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Techlology chapter 9 . 8/7/2010
Gah, I was hoping for some Shirou ass whooping since you mentioned "accompanying music" I immediately thought "No, could it be? Sword of Promised Victory?"

But it turns out it wasn't, but I'm still very satisfied with this chapter.
cyberswordsmen chapter 9 . 8/7/2010
I'm pretty certain Henrietta's mother was still in charge at this point in the series and it was the invasion that resulted in the regency to end and the marriage to be called off.
CattyNebulart chapter 9 . 8/6/2010
"The engine within, kind of like the one that Professor Colbert made, forces the large propellersto spin. Do you see the angle of the blade?"

propellersto propellers to

"When they spin, they force the wind back over the wind, making the frame move forward."

wind back over the wind? I think you mean just force the wind back.

Love the story and am in awe of your update speed.
chaosmagez chapter 9 . 8/6/2010
I like the battle scene, it was cool. Are the two of them going to go take on an army of greater force by themselves again later? It would be an interesting scene to see.
Mauritius chapter 9 . 8/6/2010
Well, Shirou certainly put a wrench into that battle, pun intended.

I didn't think Shirou was the flying type. I know he used sniping rifles in Fate/extra but this is the first I have heard or seen him use a fighter.
Jerrac chapter 9 . 8/6/2010
Nice! :D Thanks for the update.
cyrgon0 chapter 9 . 8/6/2010
It's a privilege to be able to see your writing in action. Don't worry about the break, the withdrawal shouldn't kick in until a week or two from now. Heh.

I like the way Shirou let Siesta down gently, rather than brutally shattering her dreams. Given that he's a Servant, and as such shouldn't really concern himself with nonessential people (read: anyone not his Master or posing a threat/acting as an ally to said Master), Shirou's innate good nature shines through through his actions. While I had been hoping to see a scene where they figure out that Shirou came from the same country as Siesta's great-grandfather, it wasn't too important-it would have probably cemented the idea that Shirou was indeed from another world in the minds of the others. And, for kicks, reversed the roles of Siesta and Kirche-rather than Siesta being jealous of Kirche's status, Kirche would have been envious of Siesta's newfound connection to Shirou.

Hahaha, I sense a sore point in Shirou's lack of a "fancy flying horse." Very nice. The line about the armies Shirou'll slaughter was a very nice finishing touch to this scene, and Louise's reaction fit perfectly.

Concerning Derflinger's reaction to the Zero fighter, it's also rather interestingly done. Human-like emotions running the spread of jealousy through awe-it makes the sword come to life.

The one thing that I really, really loved best about this chapter, was the ending dream sequence, and how you described Shirou's ideals and his companions diminishing under the weight of passing time, myriad battles, and disappointing truths and failures. From what you've written so far, it seems like you're still purposefully obscuring the direction that their relationship will go, but I'm definitely happy that things are starting to move and change, now that Louise believes that she's worthy of her Servant-and they are able to stand together upon the field of battle as partners with the unbreakable bond of Master and Servant. To be frank, I believe that the dream/thought sequence is the best single section that you've written in this entire story, due to both the impact on the story and the change in perspectives of the involved characters.

Very, very nice. In fact, I take back my earlier words-after this last passage, the withdrawal should start kicking in any minute now... and... yup. There it goes. Well, nothing left to do except to look forward to the next chapter!
Gullwhacker chapter 9 . 8/6/2010
I don't know about 'Ride of the Valkyries', but I was listening to 'Gandalfr'. Youtube video ID 3pFf_7E4Kjk if you want to know.

And I feel slow for only realizing this now, but - this is Emiya Shirou, likely from shortly before he was pressed enough to make that deal with The World that Archer regrets.

That marks a pretty good source for him, I suspect. I wonder if he has his Reality Marble yet; if so, I don't think it's Shirou's optimistic version from UBW...

-oh. Oh my. Now, I didn't see this far in the Zero anime, but...would I be right in assuming that Louise is probably not a good person to have chant a prayer from that little book? (Also that ironically, she's the best candidate to write an additional prayer after all.)

Ah, action. Always fun, even though it seems to go by too quickly. Ready for more whenever you write it.
Pyromania101 chapter 8 . 8/6/2010
This is the first time I've made a review for this fic, so I'll be blunt. THIS! IS! AWESOME! I should have added this to my favorites list long ago. I can't (though I'll probably have to) wait for Louise's family to meet Shirou!
Akasui chapter 8 . 8/6/2010
Tag along for a ride huh, Louise?

Since Shirou able to 'trace' many weapon so Derfinger isn't his only weapon like Seito and don't forget that he is suppose to become 'Archer'. what if Shirou trace another Derfinger? Will it talk?

