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channy-mega-fan chapter 4 . 2/24/2011
wow hide and seek!cute

but some parts of this chapter I haven't quite understood and it was a little confusing because I don't speak English I'm from Romania so sorry if I make gramatical cute story.
channy-mega-fan chapter 3 . 2/24/2011
hahaha I like how it sounds: Super Cooper!

cute chapter.
channy-mega-fan chapter 2 . 2/24/2011

go on,go on...
channy-mega-fan chapter 1 . 2/24/2011
nice chapter.
maximumpotter101 chapter 12 . 9/7/2010
Well. Ocilolinctus is a good way to end as any. Ima miss this story.
Reemagirl chapter 12 . 9/6/2010
The moustache thing made me laugh out uncle has a moustache.

...I'm pretty sure he doesn't blow dry it, though.

Haha, Chad is such an idiot. "Hey Chad, ever hear about oculolinctus?"

"No...what is it?"

"I don't know if you're ready. It's a very serious subject. Very, very, serious."

"I can be serious. Tell me, tell me! I mean, tell me?"


That was so typical of Chad. However, I'd have to say that it was not typical of Sonny, who would probably not randomly research oculolinctus on the internet. TV Sonny, that is. Story Sonny is, in my opinion, wittier (less goofy humour and more sarcastic) and a definitely a little more grown up.

And now...skip a couple paragraphs...some unnecessary dialogue and who knows what happened between then and just now (kidding, I read the whole thing)...


"Maybe all I wanted was a hand to hold."

AWWW! HALLELUJAH LET THE HEAVENS OPEN AND THE ANGELIC CHORUS SING. Truth be told, I was hoping it would be more outright, but overthinking it, it was probably best that way. A little afraid to commit, too nervous that the feeling isn't mutual (ha) to openly admit every little detail, all that jazz. Very well done! You dodged those cliches like a weasel playing nationball. The analogy fell flat, but my congratulations are sincere. Now I'm afraid to the story really over? Painfully I scroll up to the top of the it really, officially, world-without-end-amen...over?

AUGH, yes it is! I can't believe it!

So I was hoping to be the 100th reviewer (mad props by the way, probably as I speak that lucky 100th person is typing away madly about how much she - probably not he but anything's possible - loves it, you're an amazing author and I foresee great things for you in your future) because it would make me feel special. I'm not, so oh well, but it doesn't really matter. The sorrow of ending it almost outweighs the ridiculous fangirl joy in my shipper heart of that final moment. I'll stop here, though, befor I start trying to wax poetic. I have an...acquaintance who does that, and all I can say is...that cupcake's short a few sprinkles. Thank you for a lovely read :)

Reemagirl chapter 11 . 9/6/2010
What can I say? The canoodles made my week. Righteous man. To me, though, it sounds like a type of snack food. Like funyuns or something. What would a haunted can of noodles be like? No noodles, or what? No...what else would a can of noodles have in it, besides noodles? Parsley? So you can tell it's haunted if it doesn't have any parsley. Oookay...moving on.

So no stubble? I happen to find stubble rather attractive...along the lines of RUGGEDLY good looking (again, my inability to use italics kills me), you know? I suppose on some people it wouldn't be attractive, though. Take Sterling Knight...blegh. It wouldn't work for him. I am one of the five and a half people in the world who don't find Sterling attractive, I think. To me he's just...odd-looking. But anyway, stubble or no stubble, they already kissed (oatmeal chapstick, all that jazz), so Sonny should know.

You always manage to makeme hungry! Whether it's oatmeal or cake or pudding or popcorn, my mouth never fails to water while reading this story. Oh, and you have good taste in food, pun absolutely intended.

"Perhaps a subdued 'of course' would've been best". Sometimes I zone out when people are talking to me because they mention something and my mind just keeps dwelling on it, and I sit there and stare and stare and think about whatever it was they said, expanding on it and wandering completely off topic. And then suddenly I blink and I realize they're stll talking, and I'm amazed to find that I'd practically reached Never-never land in the space of a few seconds. Sonny seems to do that a lot, as well. It's funny how she went into so much detail in her head of what she could have said. And we'll forget that rhymed.

I would hope that he'd say lips, as well. But can you really hope for that much from Chad Dylan Cooper, Sonny? That's awfully high expectations for having known him so long.

