Reviews for Wand Cores
Dimensional Roamer chapter 7 . 11/29/2014
D'awwwwww :') that's so cute! The grindeldore at the end, with albus rereading the letter and smiling. I can totally relate to that when someone I love sends me something cute. I think this is one of the first stories where I actually like albus. DR
TamiLove chapter 49 . 11/28/2014
Okay, I just want to start off telling you that I absolutely adore this story and the way Tom and Harry are written. I understood from your old A/N's that you were intent on this being a story of actual plot and character growth (perish the thought) but it's really mystifying to watch everything slowly progress into this amazing series of events. I started this story at seven this morning and have only left the computer long enough to grab more snacks/drinks or pee. It's been a very very exciting ride. Harry, is absolutely adorable. And even though I was fairly annoyed with his constant blaming of Tom for Voldemort's bullshit, I could admit it was a very Harry-like thing to do. I also find his internal synopsis' of the other mc's hilarious. "Tom, you devious, suductive little shit.. Albus, you conniving lovable goat-screwing bastard, you..." (okay, he didn't say that one but you get what I meant, lol!) Tom, oh gods, I don't think my heart's ever gone out to a Tom more than your Tom. You said in a previous AN, that writers tend to overuse the sexual side of abuse and I definately agree. And it doesn't always have to be long courses of unchanging abuse either (like how authors usually write Harry and the Dursley's) It's amazing how quickly people can forget one little incident (or in Tom's case, one completely and utterly horific incident) can change someone's life forever. Hell, I remember droping a brick on my big toe when I was five. That shit was tramatic as hell to me so I can definatly understand Tom's complete spazzout. His hurt and conflicting emotions regarding how he actually begins to care about Harry, absolutely tore my heart out and the Dad's chapter, I was buzzing with trepidation. Your writing style is just so smooth to me, even with the changing pov's. You're a great conveyer of feeling and emotion. Which is awesome because, well this story is practically all feelings and emotions with a rather large dose of Grindledore.. haha! Speaking of which, I don't think I've ever had such conflicted feelings about a pairing in all my days of shipping. I get it, Grindledore is canon and Rowling's a genius blahblahblah... I think that's the problem if I'm completely honest with myself. Don't get me wrong, I think your Albus and Gellert are hella adorable together and their banter is cute as all outdoors as well as their little quirks (Gellert and his evil little smirks when he knows something he shouldn't, Albus with his random bouts of unneeeded facts- the tree scene with Albus': "I'll have a phoenix one day. I'll name him Fawkes.." comes to mind. and oh sweet lord, all the sweets that man has consumed...) It's adorably cute and hilarious and god help that German if he breaks Albus' heart again I'll (mentally) make him wish he'd run off with Hitler in the sunset- but I can't see it as a ship I'd actively ship, if it's not you writing it. I'd actually been actively avoiding it with all I have until your story came along, sooo you've at least given it a chance in my eyes, because even with the looming Grindledore I couldn't have stopped reading this if I tried. Even though I didn't really try at all to stop. Read it all in one go, I did. And laughed at every Authors Note where you seemed to inadvertently congradulate me for going it all in one sitting! haha! I feel like readers really get to know their author's through their A/Ns and I really enjoyed meeting you, if that makes any sense. When I read about your mum, I just wished I could hug you like you said you'd hug that one reviewer who (like Tom) wasn't so keen on open displays of affection. So *ties you down and hugs you until your face turns red from lack of oxygen *. I know it doesn't change anything or make it easier but we do care out here even if we never get the chance to see your face, or know your favorite color, or your chosen spaghetti sauce (are you on the lines of the age old Prego vs Ragu war or are you an independant, stirrer?) we do want to know what's going on with you and give you virtual hugs and such things. Just think, a lot of these people have "known" you since 2010. I only met you today and my heart goes out to you!
So, in all I just wanted to review and say how much I looooooooooooove your story and I can't wait to read more and I'm probably gonna cry when it ends and Walgburta calling that girl a "Muddy excuse of a wizarding being with as much genetic quality as a dead turtle.." was so freaking hilarious I had to write to down on a notepad and I had to look up what straciatella was but now I'm smarter cause of you! Haha! So thank you for writing and continuing to write this amazing story. No matter how long it takes, I'll definatly be waiting! XOXO!
Oddment101 chapter 8 . 11/28/2014
Gah! Now I will forever have the torture of a Voldemort-puppy in my head! :0

Really good story though I do think that it could use a bit more of the secondary characters you mentioned. There is way to much happening in a scene with just the four of them, I think it would be easier to take in with a bit of extra characters or just normal people doing ordinary things.

