Reviews for Escape Plan Green
Guest chapter 19 . 11/6
I was to lazy to log in. So are you dead? I mean no ff7 fanfict I'm reading now has updated. This is depressing. Usually I'm following enough good ones that someone would update. Why is no one updating?! Anyway, loving your story, it one of the few good ff7 humor stories and frankly I'm waiting on more wackiness from the gang. I mean just imagine Vincent's demons! I can just see Chaos breaking the forth wall or something.
TOWTWUKER chapter 19 . 10/4
Wouldn't tifa have the same issue as arieth on the ladder, or does she want cloud to peek up her skirt...
Circle of Phoenix chapter 19 . 10/3
Wonderful update. :)
Knightowl 4183 chapter 19 . 10/3
I believe that the Space Program failed about 8 years before FF7, seeing as the rocket was basically a high tech version of the early rockets we started with, the bare metal didn' have any protective coating, and its location near the shore... Well rust is to be expected, especially since the place seems to be perfect for things like moss.

From what I recall Rocket Town was made by the people who made the rocket, who got it ready to fly, and basically were the entire staff of the Shinra Space Program. The failure to launch broke them,ther dreams caused them to stay, and their loyalty to Cid let them endure...

Seeing as they are literally rocket scientists, its safe to say they built the town a safe distance away, but candor makes me admit that it was likely it was built the minimum safe distance away...
SubZeroChimera chapter 19 . 10/3
You've done really well on your descriptive segments, both for the environments and the monsters like the Materia keeper. Long enough and interesing to describe, but short enough to not be boring.
Firehedgehog chapter 19 . 10/3
niice. love it
Quathis chapter 19 . 10/3
Lover how you added so much interaction when they were just talking walking to town. Good to extra laughs there. Until next time.
LunarCatNinja chapter 19 . 10/3
I love it! I was excited to see this updated again, and you didn't disappoint!
SV chapter 19 . 10/3
People react differently to bad things
Redrangerlegacy chapter 19 . 10/3
Nice chapter. While Cid want as vulgar as his game self, he's still more in line with his game self than he was in kingdom hearts, not that it's a problem, it's just even Aerith was on the battlefield in Kingdom Hearts, and she was acting more as a healer than anything.
Redrangerlegacy chapter 18 . 8/21
Good story. Hope to see how much further it goes.
FairoNeko chapter 18 . 7/25
I agree. Vincent's lines are so Awkward.

Good chapter!

Are you going to let Vincent meet Lucrecia(?)
xxxDreamingflowerxxx chapter 16 . 7/19
So I was wondering what a Frozem song would had to do with FFII I guess I got my answer. XD I finally had time to start and catch up with this story. That old man is such a stinker just for a petrified feline. Btw why didn't they used a golden needle on Red's father? Or at least carry him out of that creepy cave. Ugh I remember how much I hated that place with all those ghost and all, you waste a lot of Phoenix downs there.

I kinda feel for Cloud and party. The girls were having fun along with Cait Sith. Playing in the snow, relaxing their bodies in the jotspring, while the guts had to go through hell for some useless not important sub plot. Well at least their buggy got fixed and they bonded more.

I'll try to read the best chapter later on. :)
SubZeroChimera chapter 18 . 7/18
cursed and jinxed. Tifa, Zack,quit while you're ahead... XD
nightskye01 chapter 18 . 7/18
Brilliant chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Kudos.
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