Reviews for The Esper
Team Wingless chapter 1 . 8/27/2015
Very, Very, VERY good. I take it I've found a professional novelist on this site. I found you ironically in a Google search for myself. I've novelized the Final Fantasy game Crisis Core (I know, 7, blah. I'm not a fan I was just that angry). I see there's a few people who've adapted novels from the games and I've taken to collecting them recently. This is the only one I've found that is up to the caliber of an actual commercial novel. I'll fave and follow and go through your chapters to get you some more reviews, and I'll ping you on Twitter for some traffic. I'm CrisisCoreNovel on Twitter. Nice to meet you.
Platerair Queen chapter 38 . 10/25/2010
I came to the end of the chapter and literally jaw-dropped. I finished this in about four days, and it was a rivetting story. You write more than well, it is magnificent.

Heck, you got me used to Terra with red hair, and with the way your style is, you never jarred me from enjoying this pure showing of your writing skill, all over.

HM. Methinks Terra had a child with General Leo, and Kefka somehow managed to seduce (via Slave Crown, which would make it rape) Terra - or at least the sudden theory banged into my head and would not let up from General Leo's quote to Kefka last chapters ago.

Or it could be Leo had a wife and she passed on, leaving him a son and he soon loved Terra, or had been in love with her all along.

Either way, I definitely, defintely thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful retelling of my favourite Final Fantasy (after IV, what can I say, I'm totally old school). I loved what you did with all the characters and all of them had a lot of Crowning Moments of Awesome.

Any Arvis and Terra interaction was heartwarming to the fullest extent, I'm sad to see him go, but at least he went happy.

And oh god - if you ever decide to go a sequel - are you sequeling this? - please, let me know because I would hop on that wagon like it was on fire and I was a daredevil.

OH. And I love what you did with the characters and how you handled them. I mean, in a real book one can't have more than 12 characters being the main ones, or else it'll get all clogged, so I really loved how you spotlighted those that are from the main FFVI cast but whittled to a more manageable level.

Personally, hoping with my fingers crossed that, if you do sequel it, Syan makes a reemergence and as a changed man. But if not, at least he's with his family.

Keep up with your wonderful work! If I espy any Travis Lambert novels in the bookstore I'll buy it whenever I have the money on me.
Baros Baratheon chapter 1 . 7/31/2010
I hope I don't offend you, my fellow writer...but isn't the point of a novel of a game is to take the points of said game and put them in the works of literature? Now I know that the point of fanfiction is to spin your own take on the subject on which you are writing...but you can't really change so much for a classical game like FF6. Its just...well, not cool. :confusedface

Now, I think your writing is pretty good, and I would really want to read this (I read three chapters..) but everything is too different - too different for me, I'm an obsessed FF6 fan and I am very picky, I guess.:(

It just isn't "FF6" its something else, like a remake with nothing that resembles the original...

Your Terra wasn't really "Terra". How did Arvis know her name? She is supposed to be a confused, lonely young woman who discovers herself through the memories of her past, father and mother and the help of her friends and her children. And her hair...why did you make it red? Green/or blond is what makes Terra, well Terra.

I do love how your write though, some spots feel a little off, but your writing talent is pretty good.

*As a fan suggestion: Anyway, I think as a fan (as others will feel...well, if they don't, they don't really like FF6) that maybe you should try to re-write it a bit. I mean, where is this wonderful, beautiful young woman we grew to love...?
HongoZongo chapter 38 . 7/17/2010
I just spent the past few hours reading this story, and I must say it is beautifully written. Your descriptions of every event, most notably the battle at Narshe, were absolutely brilliant. The creative liberties that you took simply enhanced the original story; it made it a treat to go through the beginning events of the game again. And the thoughts, feelings and descriptions you attributed to each character made them come alive and made me care for them.

There are few flaws in the story, most notably for me being the switches between "Narshe" and "Narsha". It is in fact "Narshe" so I'm not too sure why you'd change the e to an a. Also, there was no real reason to change Terra's hair from green to red other than it helping you to describe her during some story events. That's more personal nitpicking though.

I really enjoyed this story, it provided descriptions of people, places, and events in both beautiful and gruesome ways. Kudos to you sir, this was great.