like how you write him and how you wrote him in Spotted! but I've been buried in Discoveries for so long I'd forgotten. Very interesting to see him interacting with the boys, knowing exactly what he's doing playing up Tohru to get them to have dinner. And his last paragraph is very "well he's not wrong?" but far be it from me to know why the Tohjitsima(hehe~) situation could be useful to him... the sneaky SOB 3
SapphireOcean chapter 4 . 1/19/2019
The entire opening paragraph is hilarious and also makes me feel awful for my cat son. But this part? "He kept his glare focused on the romantic clouds... He really wished he could have had a nice satisfying fight with Yuki before they'd set out." Cue my fujoshi ass reading WAY too much into that transition *cackles* oh my god I love it
"Why did he have to be so *nice*?" It's hard to hate a nice person, ne, Kyo-kun~? I like the image of him bowled over by Fujitsima's "honest" smile. I'm probably jumping to conclusions but at this first meeting, Fujitsima and Tohru seem very much alike. It's cute on one hand but on the other since they DO seem alike, why, that means they probably aren't the best match for each other don't you think~~~? (I do want him to find happiness. Just not with Tohru, because I guess I'm petty too. :3)
SapphireOcean chapter 3 . 1/13/2019
"She was so busy thinking about Yuki and Kyou's reaction to the letter, that she thought about the letter itself hardly at all."
As usual you have the trio down pat. Kyo snapping more than usual, Yuki beating up Kyo and feeling bad Tohru had to fix the damage. And Shigure, making trouble as usual, you've got him right too!
"He'd almost been happy that Yuki had tossed him through the screen door; he'd certainly deserved it." AH.
And AH! Fujitsima, eh...? Also Hana-chan I love you.
"But just from this morning he could tell the boy was weak. How dare someone like him send her a letter like that?" Hey, now. I'm prepared to dislike the guy too tbh but slow your roll Kyonkichi, that's not nice~ Same to Yun-Yun.
"He'd already shown more initiative then either of these two. And she knew that she could pound him into the ground if he did anything to hurt Tooru. Besides if things didn't work out with Fujitsima, at least it would probably prod one of the others to finally act." ARISA-CHAN I LOVE YOU
O Kyo's stuck going with her. *This* will be interesting. *grabs popcorn*
SapphireOcean chapter 2 . 12/30/2018
"'We still have to find out if this person is deserving of our Tooru.'"
Our Tohru! Saki said that too! Arisa and Saki are married and Tohru is their (adoptive) daughter~~~ aafhhv sorry not notUo/Hana is a huge OTP :D
omfg of course both the boys end up eavesdropping hahaha
"'Perhaps...' Hanajima sighed, '...that boy from that time in the past?'
... "Yuki stood and slid the window shut. He shouldn't be listening in." I see what you did there and I appreciate it :3
"The letter she received...had not been from them." for some reason I like very much the repetition of this line. And- picking apart the language like a veteran multishipper- I like how it isn't "from *either* of them", just "from them." as though it might have been a joint effort (omg *suddenly runs after plotbunny). :D But don't mind me I'm just in Yukyoru mode. LBR tho if I didn't scare you off commenting of Discoveries you know that about me ahaha~
Meanwhile what is dear Gure-Gure up to...
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