Reviews for FreezeDried Romance
Leyna4eva chapter 1 . 1/2/2017
I love that Myrtle has days where she views Tom as her killer or as her crush! And I love that Tom has feelings for despite his efforts. You did a great job! :)))
Agnostic Mathematician chapter 1 . 3/12/2011
this made me see myrtle in a new light.
lonely hands chapter 1 . 9/6/2010
This is great... and using the lyrics from one of my all time favourite songs :D

Title - Really, really intrigued me. It's very original and made the whole fic all the more enjoyable! (5)

Characterisation - I think you pretty much nailed Tom, which must be a very hard thing to do, so kudos to you there! Myrtle... was pretty good, but didn't stand out quite so much. (3)

Grammar - a few mistakes, but pretty much perfect, besides. (4)

Prompt - The use of the prompt seemed a little obvious but it /did/ work and certainly didn't take away from the enjoyment of the fic. I'm really not a fan of using lyrics in speech, but they were well chosen :) (3)

Plot - Very interesting. I loved the scene between the pair and how Myrtle intimidated Tom in a way. (4)

Overall, that's 19 from me :) Thanks for your entry!
bluestargem chapter 1 . 8/28/2010
Hi! Here to give you my judge review :)

Title - perfect. Creative and different and it definitely captured my attention and made me want to read your story. And of course, it's very relevant to the relationship between Tom and Myrtle :) 5/5

Characterisation - Tom-before-Voldemort is really hard to capture in my opinion and I don't have a definite impression of what he should be like. But this seems to suit - he's smooth, detached, cold and yet still afraid of being exposed to 'weaknesses', hinting that some part of him is still human. Myrtle is quite well-characterised here as well, although she lacks a certain drama queen-ness if you know what I mean. She seems a bit /too/ serious and maybe that's the influence of Tom, but there just seems to be a vital trait missing from Myrtle that makes her /her/. 4/5

Plot - well-paced, thoughtful and generally well done. It certainly kept me interested. I'm just not sure about how their relationship stands - one minute Tom is frightened and the next, he thinks it's normal. Despite that, it was a good scene of their rollercoaster relationship and the ending was very well done so 4/5.

Grammar - quite well done, just a few awkward long sentences that didn't flow quite as smoothly as the rest of the fic. I think there were one or two small mistakes as well but further editing could fix that up straight away :) 4/5

Use of prompt - the bubbles didn't really play too significant role in the fic as I would have liked it to, but I can see how the bubbles bath Myrtle so that fits. In some parts, there seemed to be an overuse of the word bubbles and it seems a little too obvious. Also, the song lyrics seemed forced - as dialogue, it just doesn't really suit. 3.5/5

Total: 20.5/25

Great work :) I enjoyed reading it heaps :D
Muffled Chimes chapter 1 . 7/17/2010
Yay! I'm so proud of you. But you already know that. :) This is awesome~ Because it's Tom/Myrtle! Which is actually quite cute! Well done!