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Chim Cheree chapter 16 . 8/12/2014
but how does "the power to vanquish the Dark Lord" fit in? If he is unable to kill him due to their bond? I like your explanation, but I think it is a bit unbelievable that Dumbledore didn't find these answers over many years while Tom Riddle did so in, what was it, one afternoon? An influential and well connected man like Dumbledore surely would have access to these books and the connection between Harry and Voldemort was, at least in canon, always of concern to him and a mystery he tried to solve.
NoToLogins chapter 49 . 8/6/2014
This is totally a cliffhanger!
I was beyond happy to see them sleeping on the same bed - hugs are very cute.
Poor Tom. Poor Harry. But I think Tom was manipulating Harry into thinking that he is slipping more than he actually is slipping away. But I am not sure...
Thank you for the chapter very much. I really want to see next one. And next-next one. And... update please?
Ben and Jerry's Icecream Cone chapter 49 . 8/5/2014
I liked this story when it first started, I liked both the personalities of all four of your MC's. I like the way you can easily know, without looking at the POV whom is Harry and whom is Tom just by the way it is written which must be difficult to do. I liked the progression of Tom becoming trusting. and that it didn't happen within 7 chapters. I loved Dumbledores' goofyness and I liked the barely there slash between D and G.
When I realized Tom was only thirteen in this story, I thought I may have misread and that there would be slash but it would be between D and G. At least I hoped that was the case. I did find it slightly disturbing when Tom had only just turned Fourteen and Harry allowed a kiss between them. I mean a fourteen year old and a nearly 26 year old. No matter how mature Tom is in this story he is still a child. I might not have minded so much had be been 16, but no matter whatever way you look at this, it is wrong, even though their relationship is... was beautiful. I guess you either disagree with it or agree with it, and unfortunately I disagree.

I wasn't aware that this story wasn't finished, I only just figured it out. I probably won't finish reading it, because I usually read completed stories only. I wish you look with it.
Ben and Jerry's Icecream Cone chapter 31 . 8/5/2014
Thank god for this chapter. Thank god for Harry and Tom realising thier attraction, but thank god for Harry for turning it down; a hard feat, I imagine.
breathe-the-ocean-calls chapter 49 . 8/3/2014
Well shit. This marvelous story has accompanied for the past few weeks in every spare moment I can gather. You truly write so well it almost hurts. Seriously, I want to write essays about how awesome this is, and you are, and the deliciousness of it all, but due to lack of time and my ever present list of things that I want to do, things I need to do hold precedence.
Sorry about being a ghost reader, however I will be reading this again (how could I not?) And sending you much adoration per chapter.

Just wow.

(P.S. Much luck for your degree, and many warm wishes for your mum)
VeroSev chapter 49 . 8/1/2014
My god... you have left me with heart in hand, is horrible how Harry is suffering by not knowing what to do and help Tom, and although it is a lot what Tom is happening, I do not understand why not let Harry support him, and the way Tom leave is heartbreaking, believing that Harry did not trust him and then attack Harry and take the Hallows... What will do Harry now? I do not want their efforts and their feelings for one another are in vain... I want they to end up together and happy!
I can't wait for the next chapter!
OneLittleSheep chapter 49 . 7/29/2014
Finally! I've read the whole thing. It took me a few days of sleepless nights, but I'm done :D

This is going to be ma fav of all faves. First thing - Tom Marvolo Riddle, the hardest character to write. I utterly love you for how you've written him. You didn't make him a Prince of the Slytherin who at nights gathers his followers to discuss the future - which is so silly - or someone who wants to kill for no reason. Actually, you gave him so many reasons - the well was amazing. Disguisting and horrible, but amazing none the less. And the way he changes thorought the story, it was so subtle I hadn't even realized what you were doing. Just sudden realization - oh wait, he's not such a bitch anymore.
Next, Harry Potter. Although I prefer the slightly mad one, yours is also great and though you've made him powerful, he's neither Mary Sue nor OOC. And the relation between him and Tom is so believable that it's unbelievable. It's so good and natural and so is the slash - no sudden blushing and stuttering and so on.
Albus. Do I even have to write? He is such a good comic relief, so needed after lots of angst - you balance the two perfectly well, so even if we get lots of angst it's not suffocating. The whole Voldemort thing? Limbo? The bond? IT'S SO LOGICAL I DON'T EVEN. Are we still on the ?