Tabitha just 15 year olds girl after all and Shirou got many admirers at his home (I want Ayako route!) some even live with him and his girls are nothing like what Shiki has through their power are different be a huge mergin - -; ...well i just want to say the scene Shirou sat in the dark with Tabitha is really cute. XD A dragon as matchmaking.

Shirou piloted the Zero fighter? I just didn't think he the type to do it really.

What will happen when Albion invade came? I think Shirou might fire another Caladbolg II instead to let Louise take the risk and when the invation of Albion come, seven thousend men might disappear in just one blink, this is someone who erase a hill from existence with one arrow or kill the head and the rest will follow.

Let hope Louise won't try to kill Shirou like Iliya, she is little type after all...
ScreenSurfer chapter 8 . 8/5/2010
The recent chapter of HoS has me kinda put-off. The way they go about the brutal torture of the orcs was pretty disgusting. Was it really necessary to write about ruthlessly stabbing and torturing sentient beings, and getting the innocent and naive cast members to take part in it? I hope I don't read that in the story again. And the dragon bits are beginning to be annoying. I just don't see how a dragon can be "moe" at all. At all.

Compared to your first 7 chapters, the 8th isn't up to par. The first half was rather, all in all, uninteresting for me to read. But if I can expect good quality from 7/8 of your chapters, you still have a loyal reader. Keep up the good work.
mangafreak7793 chapter 8 . 8/5/2010
wow, this was one of the more interesting reads I come across, I like how you portray Shirou as a good yet kind of violent/sadistic guy over the time since FATE, and honestly I enjoy it, and I love how Shirou fears blue as well, and I kind of want to see blue appear just to get a kick out of his reaction though I know it's not possible, I really like this story so update soon
Animeflutist chapter 8 . 8/5/2010
Very good story! I love it and please continue writing more chapters too! I am definitely a big fan of Fate and especially Shirou in this story plot! When he mentions the magics, the fifth he was avoiding, is that Hollow Ataraxia and the "blue girl" Karen Ortensia? That part of Fate I don't know about since there is no English translation for the whole story plot to understand yet. I wouldn't mind Shirou being super powered in more action scenes since he and UBW Archer has pulled off many amazing feats in the Fate plots. Excellent event with Shirou and his Nine Lives Blade Works attack! (Berserker's massive weapon tracing)That's the only tracing attack that Shirou alone performs in HF Fate route and not Archer. Will he also be able to use Rho Aius too since it can act as a powerful shield and add power to an additional attack like it did with Rider's in HF? Shirou did Fuji-ne proud using Tora shinai and give the Shinji look-alike a "training lesson" aka torture session and I laughed when he dreamed of the "Tiger Dojo!" with master Fujimura and "desshi ichigo/student one" Illya. Probably Tiger will be taking it out on Illya that she failed Kiritsugu in raising Shirou right and now he's becoming such a ladies' man. I can't wait to see what happens with Shirou next!
ItsaRandomUsername chapter 8 . 8/5/2010
Speaking as someone who has yet to read/see Familar of Zero, I feel highly unqualified to write a review. Yet, as a loyal reader I believe it is my duty to provide feedback and inspire continued work on projects.

I, frankly, am amazed by the consistent quality each chapter has been so far. And you update so fast, holy cow! Wish I could write this quickly.

It's a pleasure reading about how Shirou (on his way to becoming Counter Guardian EMIYA, apparently...NICE)reacts and interacts to this new world he's been thrown in, and emulating the way a Heroic Spirit would probably normally act in his given situation.

Whatever you do, don't stop writing Shirou/Slyhphid-Irukukuu scenes. Those are simply too funny for words. Who says dragons can't be moe? On another note, the part about adventuring and slaying was also quite entertaining. battle-hardened Shirou FTW.

Deflinger also gets two thumbs up as well.

It also seems as if Shirou is gathering himself yet another unwanted harem, now that Siesta has offically hopped on the bandwagon, and Tabitha seems to be embarassed by being in VERY close proximity with Shirou.

Words of advice: DON'T STOP YOUR WRITING. You have a loyal reader right here.
ArcherReborn2 chapter 8 . 8/5/2010
This is possibly the best Fate Stay Night crossover I have ever read. Your writing is good, better than the many other people who write on this site. A story such as this is a rare find. The speed and amount is amazing, I can't believe you can still keep the quality of your writing so high.

Though you make Shirou really strong he is also weaker than he was when he died, he seems to lack stamina and strength. Is he summoned to Louise before or after he made a pact and became a counter guardian? Because when he made that pact he gained powers so that he could save people he was previously unable to save. Also did you know that in the end of the Last Episode (extended ending of Fate route in visual novel) Shirou does manage to get back together with Saber.

Once again this is a really really good read and I will eagerly await for the next chapter.
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