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St4nhop3 chapter 56 . 5/19
Calling it now. There's gonna be a bun, a bread, a pizza in Jack's oven pretty soon.
St4nhop3 chapter 56 . 5/19
Calling it now. There gonna be a bun in Jack's oven pretty soon.
Warder117 chapter 56 . 5/19
Wow, among the best of the best Mass Effect fics I've read so far. Sad Mordin died :( Looking forward to the next chapter, keep it up! :D
Janizary chapter 56 . 5/11
I think I missed that cut-scene. And wondering where the Renegade interrupts were :)

Nice bit to see Miranda in the intelligence-gathering phase of her mission.
Janizary chapter 55 . 5/8
That was both a different take, and more satisfying in some ways. Nicely done.
tykobrian0 chapter 55 . 5/6
Oh my God! You're still updating! I started reading this when it first came out. Then for the last 5 years or so I was totally out of fanfiction reading. Now that I finally get some time for myself, no thanks to the worldwide corona pandemic, I decide to check out some of my fav fanfics. And here you are, updating this fav of mine! I'll be sure to read all of it and let you know what I think. I can't tell you how happy all of this makes me. Hope you're doing fine.
St4nhop3 chapter 55 . 5/6
Glad you're back amidst the COVID plague of 2020 :D
coastierks chapter 53 . 4/27
Great chapter, and welcome back.
Janizary chapter 53 . 4/24
Welcome back.

Thought the grays had taken you :)

Glad to see the update. Liked the change up. Hope to see more soon. Hope you are well and staying safe.
shipwreck321 chapter 53 . 4/23
i dont belive!
this is alive!
Guest chapter 52 . 3/16
Is there any more?
Guest chapter 18 . 7/4/2018
Gaveal chapter 52 . 3/7/2018
Love this story keep up the amazing work man. And I love the Hamilton reference.
Lonesome Courier chapter 12 . 2/3/2018
Apologies for the absence, school and work have kept me pretty gusy. Figured I would pick this back up again and I'm glad I did! Also, is the line 'I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar?', is that a quote from somewhere else? Just curious.

I also wanted to mention seeing the transition you msde of how Shepard picks his teammates, if that makes sense. Well, see you in the next chapter!
Unca Bob chapter 20 . 1/18/2018
Alright well this is about where I stop.
I find this Shepard to be, frankly speaking, a bit of a numpty. Underwhelming as a leader, fighter and diplomat. Jobbing to Jacob of all people. There where a few things I liked, such as his relationship with Grunt. But mostly he came across kinda bland, and none of the renegade moments really worked for me, they all just seemed out of place and lacking in proper build up. The entire dismissal from the Alliance and reaction to it didn't work even slightly. I don't believe even slightly that anyone would have kept the message from him. And the reaction was just a mess. A lifelong soldier from a military family suddenly flipping a 'bad boy' switch is absurd. The idea that it was because of Morinth was an interesting twist, but then nothing was done with that extremely concerning revelation?
Finally the resurgence of aggression in Jack. Yes the situation was one that I'd expect to get her hackles up, but she was acting as volatile as when she was on the Purgatory. All the character development out the window. Somewhat understandable, but also boring. The her entire arc is about finding peace with herself, and the self control that comes with it. The obvious parallel is with Grunt, and I have to ask; why not use that angle instead? The threat of violence not because she's blowing her top with rage, but because she's wielding her rage as a weapon.
Anyway that's it from me.
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