Reviews for Dark Star
sweetnshort chapter 16 . 6/20/2003
I really love this story! I found it on another site but it hasn't been updated. I'm a bit sad that Leia isn't the main character for the sequal. I also hope you add some Han and Leia things as well as Luke and Mara.
Siana chapter 16 . 10/14/2002
Great Story!

I really hope you post a sequel, because the story is very good!
Celes Tilly chapter 3 . 7/29/2002
hey, I know you said that you're writing a sequel, but are you going to post it soon or wait until it's mostly written? I really want to read more! :) e-mail me, okay?
Aeryn Sun chapter 1 . 5/22/2002
The best SW story I've read in a loooooooooong time.

Please post the sequel as you write it. I have to know how Vader learns that Leia is is daughter, the rebels find out about Leia's imperial past and I REALLY hope Han will be back!
Angus Hardie chapter 16 . 5/16/2002
This is a great story that I hope continues. IThe way that you combined the au stuff with the movie story was very clever. I can just see how leia might have been captured and trained by the empire.

It makes an exciting story and I eagerly await the next section.

Pitdroid chapter 16 . 5/14/2002
Great epilogue! Can't wait to read the sequel. How will Vader react if he ever finds out that Leia is his daughter. Hope Han will be back for the sequel.
Jania Skywalker chapter 16 . 5/14/2002
I really enjoyed this story. I especially liked this last chapter. I really look forward to reading the sequel. I would hope that it will include details about how Vader and Leia get along after her revelation and what happens when Vader finds out that not only does he have a son, but that he also has a daughter, Leia.
BlindJedi chapter 16 . 5/14/2002
Excellent story. Waiting for the sequel. Might as well post it as you write it. :)
Renee chapter 16 . 5/14/2002
Yes, a sequel is needed! Leia must tell Vader that Luke is her twin! At long last Mara is coming into Luke's life!
Lanna chapter 16 . 5/13/2002
I'm dying for a sequel! I can't wait to see how you write Mara!
Celes Tilly chapter 16 . 5/13/2002
Waaaaaaah! A note for me at the top? *blushes* Thank ye! But waaaaaai, on with the sequel! I don't care how you post it, as long as you post it the way you want to and, most of all, POST IT! BWA HA HA- er, yeah, I'd relaly liek to read that and see Vader's reaction when he finds out that Leia is his daughter *cackles with glee* Oh, MAN, it'll be SO COOL! Keep writing, you have LOTS of skill! Thanks so much for posting!
Renee chapter 15 . 5/13/2002
Will Leia introduce Darth Daddy to her twin Luke and where is Mara?
Celes Tilly chapter 15 . 5/12/2002
One more chapter, eh? Can't wait! How longuntil it's posted? I hope it's up soon! I wanna see more of that super cool Vader & Leia stuff! It puts such a spiffy twist on everything! But, if it's the last chapter, are you planning on a sequel? Or it that THE end? Please tell me! or Please e-mail me back! I beg thee! (Good story, by the way!)
Pitdroid chapter 15 . 5/12/2002
Thanks for the mention. I'm a faithful reviewer, because I love this story. I'm going to be very sad to see it end after you post the epilogue. Are you going to write a sequel? Your writing skills are excellent, making your chapters a joy to read. Excellent work!
Gabrileia chapter 15 . 5/12/2002
Still here, still loving every bit. The consistency and quality of this story constantly surprises me, if I had my way it would never end.

I especially liked that last bit with Han and Leia. But then, I always like those bits.

Excellent work!
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