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Mighty Pen 20 chapter 23 . 9/30
What an amazing read. Personally, I found the Zero Familiar anime quite boring, having not watched it beyond the fourth episode, but your rendition of the story was simply great — I was kept on edge throughout the whole story. Of course, the replacement of the bland protagonist with Shirou was bound to make things go wild!

So this fic, In Flight and Beyond the Outer Gate really are three of the most memorable stories for me in this site. Simply lovely writing.
GrimmPandaMan chapter 23 . 9/23
I was going to ask but it's up to the reader's imagination huh? Oh well, great story! It was a long and fun ride just like In Flight. Looking forward to more of you work!
GrimmPandaMan chapter 22 . 9/23
OMG Louise as Alice in Wonderland HAHAHA! SHIROU'S NOTE HAHAHAHA! That was an epic fight, couldn't help notice parallels between Karasuba hissing "you" in In Flight and Sheffield here, just wanna point that out. This was super fun the whole chapter and I listened to Emiya from UBW OST II like the whole time. As I tend to do a lot, in other fics as well.
GrimmPandaMan chapter 19 . 9/23
Louise shipping Shirou x Henrietta! I LOVE IT I SHIP THEM IN THIS STORY TOO! HAHAHAHA 3
GrimmPandaMan chapter 17 . 9/22
Smithrooks chapter 23 . 9/9
This was thoroughly enjoyable to read. Your Shirou is much more entertaining and a better character than the Fate/Stay Night Shirou; it's good to see that he's recognized his ideals, yet hasn't completely become cynical and jaded. The comedy was quite good, as was the political intrigue. All the characters were unique in their own way and interesting, and each one of them brought something to the table.

Fantastic story!
Megatherium chapter 23 . 9/5
Whenever I read one of your stories I know Im in for a wonderful and emotional ride. I was not disappointed. This was amazing, and unlike other stories of great length there is nothing left the fells unfinished nothing that leaves me wondering more. So overall this is amazing, and thank you for the time you put into writing such a great story.
Coronmira chapter 23 . 8/24
This is one of the best stories I've ever read. (Though I (more or less) dislike the "Distant Finale" approach here)

I made an account just to thank the author for writing this story.

To author: Thanks!
warpterror chapter 23 . 8/18
Oh man I finally finished reading this. I've been putting it off for a while because I really didn't want the story to end... So it was just kinda sitting in my bookmarks for several months. It's so good that I would have loved to read another 23 chapters, but I understand that writing such a massive fic is a lot of hard work. And the ending was beautiful btw :')

The one thing that really bugged me though is the ambiguity of who is the mother of Shirou's kid. It probably wasn't Kirche, or Siesta. I doubt it was the dragon. The only probable candidates are Henrietta and Tabitha. Even deducing this much I would have preferred a more definite answer, rather than you going "believe whatever you prefer!" since that just seemed half hearted. Like you didn't care enough yourself and only wrote it in to please the fans.

Either way, whichever Queen it is should name the kid Gilgamesh. Since you know, they'd be a royal bastard ;)

PS: Maybe one day a sequel about Shirou's kid when they're grown up?
Nerf Irelia chapter 23 . 8/10
So shirou killed myosomething, had a wonderful recovery, and the next scene he is dead for long. WTF is with the time skip?!
Nerf Irelia chapter 22 . 8/10
"I'm completely out of willpower"Shirou the harem king ?.
I hope I'll be proven wrong later in the chapter.
MaDmAN12435 chapter 23 . 8/3
This was a very satisfying story, and I'm so glad it has a semi-conclusive ending.
With this story on it's own you've managed to get onto my favorite authors list, and I'm immediately going to your profile after I finish writing this review to view your other stories.
I think you chose the best possible spot in the canon story to stop telling the tale, as any more and it might have ended up getting boring as the basic character interactions would remain largely the same and then fall into seasonal decay, as was the fate of Zero no Tsukaima originally.
I do wish that I got to see some of Louise's exploration after that epilogue honestly. It sounds like she became a bad-ass with time, and it would probably be interesting to see.
I normally don't say this, but I'm surprisingly glad you kept some of the perverted elements of the show. They gave a good contrast to some of the brutality in the rest of the story.
Thank you for finishing what you start,
~tHe 12435th MaDmAN
PS: Also couldn't Louise summon someone else if she used a different reagent?
The Bone of the Pen chapter 22 . 7/29
Wow. The Best Crossover... And done in 5 months... 5 months. I'll spell it out F-I-V-E. I still can't get over the fact that the Best crossover was done in 5 months... Your sheer will and determination got you far, my friend.
alexc123 chapter 23 . 7/28
Amazing. This was amazing. I read it all in one day. How could I not? It was simply amazing.
xpz24 chapter 23 . 7/21
thank you for writing this amazing fic
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