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Nieriel Raina chapter 30 . 2/5/2006
This is an impressive story...only WHERE IS THE REST OF IT! Sorry, didn't mean to yell. You've left us poor newcomers to wonder if we have stumbled onto some of the best fanfiction out there only to be disappointed that it is unfinished. Please finish this as well as Land of Light & Shadows and New Year's Eve! Excellent stuff!
Time and Fate chapter 30 . 1/26/2006
wow, this story took me a week and a half to read, you write like Tolkien, it's kool
cricket chapter 30 . 12/19/2005
i love this story i hope you update again soon.
EVIL MANIAC chapter 3 . 11/9/2005
there's a piece from the book in there, isn't there? Two may find counsel where one is lost. Boromir said that to Frodo in FOTR. I like Boromir, he's nice and mad and also he saved my favourite character from the orcs. That's Merry, by the way. Do any of the Fellowship get kidnapped? i wouldn't be surprised.

ta ta! From EVIL MANIAC! aka Tom Bombadil aka the Witch King of Angmar aka Angharad Gilbey aka Opal Koboi aka Hob or Nob or whoever from the Prancing Pony. Also, grr from Bob the Balrog, my pet
xdarkstarx chapter 30 . 9/12/2005
*poke, poke, poke* are you still there Thundera? Come on! It's been so long since you updated! If you do i'll give you chocolate! Please e-mail me and give a rough gestamit of when I can look forward to a new chapter! Talk to ya then!
sielge chapter 30 . 9/12/2005
Will you update this one soon? I hope so!
caution1 chapter 30 . 5/29/2005
Hello thundera,

I'm wasting away to nothing waiting for you to update this story. please i'm going nuts trying to figure out what happens next hurry please.
Malvagia chapter 30 . 5/8/2005
i FINALLY finished reading this so far- and i am speechless. This story is amazing and i cannot WAIT for next chapter. Please, take as long as you need, just do update someday.
Aeryn Lavanthia chapter 30 . 3/3/2005
I can't believe I've been reading your stories for so long and never realised that I hadn't read this one! It's exceptionally brilliant! It's so great to see a writer who really knows how to characterise and keep us all hooked. Can't wait for the next part :)
Viresse chapter 30 . 2/27/2005
Marvellous fighting scene! It's good that Haldir and Orophin reached Legolas and Merry. And I like the 'darkness exploded' when the Mouth of Sauron is killed. This darkness seems so powerful, it must affect everyone in each group.

Where is Elladan's group when these things happen? already in the cave? Any assigned trap? or the darkness already prove deadly?

And how about Sam's group? I guess they'll meet Haldir's group?

Ff still don't allow me to do signed review, so, here is my link - glad if you've time to pay a visit:
VickiTurner chapter 30 . 2/24/2005
I LOVE this story! I just started reading it a few days ago and wondered why i didn't read it sooner! I love the way you write, especially battles and characterization.


I really love the Haldir and Orophin plot line... I really liked how you did them. Your the first one who made the three brothers seem real to me... And i'm STILL upset that you killed Rumli, i really liked him, but i think it was a wonderful plot device. I often kill of my characters so i shouldn't be talking, but I just want to let you know that you made this girl cry when you killed him off. I also liked how Rumli's death affected Haldir and Orophin. My favorite stories usally have characters' minds being affected or some type of mental thing going on and hoo boy, you sure have that in your stories (FND and LoLaS) But not only did i like the madness that came upon the brothers but how Orophin is no different, not mad like before, but not really the same. Kinda makes me sad, but you wrote it really well. Hopefully by the end of this fic Orophin will be back to his old self?


I really liked how you started off this chapter with ithildae and his search for the wayward marchwardens (which i really really like) I like seeing another perspective at what's going on. I also enjoyed when the found out the brother's fought. I had forgotten that it would have been a big deal for the other elves to find out for in their minds niehter brothers were in their right mind and elves do not fight agaisnt each other. I think it was also good to have Ithildae leave the search and go to the battle. Shows what his character of a Captain is. Good job.


I really like Haldir and Orophin's routine in entering the cave ( i really just can't stop talking about them can i?) Very simple, yet effecient. Made complete logical sense that they would do it that way. And i like logic (though sometimes i'm completly void of it ;) ) The down path and the left path is kinda freaky that they both couldn't explain why they wanted to go that way. Is the Mouth of Sauron abled to affect people like that and urge them to go one way other than an other? They think that they are being guided so mayhap they are.


