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Kimihearts chapter 7 . 2/17/2012
Woah. I have never thought of this couple before. But u made it work! XD great job! This is a good fic. Wish that it was longer.
Urobean chapter 7 . 5/22/2011
It's so cute. I love it.
Midnightxwolfx chapter 2 . 2/6/2011
I love Liliadent :) he should have his own category.

But I have to add, the reason Yukimura is in court 6 is because in the shuffle matches, if you defeat someone in a higher court, you and him switch courts. Yukimura wasn't paired up against someone in court 5 and therefore it wasn't possible for him to move into it.
Mikageshi chapter 7 . 1/3/2011
Hey, DeeDee-chan! Have an exciting 2011~! \o/

Sorry I took this long to review this new chapter. I haven’t had reliable Internet access for a little over half a year now; I’ve been using mobile phones to surf the Net. Unfortunately, none of them allow me to submit SIGNED reviews to this website. So, long story short, I had to wait until I could use my laptop again to submit this. (Life without the Internet at my fingertips. Very inconvenient. XS)

And don’t worry — I, for one, am still reading and reviewing this fanfic, whether you update it every week, every month, or even longer. - Muse abandonment happens to all of us. You know you’re a true Writer when you experience that most frustrating phenomenon we all not-so-fondly call Writer’s Block. XD

*trudges up to Your Muse* Hey! *points accusingly* You there! Yeah, you! I’m talkin’ to you! How could you have just walked out on DeeDee-chan like that, huh? *ties Your Muse to a chair* Don’t you dare leave ‘er again, y’ hear me? *harrumphs* *stomps away*

Err… I may have come on too strong there. *sweat-drops*

But I appreciate your efforts to finish this despite your lack of inspiration, motivation, or interest. Writing is such a temperamental thing. I know just how tragic it could get to lose passion for writing something. What a downer. Despairing. It could feel like falling out of love.

Actually, I don’t consider Fuji Syuusuke all that “angelic” either — I just saw that that was probably how Konomi-sensei intended to portray him in his game versus Kirihara, what with the “grace” of his steps and the white “angel” feather that he caught in his hand. (Personally, I think Yuuta’s the nicer Fuji. He’s more… genuine… a character, for one. ) If only Yuki Kaida wasn’t the voice behind Syuusuke, I would have been able to ignore him.

(On a side note… I’m fond of Yuki Kaida-sama not because she voiced Syuusuke and Hunter x Hunter’s Kurapika, but because a friend of mine and I could actually sing her character image songs without having to change our usual voices. XD)

And I KNEW there was a reason I liked the nurse…! XDD

Thank you for providing an alternate link for your “Pink” AMV. Watched it using RealPlayer SP, and the timing wasn’t that off to me. You never run out of catchy pick-up lines, don’t you? XD (I’ve read others in some of your YouTube videos and fics.) OshiGaku’s “flippy” and the Silver Pair’s “puppy eyes” lines brought a smile to my lips. _ But the one I enjoyed most was your very own Bloodthirsty Pair’s! XD

Oh, and “secret data.” Inui is kinky~ And yes, pink is Mizuki’s obsession, all right. XD And Sanada is indeed Yukimura’s flamingo. “Thanks for being such a good slave,” Sanada! Such a good sport! XDD And wow, Momo. “You just cheated on Inui. (With me!)” I would have screamed KYA already — if only it weren’t so annoying to hear. XD

I thought all the clips you used for the lyrics: “And pink gets me high as a kite” were so appropriate. *giggles like the elementary schoolgirl I once was* *shuts up* *remembers to be more mature in the future* And those doujin rips were pure hotness. *nosebleeds anyway*

I (still!) have so much to say about your AMV, but this review was SUPPOSED to be about this chapter, so here goes…!

The scene where Crauza and Yagyuu saluted to each other made me laugh. And I can see why Crauza would be terrified of everyone from Rikkai. For an entire tennis team to be so… accepting… of something they had even affectionately named “Demon Mode”… They’re all pretty scary. *nods*

I’m proud of Marui for apologizing to Crauza. You have totally redeemed his character in this chapter. (Oh no, I smell the end of this fanfic!)

