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Blaze ocean dragon chapter 7 . 8/4/2010
Calling it!

The entire story is a dream Phoenix invented for himself after a particularly large "grape juice" binge, when he regretted becoming a Defense Attorney at all (look where it got him!) and imagined his life as a Prosecutor. Dream-Phoenix is regular phoenix deep in his delusions, but semi-awake, though sensitive parts of his memory are censored. Everyone hating him is just a combination of his experience with Prosecutors and how they're usually treated, and his guilt at letting everyone down. His wealth is his envy of Prosecutor's greater pay.

Obviously, Maya's a pop idol because he adores her and finds her a great person to be around; therefore, in his dream, this happens to be the prevailing opinion. As previously stated, Maya hates him because he feels he let her down.

Edgeworth is a Defense Attorney and the DL6 incident never happened because Phoenix finds that the incident was incredibly unfair, and thinks that Edgeworth should have been a Defense Attorney.

Phoenix's Psyche-Locks obviously represent the Censors he's imposed on himself. If he breaks the white-glowy one, he wakes up.

Or it's possible that I'm just talking out my ass and trying to associate this with common dream themes. I dunno. 50/50 chance, really.

In any case, I like Psyche Locks too. They are awesome. Best excuse to drag information out of uncooperative people EVER, even if they aren't a hundred percent accurate.
Yuki-san loves KKM chapter 7 . 8/4/2010
Based from this chapter, I am guessing that the Phoenix here is actually hobo Phoenix and not Ace Attorney Phoenix. I'm also guessing that for some reason, he managed to forget his memories of losing his badge. This is all speculation based on the fact that Phoenix recognizes Klavier.

Really, your story is great. Actually there are times that I would go to waiting for your update and do nothing else. Please update soon
Blaze ocean dragon chapter 6 . 8/1/2010
Let's see... first guess- the dart found at Ema's crime scene was used to inject the poison into the victim of Mia's case. This was done by Dahlia; don't need telekinesis to kill a guy from across the room, just a blowpipe. Or just good aim with darts I guess.

The needle was just a red herring. And the dart wasn't found in the victim's body because... *pause* Uhm... because... magic.

In any case, quality is still pretty good. I don't trust this new Dahlia. Even as a kid she was a bitch, my proof being that she convinced her father to leave Iris in an isolated monastery. Besides, her mother would be Morgan; even if she is the Master like she wanted, she's still ridiculously evil.
Smart Aleckette chapter 6 . 8/1/2010
This chapter pure awesomeness. Though it's somewhat disturbing to think of Dahlia as actually, you know, having a heart. . . and dating Edgeworth. . . and (genuinely) crying. . . o_o

Someone else pointed out earlier that there's a possibility Pearl may not exist here because Morgan's first husband wouldn't have left her. So unless the Magatama was charged by someone else, OR there's a brilliant explanation as to why Pearl does indeed exist in this alternate reality, my theory is that the Magatama has something to do with this whole universe swap. Though how something that detects lies can send someone into an alternate world, I have no idea. :)

And I'm beginning to wonder if Alt!Iris had a hand in framing Dahlia and Mia for attempted murder. Since the two of them are twins, the eldest (Dahlia, I think) would probably inherit the title of Master. . . and we all know what lengths some of the Fey women will go to for the Master's position. coughMorgancough
aroramage chapter 6 . 7/31/2010
Dude, this is just getting more awesome! Keep it up!
KendrixTermina chapter 6 . 7/31/2010
I didn't have any problems with Phoenix' reaction to the note - He's saved and befriended 'our' version of Lana, and currently stuck in a very confusing situation, after all...

This Chapter was, like usual, brilliant.

Since Iris and Dahlia have the same genes, it' only reasonable to assume that Dahlia might have ended up with an Iris-like Personality if she'd grown up in a sheltered environment... Still, if they were a happy family before Alt!Phoenix came along, the big question is wether there is a Peral here... If Morgan 'kept' the twins, why should she have a third daughter? The fact that Phoenix still has the Magatama with 'our' Pearl's spiritual Energy might be connected to that hehe...

Making Alt!Dahlia Edgeworth's GF is something unexpected and impossibly weird that emphazises HOW utterly different and foreighn this Universe is. After all, Dahlia is not crazy here, and Alt!Edgeworth wasn't traumatized or raised by a crazy perfectionist workaholic, so he's also more emotional and more normal... And he did show some protector's instinct towards his 'sister', so if he was, like in this universe, er, normal, he might go for a 'cute, fragile' kind og GF... Then of course, there's the mysterious incident that made Alt!Phoenix such an asshole, as he apparently was normal a few years ago-..

What I also liked was your depiction of Alt!Mia... she still gort a badass job somewhere in Law enforcement and still has that... powerful presence about her. Mia's reaction, as well as Phoenix' Thoughts were very in-character and well-written.

I also loved that Moments of Phoenix helplessly looking att the stars or him trying to prove that his world even existed with the Magatama.. Also that cryptic Moment where he has that feeling that he won't see Maya when he return to his 'own' world... perhaps the first hint to what might have happened for Phoeni to end up in that Parallel world?

Luv the 'expanded' court record. It's funny.