Anyway. You're great, you're amazing, talented, beautiful, magnificent, so fresh and new and so is your story. I loved every single thing in it. The best thing? I haven't skipped any paragraph. See? I'm hooked. And you're wonderful.
reader chapter 49 . 7/29/2014
I just finished reading the story... and it took me days... but very well spend days, as the weather has been horribly here. I really love how you set the storyline up. I really like well thought-through AU of HP/TR (even non-slash once) and you bring this to whole knew level in this story.
I hope Tom will be fine after the final battle, althought right now I fear that Tom could sacrefice himself for Harry, opening the way to a final attack on Voldemort. But I hope this won't be the case on this story. Anyway happy to reader the next chapter soon. reader
animato22 chapter 49 . 7/21/2014
sooooo gooood ... cant wait for the next ... it is currently 1am in the mornig ... I should be going to bed ...
Guest chapter 49 . 7/19/2014
Wow! This is such an amazingly complex and beautiful piece of work! I started reading this recently but I wasn't sure if I should leave reviews since there were more chaptets(my reviews would probably be irrelevant).
At first, I wasn't sure how the budding romance between Harry and Tom would work out since he was originally trying to form a father-and-son bond. However, it was wonderfully written.
I like the constant plot-twists.
Thank you for writing despite difficulties in your life.
Stay strong!
InNeedOfADemensionHopper99 chapter 8 . 7/15/2014
I think Grindldore is one of my favorite pairings evil or good and I love your story so far!
Avid Reader chapter 35 . 7/14/2014
I usually wait to write a review before I read all of the chapters, but I just had to review! 3
What can I say that probably every other reviewer hasn't said already?

This fanfic is... phenomenal!

I savor every chapter and cannot thank you enough for this masterpiece.
silverscribbles chapter 21 . 7/13/2014
lol. I like the line "Was not sure about his academic ability". It reminds me of all the Trolls Harry got from Snape during his time at Hogwarts.
LilyWhite13 chapter 49 . 7/12/2014
I'm equal parts regretful and relieved that I didn't start reading this last night, when I first found it... I'd have stayed up all night reading! This story is amazing, and I must admit I was on the verge of tears quite a few times. Great plot, realism, and emotional complexity with the characters (they really are rather canon, too); it was better than anything I could have expected, considering that I clicked on this on a whim while looking at a nice piece of fan art. The grammar's a bit off (for example, some sentences don't exactly flow and one had to read them more than once, although it's great, seeing as English isn't your mother tongue), and the characters do seem to have a bit of a communication problem (not more than would be rational in their shoes, though it would be nice for everyone to get together and explain their desires, their reasons, and their deepest secrets [but it's probably better this way]). Good pacing! Gosh this is long... and full of random bits of overly complicated grammar... well, in three words, "this is awesome!"
SlvrSoleAlchmst1 chapter 49 . 7/12/2014
Wow. Things really moved in this chapter. Holy, holy crap. Big things happening. I can see why Potter hesitates at the end, because Riddle is really, really frightening when Harry first wakes up and sees him, but... I felt like it was a damn bad idea for Potter to wait that long to give Riddle an answer. Riddle HAS given up everything for Harry. He's tried SO HARD to fight the darkness inside of him, and taken so many risks, and he LOVES Harry and would do anything, but right at the most important moment, Harry can't show trust in him...? UGGH! Riddle's explosion is completely merited. I am so apprehensive, waiting to see what will happen. I feel like Potter has tossed Riddle off the deep end, and now Riddle only has two choices. He can fight even HARDER than he ever has before, to overcome the new darkness that Harry has infused him with by showing that lack of faith, and he can conquer it... or he can just give up and let the Dark Lord win him over. Shit, shit, shit. I am so scared. Potter must feel completely fucked, and I completely can sympathize, but... I feel like it's totally Potter's fault. ARRGH, is this just fate, like Harry asked? No matter what, are he and Tom just destined to be on opposing sides? Or can he beat their destinies? WAAAAGH.

This fic is too much for my heart. I love the picked-up pacing and the way everything is coming to a head. I also love your imperfect Dumbledore. I am coming to love him more than Rowling's Dumbledore, I swear. The part where Harry blows up at him and then they both just end up drinking fire whiskey is... You are very good at developing characters. You are also good at conveying suffering.

THANK YOU FOR THIS CHAPTER. Good luck with whatever culmination seems to be coming!
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