You know, the Crauza in this chapter reminded me of a girl in general — particularly a girl in love. He was such a denial queen in this chapter! Actually, both he and Kirihara were. They were obviously holding themselves back until Their Big Moment. It all deserved one long, loud fangirl squeal~ XD

As for your seme-uke question… Since Chapter 1 of this fic, I’ve always had the impression that Kirihara will be seme simply because he “initiated” their relationship (he made the first move, a.k.a. the ambush kiss). But Crauza makes a headstrong, reluctant uke — especially in this chapter! (Think Misaki — both the female one from “Kaichou wa Maid-sama!” and the male one from “Junjou Romantica.” They have such strong characters, yet you just can’t help wanting to see them “tamed” to be the adorably rebellious uke they both turned out to be! XD)

“Okay, let’s try the window next…a broken leg looks much more appealing than being stuck to him.” Poor, poor trapped Crauza — like a little rodent helplessly watching its most dreaded mouse trap snap its tail. XD But we all knew better, Lilia-chan. You can’t fool us. *thundering, echoing evil laughter*

Something escapes me, though… You mean Kirihara and Marui have to unlock their own door to get OUT of their room? *tilts head in curiosity* Sure, I know doors like that exist, but I’ve never seen one for myself yet, so I can’t fully imagine how it works. *laughs at self*

All in all, this chapter was… different. The POV, for one. I didn’t expect the change. But it was okay. - (Will you write Chapter 8 in Kirihara’s POV, then? *winks*) Looking forward to reading it…! May Your Muse be with you! XD
Faoiltierna chapter 7 . 12/18/2010
I have to agree that these two would be quite cute together :-) Akaya is just adorable by himself!

I've enjoyed the story :-) It's a good thing I'm up to ch. 40 of the New Prince though! (I do hope Atobe pulls off the win...I so fear that Konomi-san will decide otherwise!)
Lady of Eryn Galen chapter 7 . 12/17/2010

Man, I almost yelled at them to hurry THE FUCK UP (sorry)!

It was so cute how Crauza tried to fight against his feelings and lost...AGAIN!

I'm SO looking forward to read the next chapter! It's such an awesome fanfic, I totally love it!

And, bye the way, you didn't fail my expectations ;D
Mikageshi chapter 6 . 11/3/2010
Hey there~ I'm back - to review Chapter 6 this time. -

Since you're so fond of Niou, Yagyuu, and Marui - and you're even writing Kirihara as the lead character of this fanfic - I assume that you've heard of their quartet-slash-boy band, Rikkai Young Kan. (I just LOVE their single, "Gouka Kenran"! I run to its insane beat on the treadmill! XD Oops. Too much information there. *laughs nervously*)

"Crauza was still lying on the bench, passed out, when the referee announced the result, and Kirihara's plan to look cool in front of Uzauza had been a failure. Now, he even felt sorry for wanting Crauza to fail." Awww. I myself feel sorry... for poor Aka-chan. *pats his Shiraishi-approved hair*

Yeah, Yukimura really ought to thank Shiraishi for sealing Kirihara's Demon Mode. Kirihara himself should, too - for both freeing him of his demons (literally!) and allowing him some alone time with the beautiful, vulnerable Crauza.

And Yagyuu missed Niou again~! *fangirl squeals*

I liked the nurse. Her "Honestly. They take tennis way too seriously" comment totally won me over. _ I just wish that she had better timing and didn't bleeping walk in on Kirihara and Crauza all the time...! XS

And yup, I find middle and high "scholars" rather awkward as well. I'm pretty sure they really mean "schoolers" - but then there's no such term in the English dictionary, even if its meaning is perfectly understandable. Ah, heck. Why don't they just say "students"? XD

"You're back already? Wow, that was fast. Did you teleport or something?" No, lady. His legs were just THAT excited to run back to Crauza. And that thing between his legs? Even more. *shameless depraved grin*

Oh, such a gratuitous bath and bed scene. *coughyeahsuredehydratedcough* But I loved it~ \o/ Kirihara's softness and sweet nothings... *fangirl swoons* And Crauza's somniloquy! Still so much in character, even when he's fast asleep! XD

I never thought Kirihara knew his medical terms, like "serum." I would have expected that from the ranting nurse, but not from him. XD

And I would have SCREAMED over The Mutual Kiss That Never Happened, but... well, I'm used to that stuff by now. XD At least Aka-chan got some smooch time while Lilia was out cold. -

Yes... *busy scrying on crystal ball* I can somehow see the end of this fanfic, too.