...So the next chapter will have cool stuff in it? YUHUUU! Don't keep me waiting for too long XD
Nettik chapter 6 . 7/31/2010
Oooh, things are getting interesting... I seriously can't wait for your next chapter. Are you going to put in Pearl in anyway? Hope you do, she makes everything much more fun.

Oh, I have an idea about this:

*) Victim(?) Note

Reads "Lana" in red letters of blood. Slightly smudged on the left side, but otherwise relatively clean.

Its slightly smudged because whoever wrote it is left-handed. People who are left-handed, their writing is usually smudged because as their hands move over the wet ink to write more, it leaves marks/smudges. I know cuz I'm left-handed (one of the most irritating things about it). So, it's not Lana Skye cuz she's not left-handed. It's someone else.

...But in all honesty, I don't know whether or not Lana Skye is a lefty or righty, lol. Just a guess. There could be a lot of other reasons.

Waiting for your next chapter D

~Midnight Hell
starlingnight chapter 6 . 7/30/2010
Seriously - this story is getting better and better. I loved this chapter - finally, Phoenix confided in someone! The way of things in this universe is shaping up to be very interesting. I have a few theories, but I'll wait and see. On estimate, how long do you think this fic will be?

Looking forward to the next chapter! :D
YAXON chapter 6 . 7/30/2010
Not a lot happened, but it's good to get the characters developed before you take off with the storyline.

Ah, not much else to comment on. This Chapter wasn't bad before it was revised. Still, hope I didn't change too much for you. There was some stuff that needed to be re-phrased, just because I couldn't quite grasp some of the phrases originally, but you're getting better.

Keept it up!

MorenoX25 chapter 6 . 7/30/2010
Great chapter as always, and like the way phoenix is trying to understand all what is happening around him.
YAXON chapter 5 . 7/29/2010
I can't help but think that this is a combination of the Second and Fifth Cases in the first game. Still, it should be fun from here on out. I think I can wait a Chapter or two to see Phoenix in Court as a Prosecutor. XD


Nothin' much else to comment on but the "true killer". I don't think it's Redd White, I think Ema's comment about "Black hair" is cryptic and is excellent foreshadowing.

Whether it is who I think it is or not, however, cannot be decided at this point in time, sooo... just continue writin'. XD

PurpleKyu chapter 5 . 7/29/2010

I was listening to the Phoenix Wright soundtracks as I read this too :) starting from Turnabout Sisters when you mentioned a chapter or two ago. Pretty awesome!

A caveat: I don't think Phoenix would ever hide evidence like he tried to in this chapter. In the original games, that is. He always kept evidence even if he felt that it was suggestive that his client actually was guilty. I mean, granted, he is rather 'ehhh' at this whole Prosecuting thing, hahah...

:) I look forward to your next chapter!
James Birdsong chapter 5 . 7/29/2010
Not terrible and indeed some like the two chapters.
Smart Aleckette chapter 5 . 7/29/2010
Gumshoe can finally afford something that's not noodles~ XD

I think that despite what Phoenix told Edgeworth, he's probably going to tank during the trial since he's never prosecuted before. Or he'll keep forgetting he's not a defence attorney and keep shouting "Objection!" every time there's a contradiction. . . :)
KendrixTermina chapter 5 . 7/29/2010
FINALLY! I've waited so long for this! *cant get enough of your genius work*

Poor Phoenix, his basic instinct is to go and save Lana (to make her his Mentor in 'this' world was a brilliant touch - not only because of that uncanny paralells to 1-2), but he's supposed to bring her into jail... On the other Hand... Policemen :)! The scenes where he decides to show a little generosity to Gumshoe was just too cute XD

Edgeworths 'truth' speech was really impressive... That's just exactly the kind of thing he would say.

Same goes for the part where phoenix realizes that someone else will do this if he doesn't...

The list at the end was a nice touch, too. Gives it all the atmosphere of the games and sort-of summarizes the chapter.

I'm already looking forward to the next one (you better hurry up with it XD). Mia might actually have some Information about the whole world-switching thing.

The case itself looks pretty intresting

Ahh, a bloody note. The good old classic

This all smells of 'fake' like strawberries smell of strawberry. If Ema had written that herself, she would have left it where ppl can see it instead of putting it in her ccoat. Not to mention thatthe blood would've smeared all over the Note... No, someone waited for the blood to dry to dry and put it there.. There's also something fishy about the suicide note... Why adress it at the Sister she just killed? No, that letter was meant for the Police. And then there was obviously a battle. Ema trusted Lana, so Lana could have gotten close to her and stabbed her without much of a battle...

The Dart and the Steel Samurai cArds were also a nice Idea: They're just like these little, insignificant-looking thingies that always save the Day in the Games...

My two cents are on Alt!Redd White. Mia never owned that office, so she most likely wasn't a Lawyer... and never investigated about him. Why should she? After all, her Mom never ran away and her Sister became a Pop Idol, so there's no competition about the future Mster-of-Kurain-spot.

But White would still have done his other dastardly deeds, and perhaps caught Alt!Phoenix' attention.

Alt!Phoenix sent Ema to gather Evidence, and whop - She got eliminated. She probably did her best to KEEP the stuff she had found, explaining the demolished Appartment, but not the Dart... HM, this is all very intresting...
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