I like how when Haldir saw the cell door open he assumed that no one was in there. A logical assumtion, but i found my self yelling at the computer "LOOK IN THERE YOU IDOIT!" I also enjoyed how Orophin refered to Legolas as Lord Legolas. You forget that Orophin and Haldir aren't close to Legolas like Aragorn or Gimli and that they would call him Lord. I like how you put these little details in there.


The battle was beautifully written. What i would give to have your talent in writing big battles. I like seeing more of Thranduil. Though i don't really see him the same way you do, you still do a good characterization nevertheless. I laughed when Thranduil wanted to find Elrohir to carry out his plan. I'm not really sure why but i think it jsut says how recklass the younger twin is. But then i also laughed when he decided that Aragorn would be just as good. Though i'm still worried about Elrohir... Hopefully he's alright... How is Dan going to react to him being hurt... i smell angst on the horizon...


I think the Mouth Of Sauron wanted to die. Why? that i must ponder over. Mayhap because he finished with Legolas and Merry he can die and his plan would still work, or work better without him. Or maybe somehow he connected himself Legolas and Merry's mind. Unlikely but hey, if Sauron can connect his spirit to a ring, than why not the Mouth which something he was molding and creating?


I like when Thranduil and Aragorn shout out there battle cries. Only one question, i would of thought Aragorn wouldn't really want to shout out Isildur's name since it was Isildur who let the one ring survive... though at the time they didn't know it was that evil and you really can't blame him. In the movies they made it look like he knew it was pure evil and so did everyone else... oh well... so i guess Aragorn can call out Isildur if he wants... I just might of thought that Aragorn would have yelled out someone else, maybe Elendil (that was Isildur's father, right? ) instead... Wow... i think i spent too much time thinking about one line of dialog... lol


I loved the fight with Thranduil and the Mouth of Sauron. Very good. I'm glad Thranduil got to kill him like he said he would (what chapter was that in, i don't remember, but i know he said it) And the Mouth of Sauron's last words to the Thranduil were very creepy. I'm very nervious on what state Legolas and Merry for that matter will be in when the awake... the Marchwardens might have a little bit of trouble there.


EEK! I don't like this darkness that exploded. Chemical Warefare isn't very nice...


Questiosn that weren't answered in this chappie:

Where in the world is Pippin and Sam? I'm thinking that's going to be rather important in the upcoming chapters.

What's happening with Celeborn and his rescue team? We haven't heard from them unless i missed something in this chapter.

What about Elrohir? Will he be alright? i really hope so, i like the sons of elrond.

And the only other plot line that wasn't touched upon in this chapter is what's going on in Rivendell with Arwen and Mrs. Gamgee, but that's not anywhere close to tension as the other plot lines have.


I think i'm too late for naming the Mouth Of Sauron rush that there was but oh, well, i'm going to give a name. Here's my take:

You see, the Mouth of Sauron's parents were truly some indecisive parents. They had many names the wanted to choose, yet could not decied which one to choose. So they gave him all of them and the name the Mouth of Sauron is truly just an acronym for "Matthias Oscar Ulysses Tharuman Hector Otto Frederick Sampson Alexander Ulysses (they really liked that one) Ryan Ollie Neapolean" Thus since his name was so long they called him the Mouth of Sauron and then they hired him for the job of Mouth of Sauron since he already had the name. And that's my take on it :)


Great story! I'm teetering on the edge of sanity waiting for the next post!


Vicki A. Turner
Aislynn Crowdaughter chapter 30 . 2/20/2005
Hi, Thundera,

I rarely review for Fear No Darkness, because I nearly can't stand the suspense of what will happen to poor Legolas and Merry in this story. But I had to write a review for this chapter!

Great description of Haldirs and Orophnins rescue mission, although now I fear for them; if - according to your replies to some reviews - what Mr. Mouth intended was an easy escape, it must mean that Legolas and Merry probably will wake soon after - or with - the moment of his death, and in the state of mind there are now in, I wonder what this will mean for the elves carrying them. But it is greatly written, and Haldirs shudder at the black oil running out of Merrys mouth was echoed by my own. Especially considering the fact that it was used in Dol-Guldur and Haldirs older comrades recognized it but would not tell him its purpose. So, did Sauron continue the black arts of Morgoth of turning elves to orcs? horrible thought! I am greatly feeling with Haldir here and enjoy his and his brothers foray. I just hope you are not going to kill off Orophin and Haldir, too!

Besides, now I am wondering how the fact that the two prisoners did not escape themselves (and probably would notbe capable to recognize enemy from friend in their distorted mindset) will influence the plans of Mr. Mouth for their state of mind after their escape. If he planned for them to get out on their own and meet a seemingly hostile world, with even their own friends percieved as enemies, that lan should be a bit distorted by them awakening being carried to freedom, shouldn't it? I hope.

