Reviews for Code Geass: The Rise of the Black Prince
Guest chapter 99 . 6/25
Nice to see someone else acknowledge that lelouch perfectly reflect Britannia s ideas. What's with only the male grass users going crazy
Does nobody realise that euphie has been consistently taking out high level people cause they keep sleeping on her
chimera629 chapter 96 . 6/24
Surprised that suzaku and nunally kmf don't look different
The King in White chapter 41 . 6/18
Lelouch is too uppity. I realize you want to showcase him as a political genius, but at some point something has to give. He can't maintain the power he has if he keeps spitting in people's faces. The Emperor most of all.

Like, it wouldn't even be that hard for Charles to utterly destroy him. Sign a few papers and Lelouch has nothing. Viceroy of Area 10? "It's come to our attention that you've been absent and remiss from your duties, you are stripped of that position". All those companies he has his fingers in? An Imperial decree to nationalize this one or that one's assets.

Lelouch has power, but it's only power that he has by the sufferance of others. A monarch isn't an unassailable dictator, but he has a lot of authority. Lelouch doesn't have the power to openly rebel in armed conflict and win, so he shouldn't be behaving like he does. This constant pissing match with all of his siblings and his father should alienate him to the point that they've wrecked everything he ever loved.

But of course, plot armor.
Moscato chapter 8 . 5/31
Why is Suzaku going to be a prince consort?
Moscato chapter 1 . 5/31
As long as Suzaku ends up friendless and alone I'm happy.
Guest chapter 87 . 3/8
Yet Cornelia doesn't think she or all the people that knowingly help lulu and the others are monsters
Guest chapter 78 . 3/2
Shocked suzalu only had SX with Shirley after him saying he has needs and the hinted at bday surprise by Lilian and Marika
Though don't know how she thinks she's a virgin if they do everything but vaginally penetrating
Also surprised that none of lulu kids have his last name and wanna know where VI Britannia came from if his mom was a lamperpgue or Ashford
Guest chapter 76 . 3/2
Why did the number of known code bearrs change from eight to seven
Do the twins evi and their partners have rewards for helping in the war effort and does Shirley kid have her baron title she got fr milley
Guest chapter 75 . 3/2
Surprised they didn't tape and sail the fights on pay perveiw and that he hasn't made a kmf fighting game
Been so seeing for a while why doesn't the radiation from. The weapons negatively effect/poison the environment and piolets
Guest chapter 74 . 3/2
Love the story though I do wonder about how you played Cornelia and snwzeil as both if them have eaten lulouxh before and at what a man white ge is and why his wife's allow it
Also makes me wonder about the uniform colors in bleach though does anyone else notice one of the biggest guys in the show is half Sian and half Mexican neither people are known to be big
Also wonder why he's going crazy before kallen especially with code which should heal his brain
Guest chapter 67 . 2/28
Really she can't serve lulu who is fighting for a better word but will serve his sister who is doing the same and working for him
Surprised no one pointed out to todph that what he was doing could make him look like part of the attack and surprised the size has the Lancelot and how many airships have been made since I thought that was a bit Britannia exclusive technology
Guest chapter 60 . 2/28
Naoto is delusional and completely ignoring the fact that lulu is right about him his career is built of the death of his comrades and lulu charity
Guest chapter 46 . 2/27
Wow dissapointed in Gino expected more I'm general ly not a suzalu fan but like this smart and to self righteous version and surprised that the girls let lulu play without playing themselves
Neoacoya1 chapter 86 . 1/6
Argh! Broken window fallacy. When will that die?
7.4kHP Centaur Warrior chapter 1 . 12/29/2016
This first chapter is super fast paced and it's important that your slowly ease your way into the story rather than just setting it up all at once. This doesn't really appeal to me, but it may to others.
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