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TMI Fairy chapter 3 . 12/4/2015
Coll to bring up the meaning of gyneacology. In some circles "woman studies" are sneered at and considered unecessary, as "woman lore" already is a study area ...
You killed me with the tissues :)
Thunder Beagle chapter 6 . 3/16/2014
Hey, this is pretty damn good! I really like the dream angle and the fake-outs in the beginning were cool too. Been a while so I don't know if you'll ever continue this but I enjoyed what you managed to put down!
Novanto chapter 6 . 6/4/2013
Excellent work! Update soon!
gandalf chapter 1 . 4/23/2013
This is not a review for this fic. Sorry. About that Doctor Who/Megamind crossover, War stories. Nineteen billion? Who were not Daleks? Doctor Who never said any such thing. And even if the TARDIS key was stolen, only the Doctor can use it.
Guest chapter 6 . 7/17/2012
Enjoying the story - the characters and dialogue sound like I expect them too.
Enjoying the different looks at Cassial's character.
Looking forward to more.
Guest chapter 3 . 7/17/2012
Guest chapter 6 . 7/7/2012
Pretty darn good. However, you misspelled Cassiel as Cassial and and Rumisiel as Rumisial.
ashspee22798 chapter 6 . 6/27/2012
Dr. Rex Greylin chapter 6 . 6/26/2012
The thick plottens... Erm... Yeah...

Anyway, I can't wait to see more!

Dinian chapter 6 . 6/21/2012
Sweet to see you updating this, and nice almost-a twist. :P
Jonshine chapter 6 . 6/20/2012

Woo! Update! The chapter's not bad. A little more plot, a bit less lovey-dovey than the previous ones. Still, glad to see it, expecting more, and awaiting it eagerly!

Dinian chapter 1 . 5/13/2012
Sweet story, and the best Misfile Fanfic I have came across yet. Defiantly one you should keep with.
SirRealism chapter 5 . 7/8/2011
Great story. The lack of an ending is frustrating, but I enjoyed the whole 'sympathy for the devil' thing you've got going with Cassiel. Poor girl's just heartbroken and taking it out on the wrong person. In a totally helpful way, but still.
Narsil chapter 5 . 9/6/2010
A fun story so far of one of my favorite webcomics (along with Girl Genius and RHJunior's comics), handled nicely. Using dreams to get the three accustomed to their mutual attraction is a nice twist, having Cassiel initiate it and the plan go quickly out of control was sweet, and having the three still not realize that they are sharing dreams is still believable (considering how "private" the subject material sometimes is), but perhaps not too much longer - the interest they're showing in lucid dreaming should soon clue in at least Emily that something's up. Looking forward to seeing where you take this.
Jonshine chapter 5 . 7/31/2010

Another great chapter. I wasn't quite sure why Cassiel went off with Pikachu, but it was a nice way to show her fun side and to get her out of the way of the dream Ash, Missi and Emily had to have. I hadn't expected their dream-relationship to deepen to the point where it didn't require Cassiel, so props there.

The other particular feature in this chapter is the blurring of the line between dreamland and reality, as evidenced by Emily kissing Missi. I was a little surprised that Ash and Missi weren't more shocked about that, or rather, weren't more shocked that they weren't shocked.

I'm not sure what to expect next, which is always fun. I don't see that there's much choice: Either they figure things out, that they've been dreaming together at least... or things get suddenly more complicated. Whichever one it is, I know I'm excited.

More, please!

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