And yet AGAIN, I'm hungry. A granola bar sounds temtping...we just happen to have them in stock. Be back in a sec to review chapter 12.
Reemagirl chapter 10 . 9/6/2010
I hate it when I'm too lazy to log in.

I haven't read chapters eleven and twelve yet, I'm reviewing as I go. Builds the suspense. I'm very amazed that you've stretched so many chapters into less than twenty four hours...Sonny and Chad are STILL stuck, and he is still playing totally dumb. Hopefully something happens soon or I might go crazy.

"No reason to get all hot and bothered over cuddling". Hehe. I just thought that was funny.

Wow, I had no idea what was going on when you suddenly switched from milkshakes to some guy named Theo...but it all came together :) That Theo's a really smooth guy...

I like Doris and her use of sweet pea. I don't know, it makes her sound like an affectionate Southern woman. She's really grown on me. Galahad used to be my favourite, but now I've changed my mind. Doris is cool know like coffee? Ha. I know, I'm funny.

Whoa, a casting director told him that? Was Never mind.

Jellybeans...! I love them. I got very hungry just thinking about them, and reading about them made me drool all over my computer. I'm like Sonny, I have a routine for eating them. I'm one of those people who can't let their food touch. I'm not obsessive about it, but it really bothers me when my grandpa mixes the mashed potatoes with the roast beef at Thanksgiving dinner. It also bothers me when he puts the food right in the middle of the plate. I prefer to add a small spoonful of a little of everything around the sides, so I'll have more space.'s very...hmmm, interesting the way they're sitting there, snuggling, in one of the most romantic situations a girl could dream up, and they're talking about jellybeans. It's such an oxymoron, Chad being the moron part. No offense, Chad. Not to imply that Sonny is an...ox. Cause she's not, although she does have an unhealthy obsession with cows. The comparison turned on me at the last minute.

So...last was great, as usual :D On to chapter 11.
stopthisgirl chapter 12 . 9/6/2010

You are an amazing writer! This is definitely the BEST story I have ever read. And even as a fanfic, it's a great piece of literature. There's character development and an interesting plot line that keeps you hooked. And of course, an amazing and unique style of writing! You should be very proud!
ida4444 chapter 12 . 9/5/2010
Aww. I can't believe it's over! Great story. Nice vocabulary too.
SonnyChadFan chapter 12 . 9/5/2010
This has to be my favourite chapter so far; they just keep getting better and better every time.

Starting from the start...

Guava jelly sounds delicious, no wonder Chad's eating it all up. But in bread? Is jelly in the USA the same as jam in England? Do they just have different names?

Lol, Doris has finally made Galahad all romantic. I seriously can't express ow much I loved those starbucks loving elves, they make me laugh so much! And Galahad is actually excercising, with no giant sandwich in his hand. The world's officially turned upside down.

Loved this line:'I figure Chad will enjoy finding pictures of himself. More accurately, I think he'll enjoy not finding pictures of me even more.'

At least Sonny is being honest. But I don't think that Chad's the weird one, Sonny has spilled weirder information. Oculolinctus? The licking of someone's eyeball. I like that Chad squealed like a girl at a slumber party.

'What, he thought I was going to lick his eye, not even if he paid me.' That was hilarious. Though Sonny should know that if she brings up freaky information, she's going to get a freaky response.

Did Chad just-No he didn't-Oh my gosh he did, he finally took the hint. The world really is upside down now.

'"Maybe I all I wanted was a hand to hold."' Sweetest line ever! I love how he admitted his feeling so subtely, it makes it all the more sweeter. I love Chad right now!

Her mum's going to kill her, but Chad admitting his feelings really is something to celebrate, that seemed as likely as the dinosaurs coming back to life.

Seriously amazing chapter!
ida4444 chapter 12 . 9/4/2010
Aww. I can't believe it's over! Great story. Nice vocabulary too.
BethanyRose1796 chapter 12 . 9/4/2010
Woohoo! Go Galahad and Doris! I loved them! And the whole story... Please continue it!

-Beth :D x
EmbracingGrace1 chapter 12 . 9/4/2010
ectoaceinspace chapter 12 . 9/4/2010
awesome! is it officialy over? i mean i know that he pretty much just asked her out, but i can't well whether you meant this to be the ending or whether you meant it to just be one step closer. until i know for sure it's ended, i will keep alerting this story!
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