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nightskye01 chapter 25 . 9/28
Oh LOL. This was one ridiculously hilarious chapter. I never realized that your Cloud was this evilly devious with getting his revenge and that your Zack is hopelessly clueless and gullible. I like how you made Cloud make use of his weird sixth sense to get Zack and Aerith in the play. I enjoyed how you wrote the play mostly in the audience's perspective. It was exactly how I felt playing this part of the game. Who would have thought Zack could be a really bad date. I'm not much of an Aerith fan but I would definitely be pissed off same as her if I had to go through 10 or so turns on the that ride. I mean it was tiresome having to hit those "monsters" to get the high score for that stupid parasol.
I especially enjoyed how you went on and made activities for the entire party during this interlude. I mean Barrett, Cid and Red XIII watching loveless and giving critiques...? - brilliant! And Cait Sith hoping to get caught. LOL. How the night wound down was fun and cute too (I want a Cloud and Zack plushie, too).
I like the fact that Cait Sith admitted his crime because this way I find it easier to forgive him and Reeve as opposed to the whole threatening Marlene to get their cooperation.
I am so looking forward to future chapters. Keep up the brilliant job.
As for your challenge I think Reno's ringtone would be a very loud, bawdy and naughty shanty entitled "The Great Wild Chocobo Hunt or that Time I Got Drunk with a Flock of Chocobos".
Guest chapter 25 . 9/27
This story is hilarious and hope you continue it.
suzukashinobi chapter 25 . 9/19
Description: Country
Song Name: Save a Chocobo, Ride a Turk
Random k chapter 25 . 9/14
Because Reno is a massive troll, his ringtone would be Eskimo throat singing. Except it would be called icicle inn native throat singing. And that is why he is required to have his phone on vibrate when he is on duty. Rude can put up with it, but it confuses everyone else greatly.

(look it up, it is beautiful, chilling, and hard to put into words)

As an alternative to the above, he recorded Genisus reciting loveless in the past speficly to use as his ringtone. Often when it goes off, people begin to look for the crimson comander, positive he's around and just hiding somewhere. And it will drive Zack nuts.

Third, is to make a call back to final fantasy x. That game is considered a sort of prequel, after all. Maybe a poupluar band (the Pixel flappers for example), singing remix of 1000 words.

Because Reno would probaly alternatively give each person their own song , I made up some song names using a random generator. And artist names generated too. There are seven, as this is final fantasy seven.

1. How much do you love vodka? A freestyle song about the difficulty of choseing between vodka and orange juice. By Glam squid

2. No slippery goblins on our summer road trip. A summer song about a useless summer road trip. By acid mermaid

3. My brave pepper love. A love song. By Ghost hippy
"Sunsets are red,
Skies are blue,
I like forests at dusk,
But not as much as I love shouting with you!

Oh darling Monica,
Your Bones are like exciting forks on a autumn day,
You're like the most Dangerous programmer to ever walk the hospital."

4. The tale of my jolly space buddy man. A balad about friends in space. By Formal Squid

5. Jugglers in space. An animated shows opening he likes. Formal Squid

6. Plasma dad. An annoying comercial jingle, turned ear worm, that gets stuck in everyone's head. Unkowen

7. Is this you? A jazzy tune Reno has for unkown callers. By Jordan Steel.
Irish-Brigid chapter 25 . 9/10
*evil grin* Oh, it's so tempting to go with some teeny bopper thing along the lines of 'Barbie Girl.' But for a slightly different form of embarrassment, let's go with the theme song of a popular children's show. 'Children' as in preschoolers. Think the most saccharine, inane, cringe-worthy song aimed at toddlers you have ever heard. Or just imagine Barney as a chocobo.