Fantastic story so far,

EterNite chapter 49 . 11/24/2014
Just read this in one go! It is a wonderful piece of work. I love how the POV manages to capture each character's personality without getting too caught up in their internal musings. Looking forward to reading more from you soon.
shookenuppepsi chapter 5 . 11/18/2014
I don't usually review in the middle of stories, but I just wanted to leave a comment here because I don't want to forget it. I absolutely love love LOVE how Harry helps Dumbledore. It's so fresh, so original, and yet so sensible that I could easily see this in canon. You didn't make Albus a flat character, either as a manipulating bad guy or as a twinkly eyed mystery, but brought his loving nature to life with how he thinks of Gellert. And that Harry knows his mentor well enough, knows how the story plays out in his time line, that he can help his mentor in such a simple but meaningful way... I don't have words for how happy, how thankful, this makes me for your writing.
jennakat01 chapter 7 . 11/8/2014
I know that you've already finished this story, but I had to review after reading that letter from Gellert. I constantly feel as if Rowling struck an story-plot gold mine when she briefly mentioned their past, but she never managed to get in more detail. And oh how I've wished to read about them! Albus is one of my favorite characters as well as Snape and Voldemort. Each of them is just so complex and neither good nor evil in my opinion. And I think that shows how people truly are. We're all just people. Just trying to do what we think is right. Anyways, I just want you to know how amazing this story is so far and that I love all your characters. :) Expect another review from me soon, for I can tell I won't be able to resist.
Avior Schedar chapter 49 . 11/7/2014
The story is dark and twisted but just brilliant...
wearylily chapter 49 . 10/23/2014
You MUST continue this story! I just read all 49 chapters in a massive binge-read. Grammar, vocabulary, plot, and characterization: you have it all! :D
MyMindWasChaos chapter 49 . 10/21/2014
I mean it, let Voldy seduce the pants off of Tom. I get that you started this fic years ago and are probably eager to end it, but at least go out with a bang. To be honest, when I read that you estimated only few more chapters I was surprised. It doesn't feel like the climax of the story at all. It's like things are finally getting interesting. I was looking forward to how Tom's sense of self would evolve with age and maturity. Tom has barely entered his teenage years... He has barely done anything.

Also, I get it that Harry doesn't want Tom to abuse his charisma and the sway he has over others to obtain power and then misuse it. But, what is Tom supposed to be doing with his life in the mean time? And when it's clear that he becomes more powerful than Harry who will stop him?

Now... Here comes a doozy of a question... If it's in Tom's nature to control and manipulate, why hasn't he tried harder to manipulate Potter to suit his own selfish needs? Like through blackmail somehow or by abusing their magical connection. If Harry can tell that Tom is having a bad day through their connection, then he can sure as hell feel the emotional boner Tom has for him. I mean, those feelings of arousal could have been a major source of guilt for Harry. It's not clear in your story exactly how Harry fell in love/lust with Tom.

When Tom realized Harry had him all figured out and far exceeded Tom in terms of magical strength and power, I was not surprised to see that Tom got off on it a bit. It turned him on to be in the face of such raw power, to have someone he could perceive as an equal.

Where was the magical-emotional bridge then? That would have been a good time for Harry to mistake Tom's feelings of arousal for his own, because he didn't know about the bond yet. And damn, that would have made for a few very guilt and internal-struggle filled chapters for our hero. I mean... Harry might be asking himself how moral he is to see his enemy so corrupt and young and handsome... But instead of wanting to fix him or help him, all he wants to do is bury his **** in the boy's **** and fck the evil right out of him.

