Reviews for A snap shot
Guest chapter 319 . 4h ago
Loved that you used Taylor swift for this one!
Dee chapter 308 . 2/26
Maybe in the ambulance he will hold her hand and it will all begin !
Dee chapter 307 . 2/26
That was really cute especially the ending !Something so hot about a girl in guys clothes!
Dee chapter 306 . 2/26
Ya I totally normally picture their roles revised so I totally loved this !
Dee chapter 305 . 2/26
Indeed epic!
Dee chapter 304 . 2/26
Hey there is nothing wrong with starting fluffy and ending sexy!
Dee chapter 303 . 2/26
Fabulous chapter! I personally like that you like their relationship opened ended I the sense that we get to decide whether we see them as step siblings in this or not.
Dee chapter 302 . 2/26
Excellent work !
Dee chapter 301 . 2/26
I love the Fault in our Stars and Pirates! This was great and you did get me to shed a couple tears but your right I don't see Derek being all blah as you put it on his deathbed either !
Dee chapter 300 . 2/25
Congratulations on reaching 300! Whoot whoot! And that was the perfect chapter for it in my opinion! Loved the speech!
Dee chapter 299 . 2/25
That was awesome! I loved how easy Derek and Lizzie conversed about it! Can't wait to see what you did for chapter 300!
Dee chapter 298 . 2/25
I like that you wrote some Edwin and Casey interactions!
Dee chapter 297 . 2/25
I like that you did a COD chapter! Plus it's so true that guys get turned on most of the time by girls that are good at video games.
Dee chapter 296 . 2/25
I am actually glad you made her pregnant not that I wouldn't have liked it if you didn't it just made sense to me . I think there was a line earlier on where you wrote something that basically said they fight all the time why is this one any different and I instantly thought pregnancy hormones lol I don't know why
Dee chapter 295 . 2/25
That was funny and it some ways that's totally how I see their relationship going !
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