Congratulations on the success of your AMV! *does a happy dance* Unfortunately, I couldn't watch it because Sony Music Entertainment had "blocked it in [my] country on copyright grounds." (I just hate it when that happens. XS) But I WAS able to watch your cosplay skit. And you pwned~!

"How long have you BEEN sixteen?" and "That was my third guess, after Mary Sue" just rocked my socks. (And I'm not even wearing any! XD)

Can't wait for Chapter 7! But as always... No pressure; just encouragement. -
Mikageshi chapter 5 . 11/1/2010

Oh, I didn't realize that you were strictly abiding by the events in the manga - I thought you were going for an AU and will make Crauza win his match against that Nakagauchi. (His name strikes me as hilarious, too! XD It sounds like it has too many syllables in it, even for a Japanese name! XD) And his stooped-between-his-own-legs pose was just so... strange. The mere mental image of it disturbed me for a while.

I just love how Yagyuu is so elegant about everything in this fic. XD Crauza and Ishida Gin make power-packed play look so easy, don't they? XD

When Aka-chan said, "I'm not gonna f - king forgive him!" I thought he really meant: "I'm not gonna f - king forgive him! I'm just gonna f - k him!" XD (I really SHOULD get my mind out of the gutter.)

I wish Crauza would forever speak only in English to the adorably confused Kirihara. They're just so... adorable! \-/

And you were right about the Crauza vs. Nakagauchi match: It definitely rang of potential Kirihara x Crauza overtones, what with the way Kirihara was cheering for Crauza in spite of his "annoyance" with the blonde. I like the way you made this ShinPuri chapter your own: you had blended your own take of Kirihara's (dirty XD) thoughts into the canon chapter very smoothly.

"Kirihara noted some aspects of Crauza's body that he normally wouldn't have noticed, and he swallowed hard, hand gripping the bar in front of him." Ooh. Naughty, naughty boy~! XD

Yes, DeeDee-chan, ShinPuri's Irie Kanata is on my radar. - He has been since his very first appearance. When I first laid eyes on him, I told myself: "Ah, a possible replacement for Fuji. Let's see." I'm keeping my (interested) eye on him. If you decide to cheer for Atobe, I'll root for sweet, soft-spoken (I'm just assuming this - after all, we haven't heard his anime voice yet), spectacled Kanata-chan. XD

You know, before I lost interest in ShinPuri, I was planning to write a fanfic with an OC named Kanata. (Yes, the OC I had in mind was a guy. Even if TeniPuri is already Testosterone Town. XD) But when I learned that Konomi himself had beaten me to that name, I scrapped the fanfic idea altogether. Too bad. It was supposed to be a yaoi Fuji x OC, too. Never mind. *sweatdrops*

I've already read Chapter 6. *drools from all the yummy yaoi goodness in it* *swims in own drool* I have a medical appointment in a while, though, so I can't review it right now.

Will get back to you again.



P.S. This is the longest review I've ever written. Whoops. Sorry. ; Again, thank you for the prizes! \o/
Mikageshi chapter 5 . 11/1/2010
Dear DeeDee-chan,

I hope this review finds you in good health and spirits! -

Please accept my apologies for failing to review this chapter earlier than I did. Actually, I had intended to review this chapter of yours YESTERDAY - several hours BEFORE you had posted the next chapter! - but a sudden emergency changed my plans for the whole day. So when I went online late last night, I was in for a shock of my own: You had already posted Chapter 6. I was too late. My guilt is eating me up inside...

... Especially considering the fact that you had even given me a Fuji icon and a Fuji x Ryoma banner / sig as a "halfway there fidelity prize" particularly dedicated to me. That was so sweet of you. - Thank you so much! I truly appreciate them, all the more so because you gave them to me even without me asking for them. Now I feel as though I had failed you - just when you had done me an act of kindness, THAT's the time I didn't get to review your most recent chapter! Just when you told me you're grateful to have reviewers, THAT's the time I disappeared! What horrible timing I have! XS I feel just as horrible! And I am really sorry. T_T

(Yes, I'm still rather emotional these days. This may be some sort of post-operative depression. POCD, perhaps? PTSD? I hope not.)

