Reviews for Code Geass: The Rise of the Black Prince
anand891996 chapter 27 . 8/1
Fragment of ring chapter 34 . 7/9
I know it was a long time ago for you but a little correction.

LLoyd and Cecile did work on the Gawain, Percival and Mordred ( the Mordred is Aseec brainchild as we learn in OZ)
chimera629 chapter 106 . 6/12
Can't wait to find out what happens to the via Britannia and whu lulu is separated from his girls at the end or what is the end of his world
chimera629 chapter 104 . 6/12
I'm surprised nunally and suzaku aren't kor
chimera629 chapter 99 . 6/5
So if schenzel and possible lulu have grass madness why don't the rest of lulus group seem to be sufdderening especially kallen. With her empath power? Who has the persephone
chimera629 chapter 98 . 6/5
Man is it genetic or the way lulu and his girls raise kids cause all of them are Lil monster/awesome. I notice Cornelia doesn't ever seem to count her self as one of the warmongers or mad mad men when she is. After seeing him handle three for at one I don't see how he isn't the best pilot in the world
chimera629 chapter 97 . 6/5
How did he get enough materials to set up several labs without anyone knowing
chimera629 chapter 94 . 5/30
Even if they didn't have world war until now didn't they already have missles from the regional wars where the 3 major powers were formed. What did Luciano do to the girls and why is lulu getting the blame for that fact why are gisvsister going after him so as a mate and why doesn't he sayvno
chimera629 chapter 93 . 5/29
Suzaku should ha e died I always hate that last minute power of love and friendship power up in a serious fight.
chimera629 chapter 91 . 5/29
Wow that's kinda weird all that suffering for one world of happiness what happened to balance? Aldo surprised Naoto works for team ll
chimera629 chapter 89 . 5/28
So did he do all his harem like lueha
chimera629 chapter 87 . 5/25
Really and she believe s she isn't a monster but what did he say or she see him do that she called him a monster
chimera629 chapter 86 . 5/25
I'm surprised he would give suzaku a 9gen but I do wonder who will be first and who is working for his mom
chimera629 chapter 85 . 5/25
I'm kinda surprised Shirley is into girls and wonder what hevdod to make her like that,and wonder if his other girls have side pieces. Good job dark horse a cause I didn't see it coming into lulu pointed it out but now that he k wos aboutbthem their stupid to not change or reevaluate the plan
chimera629 chapter 84 . 5/25
What is lulu crazy and how long has he been?
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