Reviews for Revelations
Sherinne chapter 4 . 12/30/2016
I just finished ToP a week ago and I really like Chester and Arche. And I imagined this is how they will be whrn they reunite. A good write and story! I love it!
chickenbiscuit chapter 4 . 11/3/2010
Chester, Chester. *grins*

I had a wonderful read. Much love for writing this, as well as Remission & Reunion. They were really well written and I liked how you managed to fit snippets of from the game in, and adding more details to it that makes it more relevant & funny.

The injured old man (future) as Chester while the others hide upstairs! XD

Arche spinning around after the battle with "I won! I won!"

The hot spring scene!

Cress's obessions with the Techbirds!

Mint's Pow Pow Hammer voice & smile. Sweetly vicious!

Claus being a nosy matchmaker/troublemaker. That title should be included in the game for him. XD And you even managed to include their titles in your fic! *hearts* I wonder what would be Chester's reaction should he learn of Arche's "Delicate Flower" title. XD

*dancing with glee at the awesomeness of the fics*

Something I noticed, the letter's last paragraph -the whole of it- was read to Cress in chp 3, so it doesn't make much sense for him to get a revelation in chp 4 that Travis did say something in the letter (since he already knew what was said) unless he was especially dense and didn't make the connection.