Reviews for Infamous Funk
grisly blanco chapter 1 . 5/3/2013
Honestly, I am so glad I came across this. And honestly, I don't even know how to go about writing up a review without sounding too corny, /cliche/ even, because all my sentiments reflect cheesy Twilight (I detest the book) lines, or something of the like - just, stuff that people don't want to hear 'cause it's overused and god, can you think of anything better? Subtle, even. Take a go at subtlety. But I don't want to be subtle right now, so I'll honestly tell you how I feel about this.

My throat feels tight, truly does, and I want to cry 'cause this must be one of the most depressing fics I have ever read. (It fits somewhere in my top five, coming dangerously close to number one, but that should be a compliment, right?) I am a huge fan of this pairing, and reading them in this light, truly tugged at my heartstrings. Both are messed up - so messed up - and seek solace in one another (if you want to call it that) 'cause it's convenient, and hey you're here, I'm here, so why not. And it's just so, /fucked up/ 'cause they can't get what they want, they're stuck and unmoving and have no other choice but lean against each other, in terms of sex rather than try to actually /understand/ each other. Then there are few times where their talks are extended, to trying to understand, and then they linger, 'cause "the deed's been done" but I saw it as, I think I'm beginning to enjoy your company. I should be happy when reading those scenes, but I get even more depressed. It's the harsh reality of life and they're the embodiment of struggling to accept, all the while feigning acceptance and cracking under it.

All my feels went out the window when I read the ending. I just imagined Sasuke going back to Ino's (as he said he would) and then /that/ conversation happened. Earlier in the fic, there was one scene that ended with Sasuke saying 'so' (after coming to some sort of a revelation) and is it silly of me to correlate both scenes and firmly believe it was Ino? 'Cause I /do/ believe it was Ino. I will forever stick with that notion (unless you tell me otherwise, though I'd appreciate if you told me whether I'm correct or not, 'cause /hello/ I'd love the reassurance, or lack thereof). As one reviewer said, it would be something Ino would say. And not just only that, they are past casual acquaintances, and Ino sees no point in formalities. Sakura, on the other hand, is as formal with Sasuke than anything. Maybe 'cause things aren't the same, and I'd like to think that Sasuke finally saw that, and begrudgingly came to the conclusion that he can no longer go about trying to fix something that he's been trying so hard to do (in his head).

You, author, have such a way with words. And I thank you for writing this. Such an impact it left on me. I hope you write more in the future, on this pairing. (Though this alone makes up for the lack of SasuIno and you are my favorite and I love you already okay.)

Much love.
Crazy Cherries chapter 1 . 2/13/2011
Depressing, but well written.

I'm kind of confused at the end. Is it Sakura or Ino?

I'd think it was Sakura because it says he can't stop smiling, but the lover boy comment makes me think it's Ino.

Care to clear it up?

-Crazy Cherries
incompetent dabbler chapter 1 . 8/2/2010
That was quite depressing. The whole SasuIno parts at least. . So at the very end, I'm sort of thrown off, was it Sakura talking to Sasuke and calling him lover boy or was that Ino? o.o Anyway, very well written and although it was sad to me, I liked it. Great job and good luck.


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