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shyd1 chapter 23 . 2/4
Wow...just wow.
I did not expect to fall in love with this story, I really didn't. I'd previously seen the beginning of the Familiar of Zero anime and found it too ridiculous and honestly, perverted, to follow the storyline. From the beginning your Shirou's narration was so refreshing, so gritty and real, that by the time you worked in the over-the-top anime hilarity not only could I SEE it in my mind's eye, but I actually accepted it as normal. I was so invested in this world that I read straight through the night until I passed out, then woke up and promptly started reading again.
I loved that Shirou was a teacher, mentor, and eventually big brother figure to Louise. I bought into all the friendships he formed with the other characters (except maybe Siesta, that one was still a bit too much -but it still felt natural in its hilarity!), and enjoyed your take on queen Ann.
You made me laugh (so much!), you held me in suspense, and you gave me plenty of emotional SQUEE! moments and goosebumps! The build up to Unlimited Blade works? Yeah, the slow unveiling of the aria over the whole story really REALLY worked for me. And the scene where he finally completed it? Genius.
I'm so sad it's over! It's been a journey, and I feel quite worn out after finishing it!
Bravo. Really. Bravo!
all forms of fluff chapter 22 . 2/3
As with the first time I read this story it still is quite good. Intergrating ideas and plot devices from both series and making them belivable in completly different worlds. I personally liked the elf fight. It was quick and deadly and made the guy seem like a legitament badass, even if he only really used two spells. I am a bit dissapointed that the Zero fighter didn't make much of an impact. I could understand the fuel requirments being an issue but they have avises on this world that could have replaced the engin entierly. It's the shape that makes it fly wien you get down to it, and if those mecanized golems dont need recharging then you wouldn't have to worry about the fuel at all. That could have got the professor some alone time with the engien. The leathality of was cut down with the ammo ran out but if I am complelty mistaken Shirou could trace some nameless blaes and set them to fire at comparable speeds.

Sorry, fanboying over minor details will end now. This was one of the greats in my opinion, it actually got me looking for Familiar of Zero stories which I didn't think would be any good. Turns out there is a few that toatly warp the entire story about. As to your parting paragraph about playing around with several anime. If possable you should try combining Negima and Fate/Stay Night. I am not sure which route would suport this, possably Heaven Feel where Shirou chooses Sakura. He could be aplying for a regular teaching pistion taking after Tiga and approch the acadamy. The he hears about the strange things going on. Suddenly Vampire atacks, then pactios like severent seals and madness galore. Its even got time travle and beings from other planets. I am not sure who you could team Shirou up with, I would say Evangaline but, you know, vampire. You have proven you can juggle the Harem genra if you keep it small enough like In Flight. It would be an intersting way to see if you could actually intergrate what ammouts to martian magical systems with the earth's as the magic in Negima is rather speticliar but odly similar to what Shirou uses.

Well I guess thats all. I probly shouldn't be in the review section but there you go. If I hadn't said it yet. Thank you for the story. It was quite enjoyable to read.

...P.S. It seems your not allowed to post more then one review on any chapter no matter how long ago the first one was. SO... theres that. :D
tryan8 chapter 23 . 2/2
this was really fucking good, i had been putting off reading this for like a year, i am so glad i decided to read this, it was great, i almost teared up, almost. keep up the good work, ima look for future work from you if you have any.
Guest chapter 18 . 2/1
mad props on the berserk reference, made the chapter in my opinion
GreenDrkness chapter 23 . 1/22
Well its 4 in the morning and I don't regret finishing this story it was great and to me well written the little things that made me laugh that made me cry that made me wish it would never end
I'm will to bet it was Tabitha that got him
Keep on the writes
Rizaidym chapter 13 . 1/20
Actually, Rin is pretty well off, I believe. According to Nasu: "The Tohsaka family is still relatively wealthy because it receives royalties from magical patents (theories and rituals used at the Clock Tower. Like real-life patents.), and as a result their income is surprisingly high. Even without any additional revenue, annual income is roughly 30,000,000 yen. ...Although, Rin feels a bit ashamed of this since it’s all thanks to the work of previous generations."

That's 25,000 dollars a month, roughly(which I'm sure you could have figured out, but I'm including it for completeness's sake). Perhaps it's my student's viewpoint, put that seems pretty good.
Hunter092 chapter 23 . 1/3
Read it for the second time.
Best damn fanfiction I have ever read. I enjoyed every moment of it, from your characterisation of Shiroe and Louise to the battles and comedy.
Truly, one of the best fanfics to ever exist
general zargon chapter 23 . 12/28/2014
First of all, I have to say thank you for writing such a great story - I enjoyed tremendously even though I'm not really a fan of Familiar of Zero, or even Fate/Stay Night for that matter. I loved how you wrote the various battles and Shirou's encounters with various creatures and characters. I thought you wrote the characters very realistically, given that this is a crossover and an AU, and I congratulate on writing such an amazing story. Thank you. The question this ending really left me with was how Shirou got the name 'Elf Bane', considering as far as I know he only killed the one elf...Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this story, and I wish you the best of luck with your future story projects.
LeadAcid chapter 23 . 12/27/2014
Wonderful. Truly wonderful. I've never read or watched FoZ, and now I don't know if I should, if it would live up to the epic that I've just read. :-)

Well done Gabriel. Well done.
Hakurei no Miko chapter 19 . 12/18/2014
i like the saber part, makes sense that shirou would turn into saber. though it would have been funny to imagine shirou smiling cynically with kiritsugu's face. though it would have probably fit a little too well on archer...
Hakurei no Miko chapter 14 . 12/18/2014
i love the last episode scene... and if shirou didnt die that would mean that tiffania didnt need to use her ring right?
Hakurei no Miko chapter 13 . 12/18/2014
this chapter was really good, but i have a problem with how easily rho aias fell. rho aias is actually a conceptual weapon, so it can even block gae bolg which reverses the laws of cause and effect, and is the ultimate defence against any thrown lance, while karin might have been able to breach it i dont think it should have fallen that fast. and even though gil was holding back, it still managed to defend shirou from enuma elish, so that counts for something. and im curious as to why shirou didnt use unlimited blade works, if he did im pretty sure he would have managed to win. besides that, i really love your story, just a bit confused as to what this shirou has gone through.
Hakurei no Miko chapter 7 . 12/16/2014
nooooo... saber... damn it that last scene was sad :( and if this followed the ending of the fate route why did shirou face off against archer?
Hakurei no Miko chapter 4 . 12/16/2014
i hope louise finds out what those dreams are soon... besides that the irony lol, and i really love this shirou. now all we need is for rin to meet louise :)
vianmeor chapter 1 . 12/12/2014
This is still as wonderful as ever.

My umpteenth reread.
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