Reviews for Onyxes and Rubies
writerforthelessknown chapter 1 . 3/5/2014
Wow, this story was amazing. I'm afraid I can't give a huge, lengthy review, but I'll do my best.

The story flowed perfectly, and I fully understood everything about Rouge. Her character, personality, and the inner turmoil she must've been having. The comparison made me practically gape in awe of how perfect it was; and jewels were the perfect thing to do this with.

As for the, "who she ended up with", I have to admit, it sounded like it was Shadow. Not that I necessarily mind, I ship both, it was just worth mentioning. It's easy to see Knuckles walking away (even if that would break my shipping heart), because he would get the gist that Rouge would never choose, so he chose for her. I could still squint really hard and pretend it was Knuckles, but my mind ultimately went to Shadow. Nevertheless, this was the best Knuxouge/Shadouge story I've ever read, and it actually explains my own inner turmoil of choosing between these two couples perfectly. Thanks for this real gem of a story :)
CrissytheCat chapter 1 . 4/14/2011
Hey Rikku! I'm glad to see a new story from you! :D (although this review is rather late -_-u) I don't know if you still remember me, but anyways on to my review:

Hm.. I really loved how you played with the concept of Onyxes and Rubies. That was a really creative idea and it was a great way to describe Shadow and Knuckles!

You put in some wonderful descriptions in this story and I saw growth in your writing skills :D I liked how you didn't tell who Rouge chose, or rather who was decided for Rouge. It gives the readers a chance to really think and decide for themselves. Although I did get the feeling that it was Shadow in the end by the way you described the interactions between Rouge and the "mystery guy."

There were a few errors that I saw such as "that put Queen Victoria's accessories to sham" and "People will take notice if you wear a bright green emerald with a black dress by an onyx?" Even the title, "Onxyes and Rubies"

Don't worry I'm not trying to tick you off by acting like some know-it-all. Just wanted you to be aware :)

Thanks for giving us a wonderful story to enjoy! Now on to the next one... XD
SamuraiSal1 chapter 1 . 7/23/2010
I got a definite ShadOuge vibe from this, but that may just be my inner fangirl. Nice to see you writing again - I'd missed your unique style! And the diary... classic. Supurbly executed, as well. Onyxes and Rubies... interesting concept, and well played. Not naming the person was also a good choice; saves you from the haters. All in all, incredible story. It was interesting, captivating, and all in all what you want a fanfiction to be about.
Midnight Lullabye chapter 1 . 7/23/2010
Woaah, your back!

Well, you probably don't remember me, I used to be a reader called 'sonicliveson'?, I changed my name, made myself all suave. ;)

ANYWAY, FF has been missing you. And what a way to come back, that was quite truely a reality check. We never really stop to just think on what Rouge feels in reality to the others, but when you look at it, it's put into perspective.

Knuckles, the obvious choice who would bring her the right kind of love, safe and easy, but hard to risk as Rouge doesn't want to stop the teasing. Then of course Shadow, who despite being just a close companion, could make one of the best lovers for her.

Huh. Well, personally I've always loved me a bit of Knuxie/Batgirl, cause its how I've been bred. ( ;) ) BUT, for some reason I could see Shadow at the end? The whole power and desire thing, seemed more of a dark-edge. It don't matter, both pairings are hot.

And so was this story! Daaamn,, some good stuff there. Nice to see you back! :)

SilverDawn2010 chapter 1 . 7/19/2010

Wow. That was really deep. I mean...really deep. Using gems as symbolism. It was just so perfect, the way you portrayed both of them and her choice.

I tend to go with the thought that Rogue ended up with Shadow at the end, but really wanted to be with Knuckles. It just flowed better from how you described both of them at the beginning: Shadouge as the more sexual couple, Knouge as the more love couple.

Excellent job. A perfect portrayal of the love triangle...
tears over beers chapter 1 . 7/18/2010
Hmmm... That was a good read if not... Perplexing. If that's the right word:L.

You see, I'm a Knuxouge fan, personally and I don't really like Shadouge. And most other fans of that perticular coupling would opt for her being with Knuckles. But I coudln't see it. The whole way through the story I could only think that it was Shadow. Especially from the line "A life fueled by desire, cravings, needs—wasn't this what she wanted? Screw caring and the fairytale of true love." Purely because Shadouge is, depicted as some kind of dark, lustful coupling, which is less about love and it flowed with the story more. Knouge is more of a kind of lovey couple. One not quite so on edge. Also, because it was saying about her always wanting another and someone walking away. I could see Knuckles walking away, not wanting to but having too because he has his duty and everything and being fed up as being repeatedly played the fool by everyone just because he's not really the smartest guy out there,with Shadow fighting just because he wants to come top. And with that happening ending up with Shadow... But prefering to be with Knuckles maybe. Or at least wanting to be with him.

It's a rather good story though; unlike a lot of fics, it really gets you to think and maybe, for once, not have a completly biased opinion. I really liked that. Well done :D
ADarknessInHeaven chapter 1 . 7/18/2010
...This is interesting.

After this oneshot, I found myself wondering who she would have (as opposed to could have, being too vague) chosen. It was interesting to note that you really didn't describe any of the man's features, and it made one resort to one's imaginations, to be...biased, perhaps?

I like these kind of stories. At the ends, they leave you thinking about what could have happened next, what the aftermath of the situation could possibly be. It's intriguing, and these kind of stories never really seem to lost my interest. This coming from you, an excellent author with skills far superior of my own (which is quite lacking, I must say), well, it'll invite me to read this more than just once.

...As for noting that you're alive, people will be glad. Granted, there are some that may whine about your series, but you're a busy person, and it's understandable as to why you can't work on them.

...Thank you for this piece of work, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Keep up the good work, and I hope to hear from you soon, once again.


aka: Sam
Koollolly chapter 1 . 7/18/2010
This is a fantastic triangle story! Definetly going on my fav list.

But who was in the room with Rouge at the end? I can't figure it out...