But the real jewel in this chapter is, again, Thranduil! I love the way you write the Elvenking, both his temperament and impatience, and his cleaqr eye for strategy, and I delighted immensely in the extended view of his perspective in this chapter! Thranduil is formidable, and to see him finally get to act on his temper was great. I love the way he seeks for an ally to change the course of battle first in Elrohir, then, since he can not find him, Aragorn, because at least the human has proven to share his eagerness to *act*. He does not like Isildurs heir, he does not trust men in general, but he can damn well make use of them and of this newly crowned king-of-men if he has to! And I loved that it is Thranduil who gets to kill off Mr. Mouth. After all he has been through, the king of Eryn Lasgalen sure deserves to get his revenge!

But now I am very frightened by Mr. Mouth second-last trap, that little foray into chemical warfare. So typical of a servant of Sauron to use unfair waeponry! I hope it will not claim too much elven and edain lives; that servant of the enemy does not deserve so great a victory against his foes even in his death. Besides, since he has gone to all that trouble to make his two prisoners into turncoats, there would hardly be a point to kill off all the main targets of these turncoats betrayal *before* they even get the chance to act, wouldn't there?

Finally, what happened to Celeborn, Gimli and the other hobbits? Since they went down into the caves to fre3e the prisoners, and Mr. Mouth wanted the caves to be a gas-free zone so that the prisoners could escape, they should at least be free of the danger of suffocation. But what will they find? And what of poor Elrohir?

Oh, I do hate these cliff hagers! Anyway, great chapter again, Thundera! Please continue soon, and please go on to gift us with great Thranduil chappies!

Greetings to you,

Nightwing chapter 30 . 2/20/2005
Hello. It's me, from my new computer that FFN seems not to like. Hope this can be remedied.

I enjoyed reading the long cautious descent of Haldir and Orophin into the orc tunnels. You have a knack for really bringing a scene to life and keeping it interesting, and allowing us glimpses of their thoughts as well. And the tension kept mounting. It was impossible to tear my eyes away.

And at last they have found the captives! I should want to whoop for joy, but of course they were meant to be found, and Haldir senses it. I do not not feel entirely confident about this.

It is really just the beginning of the evil plan, and physical release for Legolas and Merry will be no comfort to them as long as their minds/souls remain in torment. Oh, I do hope they can be healed!

Great battle. I see you again with your little maps and sketches, getting it all worked out. I did it too, and it was really very nicely done. You kept things tight and moving well, with no areas that became excessively boggy. Just the right amount of "in Thranduil's head" without becoming tedious. And I enjoyed watching Thranduil and Aragorn work together. They make an interesting pair, and Aragorn was looking mighty fine out there too, I'll have you know. Deep happy sigh...

The final scene with the Mouth was just horrifying. What should have been a moment of triumph for Thranduil became one of terrible understanding, and then, wow! Now what's happening? The darkness is overrunning everyone, and I'm terribly excited to find out what comes next. And where are those hobbits? I have the feeling... oh, I hope... that they are in a position to make a difference now that defeat seems so near.
Gimlirocks chapter 30 . 2/19/2005
i really like the story its one of 3 on my favorite story list keep updating
Ithilien chapter 30 . 2/16/2005
At last! At last! An update to Fear! I know this story stymies you, but I am still enjoying it immensely. And we are so much closer to the critical points I have been waiting for. For one thing, Legolas and Merry have been found! Yes! They don’t look to be in very good shape, but the removal of them from the caves is underway. Yippee!

But the stench? Ew! Does it emanate from them both, or just Merry? Because right now, I’m thinking it is just Merry, the way you describe it spilling from his mouth. The thought of Legolas smelling bad like that is really very disturbing. And what do the Mirkwood hunters know of this stuff ? You said they found it in Dol Guldur and the Lasgalen warriors were very hush-hush about it. Do they know what it does?

Those words coming from Ted just as he died were quite haunting. I’ll bet Thranduil comes to rue the day he partook in that little scenario. “Thank you for…letting me teach him.” CREEPY. So what does it mean? What has Ted taught our dear, sweet, helpless Legolas. And will that nasty smell ever wash off Merry?

‘Darkness exploded.’ That is an interesting phrase. I’ve got to love how you add little things like that into your stories. They really make me step back in surprise. Hopefully this exploding darkness will dissipate rapidly. I’d hate to see everyone die of asphyxiation just when the battle seems won. And seeing how you killed off one canon character, it wouldn’t be unlike you to attempt it again. Ha, but don’t try or I may have to write a story of my own where Ithilien comes into the scene with a battalion of elves all waving fans to push the nasty air away.
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