I read what you told one of your other reviewers in this chapter: that you "don't have any friends that have watched/read PoT." Oh, believe me, DeeDee-chan - you are not alone. In my final two years in undergraduate university, I shared my TeniPuri addiction with a good friend of mine. She got into it, and even fell for the charms of Fuji Syuusuke and Momo, but eventually gave up on it because she simply couldn't take just how many the characters were - at some point, she couldn't remember who was who anymore. O.O Even without her, I still faithfully stood by TeniPuri all the way to its end (including the TeniMyus, OVAs, movies, music, and all) and even read the first few chapters of ShinPuri. But like you, the pace at which ShinPuri was being updated just frustrated me more and more the longer I waited for it... so my love for the TeniPuri fandom eventually ebbed away. (That was right about the time I regained my interest in my first ever anime love. You already know what THAT was. XD) I told myself that I'd read ShinPuri again ONLY when it was finally finished. But that won't be for a long while.

So when I think about it, your fanfic is motivating me to keep reading ShinPuri, even when I had already sworn off it last year. Now I read it only for the Kirihara x Crauza innuendos. XD (Though I find the layers of Shiraishi x Kirihara in it quite thick as well...)

By the way... Have you noticed that Fuji Syuusuke, Kirihara, Shiraishi, and Crauza all have this "religion" thing going on? The way Fuji was depicted as "angelic" while playing against Kirihara in Demon Mode, Shiraishi's Bible Tennis, and Crauza's "cross" and "crucifixion" moves... I think Konomi portrayed them that way on purpose. He even juxtaposed them in a manner implying that "good" triumphs over "evil": The "demon" Kirihara lost to the "angel" Fuji... but this same Fuji lost to an even "holier" player: the "biblical" Shiraishi... And then we have the "demon" Kirihara again losing to a player who crucifies others: Crauza. They have a whole "good versus evil" theme binding them, don't you think? -;

Your run-in with that robber in the wintertime was indeed dangerous. I'm glad to know that although you got injured in the process, at least you successfully escaped the clutches of that son of a-! (Personally, I don't use swear words - at all - but heck, that guy more than deserves it! XS)
Lady of Eryn Galen chapter 6 . 10/31/2010
Oh man! And here I thought they would kiss!

You are SO mean, you know?

Hurry up and post the next chapter!

Please...pretty please!
Mikageshi chapter 4 . 9/22/2010
Please don't... fear... my reviews! And please accept my apologies if they're too long for comfort! I was just under the impression that you actually LIKE receiving long reviews, considering how much you enjoy giving them. ;

Thank you for your words of encouragement. - I am very happy to tell you that little by little, I'm starting to get my rhythm back - Chapter 16 of "Never Knew" is now in the works. \o/ (I hope to post it by this weekend!)

Your personal mugging experience took me aback. THAT was how you discovered that human perspiration changes its chemical composition in instances of primal fear? O.O Whoa. Just HOW were you even able to think of your final paper in Math at a time like that? Your life was on the line right then and there!

But now it strikes me... That story you shared says much about you, particularly your priorities.


I hope the robber didn't hurt, harm, or injure you back then!

So "Pink" is a song TITLE. (See, I really got it wrong! XD) Can't wait to watch that vid.

No need to apologize for writing a crying Kirihara. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, as long as it's done in moderation. -

And now, for my review of the chapter proper.

I see Aka-chan and Lilia - hey, that nickname sounds "pretty" XD - have made it to the "we-sneak-secret-glances-at-each-other-but-our-eyes-never-meet" phase of a relationship. A classic.

What an insightful thirteen-year-old princess Crauza once had for a date! If he wasn't interested in romancing her, then he really must "not" be into "romance." *wink* (Though I would say that he IS into romance... of a *different* kind. XD)

Yukimura was heartless in this chapter. Just. Plain. Heartless. Despite Marui's behavior in previous chapters, he didn't deserve that sort of treatment from Yukimura at all. Heck, if I didn't know any better, Yukimura almost seemed... jealous... of Kirihara's special someone. (I know, I know - he just wants Rikkai to stay on top even when he's already graduated. Still, it's just as easy to picture him as "someone who used to mean the world to Kirihara, but now doesn't, so..." XD)

Fuji's Dunk Smash shocked me just as much as it did Yagyuu. Maybe even more. Did he just pull off a Ryoma? XD

Once again, I found myself admiring your portrayal of Fuji in this fanfic. His desire to "avenge" Marui in this chapter was very much in character for him. (In fact, "divine retribution" has always been his driving force in playing SERIOUS tennis. Some source of motivation, Fuji. *shakes head to herself*)

I look forward to the games from the fifth court~! I hope Crauza will WIN his match, though, because Kirihara's wanting him to lose just so he himself could impress the blonde is quite an immature way to "love" someone... even if these characters are such cocky, competitive tankfuls of testosterone. XD

I noticed that your Author Notes are turning into rant-offs. While I personally don't mind reading of your opinions on the ongoing ShinPuri manga, other readers might. So I suggest you either make your fanfic chapters themselves longer, or your side notes shorter, just to douse any sparks those flamethrowers out there live to ignite.