That would be a cool self-discovery moment for Mr. Upright, Moral, Boy Wonder.

I really do like this fic, so I hope I'm not coming across too critical. But, idk... I see a lot of plot devices you could have milked dry. Not to be vulgar or anything, but... But... I guess I'm having a hard time articulating what I mean to say. This whole story was rather tame in my opinion, even the part where Tom takes a bite out of another boy. Your writing is A little too upfront and straightforward. Made it hard to enjoy, since it seemed like you were handing the answers away too freely and not letting the main characters wallow in their sin and imperfections. Idk about u, but imperfections are interesting. Especially when they are hard to justify. Like with Tom taking a bite out of the boy. Idk if u are a Naruto fan or not, but there is a fic you need to read called: Eat Raw Meat Blood Drool. There is something primal about biting another human being. I have bitten the chubby rolls on a baby's thigh because they were cute enough to nom. I have also seriously bitten another person to draw blood (as a kid I was a douche). And I have also bitten my boyfriend (gently and then viciously). What is the point of saying this? There are a lot of feelings and emotions that go into an intimate act like biting another person. I've never experienced the feeling of biting someone to feel my gut fill with satisfaction at the bit of flesh I've torn off. But I still feel like more could have been do so with Tom's trauma. For a budding Dark Lord, he's very stable mentally. Bellatrix's pinky finger is more fucked up than atom. And isnt that the point? That there is a reason or explanation for everything? Maybe more than a few, for why Voldy grew up so depraved...

For a story this long, a lot seems glossed over. It's like you have been trying to sprint through the story. Not that I didn't enjoy it anyway. Oh well. I'm still a fan, even one who's ready to write fanfics to ur fanfic lol.
MyMindWasChaos chapter 49 . 10/21/2014
You can't let it end this way when I am physically hooked on this fic. A cliff-hanger? Really, I think I'm starting to understand Tom's fit of rage.

I sincerely hope you start the new chapter off with a detailed recap of Voldy seducing the pants off Tom. I have been wondering why Voldemort hasn't exploited Tom's obvious desire for Harry. There was a time he wanted to conquer the green man, if I recall correctly. Conquer or dominate..."Even when you're standing you look like you're lying down..." (Lolz at the Richard Siken reference). Speaking of Richard Siken poetry... You need a little more of that in your life. Especially if you want to write more convincing troubled gay wizards.

But seriously, why not play on Tom's desires? If Harry wasn't so afraid of Tom's puissant nature, the boy could do anything. Tom could take anything he wanted from the man. Dwarf him in power and swallow him whole. Teach him that no one can shackle Tom into a life of obscurity and mawkish complacency with the weak and their abuses of one another. Those weak, foolish, careless, and stupid creatures aren't fit to govern themselves. They need an intelligent, powerful leader. Someone who can ensure they know their place and follow suite. Their petty little lives would be much happier that way. Tom shouldn't hold back for Harry's sake... Even Harry isn't infallible... Harry might need Tom's devious nature, Tom's strength some day... And, really, isn't it weak and cowardly to fear the power that is Tom's birthright as the heir of slytherin?

Why hasn't Voldemort shown Tom an image of himself with a hand in the proverbial cookie jar? Why hasn't Voldemort distorted and manipulated Tom's jealous-nature? I mean...can Tom be positive Harry has told him everything about the future? About what it means to have power and hold the world on a string? Harry is deep down, still a scared little boy... Afraid of power and afraid to use it to change the world. What has Harry ever done but stand in Voldemort's way? What does Harry know about power?

Voldemort knows power. He knows what it feels like to bend the natural laws of this world. To be so feared and revered that only words like elemental and eternal can describe him. Voldemort is immortal. He is always there and no amount of light magic brainwashing will vanquish him.

And Harry knows that already, despite his deluded attempts at changing the future. Who's to say Harry defeated Voldemort at all? He's one some paltry battles, but this is a war he could never win. Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived... Come to the past to find the only wizard capable of fighting Voldemort: his own self.

