Reviews for A snap shot
Dee chapter 319 . 3/6
Great song! I hope it's gonna be forever!
Dee chapter 318 . 3/6
She was waiting for him before she let go ;)
Dee chapter 317 . 3/6
This might be another fav of mine! Sometimes it does take going away to see what you truly had or whatever that saying is and it's true , I'm glad she realized before it was too late !
Dee chapter 316 . 3/6
I'm glad you posted it, I really like reading about this side of Derek !
Dee chapter 315 . 3/5
Love it! I totally can relate to everything Casey said about missing the cold! I just got back from California and don't get me wrong it was great, but it wasn't the same and I was also there for Xmas one year which was cool but I missed the snow !
Dee chapter 314 . 3/4
I thought it was fantastic! I love wedding pieces and one of my friends got married this summer and her and her husband were some of the first people to leave the reception,got to do what you gotta do
Dee chapter 313 . 3/3
I like that take on things! And I mean come on they gotta let em date for all we know they got together first!
Dee chapter 312 . 3/3
I am curious as to how he ended up in the slammer and it sounds like he isn't getting out anytime soon?!
Dee chapter 311 . 3/3
Hot! And she should!
Dee chapter 310 . 3/3
Very interesting observation ! Even when you supposedly have writers block your ideas are still better than mine!
Guest chapter 319 . 3/1
Loved that you used Taylor swift for this one!
Dee chapter 308 . 2/26
Maybe in the ambulance he will hold her hand and it will all begin !
Dee chapter 307 . 2/26
That was really cute especially the ending !Something so hot about a girl in guys clothes!
Dee chapter 306 . 2/26
Ya I totally normally picture their roles revised so I totally loved this !
Dee chapter 305 . 2/26
Indeed epic!
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