Keep writing, DeeDee-chan. I'm with you all the way. -

(I'm so sorry this review turned out so long again! *bows repeatedly in profuse apology*)

Happy writing~!
Serena90 chapter 4 . 9/21/2010
I love the chapter :) By the way don't be so hard on Tezuka! He was taught by his buchou that that was what a pillar did! It isn't his fault and I think he's still kind of traumatised about what caused the incident :( Besides he's sacrificing himself so he really cares about the team, even more than his own career which can be considered otherwordly noble and loyal or stupid. Personally I think it's a mix ;)
Firerose1300 chapter 4 . 9/21/2010
Rally good chapter. The very long authors notes confused me though. At first I couldn't tell what was story and what was AN. They were informitive but too long. It would probably be best to cut them down or else no one is going to want to read them.

Can't wait for the next chapter.
Namantos chapter 4 . 9/20/2010
Yo, I'm reading and enjoying still (so where's my fidelity prize?) ;)

I miss some action between Crauza and Kirihara here, but it's building up nicely anyway.

And I dislike Yukimura even more now :/

Keep up the good work
Mikageshi chapter 3 . 9/12/2010
So you're now responding to your reviewers. Well, I've reviewed all chapters of this fic so far... I look forward to your message for me in Chapter 4, then. *evil laugh* XD

Kirihara and Kamio...? Oh, the potential pairs you see. Are you fond of what TV calls the "slap slap kiss" couple? KiriharaxCrauza would be an archetypal example of that...

When you mentioned Pink, at first I couldn't tell if you meant the pop-rock-punk musician or the color! *sweatdrops* Sowee about that. XD Whichever you choose, I'd like to watch the video either way. ;

Now THIS was my favorite chapter so far. You have surely outdone yourself here, DeeDee-chan! - All throughout the cafeteria scene, I was grinning like an idiot to myself, knowing exactly what was REALLY going on in the subtext and exactly what was running through everyone's minds. You just depicted them that well. OF COURSE Yukimura, Fuji, and Yagyuu would catch on easily, what with how perceptive these three characters are. Calling Crauza a "wolf" did not mask his identity at all. Poor him - dwindling at the back of everyone's minds. And poor Kirihara, too - at the very forefront.

You seem to harbor a dislike for Fuji Syuusuke, yet you did him some justice in this chapter. He was such a romantic! Not only did he drop the L-word bomb on Aka-chan (and thus opened the boy's eyes to a new world of possibilities); he also taught Marui quite a lesson on gossiping and taking Kirihara's feelings too lightly. Awww, Fuji, I just love y - Wait. You're Tezuka's. Never mind. *walks away*

The TeFu allusion was memorable. You just pulled off another mysterious scene before my eyes again with that one. Again: More, please.

Yes, Marui WAS bordering on totally malicious, not-well-meaning-at-all sadist in this chapter. Even more noticeably, Aka-chan is fast turning into an under-the-bed-pillow, behind-the-bathroom-door crybaby. Sure, I enjoy reading of his vulnerability. But I wouldn't want to read him being reduced to a big puffy-eyed pool of tears. He's a stronger character than that.

But I understand why you portray him this way... for now. The plot of this fic so far inevitably involved heartbreak and breaking down. Unrequited love truly could trouble even one who possesses a yet unsealed Demon Mode.

I think you managed to somehow redeem Marui at the latter part of this chapter, when he pointed out to Kirihara that Crauza could have "been kissed by a male... before." That really WAS genius of him. That should relieve Kirihara's anxieties, at least for the meantime.

There should be way more Fuji vs. Marui tensai word wars in future chapters. The more you write them, the more that we - your readers and reviewers - see how tensai YOU are. -

Update this, please - whenever you feel is best. No pressure; just encouragement.

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