And really... Harry isn't strong at all. Those brief flashes of doubt of fear. The weakness in his mind that destroys his delusion, that whisper "give up, give in..." And rightly so. That man with his martyr complex...He needs to fight this to feel relevant. He needs Voldemort. Without Voldemort, the Boy Who Lived would not exist. Fight all you want, Harry. In the end you have always needed Voldemort. And Voldemort is a gracious Lord.

If I were Voldemort, I would be seriously mind-fcking Tom and sabotaging their relationship. I mean, Voldemort has access to memories from before Harry was such a war-wisened stud. When Harry was cuter, more innocent and weak. If I were Voldemort, I'd show Tom something enticing. Pitiful, but undeniably Harry begging on his knees. Even if it wasn't true. I would show Tom what it was like to connect to Harry as a horcrux. The surges of pain and the thick, heady pleasure of knowing it was him who caused it. The intimacy of their relationship was a thousand times more powerful than the melding of magic. Voldemort has been inside Harry. He knows things Tom couldn't dream of knowing about the other man.

Why fight for Harry's cause at all, when the Boy Who Lived is nothing but a sham? There is nothing truly heroic about Harry. He is weak. And he is trying to make Tom weak too.

Right and wrong are merely illusions... Silly rules made up by the winners, the ones with the most power. Tom just needs to be the one with the most power. Then he won't need to subscribe to Potter's sense of morality. He won't need to feel strange or different or like an outcast. He will rule the world. He will be a God.

Never mind bending the Boy Who Lived to his every whim, Tom would have the world.
Hikaoru13 chapter 49 . 10/19/2014
Hiiii, I'm new to your story.
And I finished this in one go.
I thought it was completed.
Do you know the amount of frustration I get after reading 600 page?
Anyway, sorry about your mum.
Awesome story.
Hope your life is not going in spiral
NikiSpade chapter 31 . 10/16/2014
Harry is so funny, at the end.
Guest chapter 47 . 10/7/2014
lord of lemon-drops! *guffaws*
NemmerlesRaven chapter 49 . 10/4/2014
Well, of all the cliffhangers in the world... Certainly a frustrating surprise for someone who has spent the last 24 hours reading your entire story to date :p

How do I even begin to summarize how I feel about 49 chapters? There's too much to say, and at the same time too little for what you've accompished in these past 4 years. Such an incredibly intricate world you've woven around two singularly compelling personalities, so at odds with each other in many ways and yet to behold the chemistry you've managed to create...

I think that your story is one of the greatest justifications for the artistic merit of the fanfiction genre that I've encountered. There is so much potential for creative exploration and development in the practice of taking the universe of ideas left behind by an amazing author, the collective impressions that they have left on a group of devoted readers, and harnessing it to foster something that is at once both old and wonderfully new. And isn't that, to some degree, the nature of every text? You've managed to do this immaculately, drawing out the narrative potential in Rowling's 'completed' work and fulfilling characters, worlds, and possibilities in ways that leave me breathless. And the ideas that you brought to life... from the ethics of nature/nature and the prodigy as a social phenomenon to the intertwining threads of power and desire and the blurred boundaries of the individual agent and so much more. What's more, you've fostered all this in the context of personalities which while I must admit I found occasionally convoluted, were never flat nor static, and in that sense felt very real.

There's so much more that I would like to say, including several specific ideas as well, particularly on the ways you wrote about attractiveness, desire, and such (a personal passion of mine) but I fear that this review is too long and cumbersome already. Perhaps another time. Forgive me if I was at all awkward or vague in my effusiveness - it is a reflection of my genuine excitement and appreciation of your work. I will end by saying that I truly meant it when I said that your story is a testament to the value of fanfiction and that I agree with the comments you made some chapters back about the faults of intellectual property rights. We obssess so much about the originality of the "individual" that we sometimes forget what we could achieve, and already have achieved, by working together. I can hardly wait for your next chapter.
nemo chapter 49 . 9/30/2014
your fanfic is really well writen. You can truly feel how deep you know the world created by J.K Rowling.
please, carry your project up to the end
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