And how's this for a title? "The Good Little Tonberry."
Reiko x 3 chapter 25 . 9/10
Here goes:

Song type: club song (I can see Reno frequenting a dance club on his days off)

Song title: Mog Step (basically a techno version of Mog's Theme from FFVI)

I was thinking of sticking him with something sappy like a FFVII version of 'My Heart Will Go On' (most likely originating from a film version of Loveless) not because he likes that sort of thing, but because he gets a kick out of people's reactions. In simplest terms: my head-canon for Reno is that he is a MASSIVE troll. However, I couldn't come up with an FFVII related title that would still be a recognizable reference. Still...considering Vincent's character my back-up suggestion may actually be funnier. Vincent is not the dance club type.
Circle of Phoenix chapter 25 . 9/10
Total Shock by Rude (Jazz)

Gotta love the challenge.
SilverBladeStar chapter 25 . 9/9
I'm thinking rock. Something like No Rest for the Wicked, or The Distance. maybe combine the two?
Sunny Lighter chapter 25 . 9/9
I would have loved to see Aerith punch the dragon in canon
Kairuf chapter 25 . 9/8

Montblanc's 7th Dream - Final overture (Think Night on Bald Mountain or Beethoven - 6th Symphony 'Pastoral')

Because I find the idea of everyone looking around and realizing that it's Reno's phone going off is hilarious.
LunarCatNinja chapter 25 . 9/8
I love it! I actually squeed when I saw that this updated. Tis always so amazing and wonderful and I always love it!
Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet chapter 25 . 9/8
I'm surprised you're asking for just one. Reno strikes me as the kind of guy who may have 2-3 different ring tones for each person who calls and he just switches between them.

IE- For Tsung: Something like 'Good Lookin' Hunk a Man' because it would be something that made so many people uncomfortable and he'd love that. I could also see some sort of dark battle music (similar to The Empire's Theme or Duel of the Fates) entitled something like 'Ain't no one who can hit 'em better' or something like that.

For Elena: A cutesy song or a children's song, because (again) it would tick her off. Something like 'Little Miss Goldielocks' or 'The Chocobo's Picknick' or 'I Wish On The Moon' or the like.

For Rude: Something similar to James Bond (because he'd find it funny) theme or 'The Unicorn's Dance' or something that just screams 'completely opposite'. Maybe even 'The Worst Womanizer' because he's so shy around women.

For Rufus: I know you said no real songs, but I have to say 'I Just Can't Wait To Be King' (you could switch 'king' to 'emperor' or 'Tzar' or something like that). That one would be too perfect for me to suggest anything else. ;

For Pres. Shin-ra: He'd probably put something like 'Stick It To The Boss Man' on, and everyone would have frowned down on it, so he changed it to 'Frosty The Snow Man' or something like that. If you don't want 'Frosty', you could easily put 'Freezy' or 'Icy' or 'Glacier' or the like.

He'd have any number of songs for each of the other turks that aren't technically turks anymore.

Random numbers would probably be some song that was meant to offend as badly as it can, so something with a lot of language or that was particularly lewd. 'I hate the air you breathe' or...well, if you want something lewd, you'll have to come up with it yourself. ;
silverheartlugia2000 chapter 25 . 9/8
he flinched! cloud flinched! I know something is going on with him is he psychic ?! does he have spider sense? Alfred is a hero's name! Alfred F. Jones aka usa! the play was fun! oh loveless you still haunt us so~ XDD riding a roller coster 10 times for a joke weopon? awesome plan! aww zack let cloud sleeeep! XD zack in vins outfit not so much but cloud pulled half of it off pretty good :3 oooh so thats why he passed it off.. i must not have paid attention to the lets plays as muchXD
as for renos phone, how about some firey violin or rock guitar or something called flurry of the dancing flames ;3 ya know since he and Axel are compared so much (dont they have the same american VA too?) btw i finally can play this for myself now~ bought the virtual console version on ps3:3 gonna probably need a guide thoughXDD
Gamma Cavy chapter 25 . 9/8
My first inclination for a ringtone is something loud and bawdy, probably a sea shanty.
But since this is a humour fic, the most entertaining thing that comes to mind is something slow and sweet and melodic, kind of sad and majestic, called either "Shiva's Dream," or "Leviathan's tears." I'm vaguely picturing the original Lugia theme, crossed with "Going Merry Rescues the Straw Hats" both of which are easily found on youtube.
It doesn't have to have words, although if you want words that's fine.

I'm picturing the reactions to it as something like, "Reno likes THIS?" crossed with "the possibilities for teasing him!"
Firehedgehog chapter 25 . 9/8
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