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guest chapter 13 . 3/15
I know this is finished, but I am a bit disappointed with the fight. It was a great fight, superbly written, but frankly I think you overpowered Louise's mother. And unless Shirou was majorly holding back (if Gandalfr, by itself, could defeat 1000 men and Karin (as stated in your story) could defeat 500, he should be able to take on at least 2 Karin's, so I am going to assume he held back... a lot), he wouldn't just state he was going to lose. It was a great fight, and I know the story is finished, but I just needed to let off some steam. Keep up the good work.
Sst082 chapter 23 . 3/7
Incredible story. It makes me happy that I had the chance tobread it even though it has been publish for years. I can not wait for your next story to finish.
Shinoki chapter 23 . 3/4
That was beautiful. Omg... I'm really curious who bagged that Shirou. Ahh Curiosity. (I may not have played through any of the games made by Type-Moon, but hearing of what happened in some of the Tsukihime and FSN endings, I...don't really think there are that many completely happy endings.) Anyways... such a beautiful fanfic... *sheds a tear* I loved Derf's perverted talks... and Shirou's weirdness moments of fanboying over certain things.
Guest chapter 23 . 2/21
Fantastic... best story I've read on here in the last 3 years since I discovered this site
trasgo.artifexdiaz chapter 13 . 2/20
Apart from "EMIYA" or "The sowrd of the promised victory" for awesome battle music. i only couls think and play one, and only one in this chapter.
It sounded apropiate to me even more for the "Crane wing three realm" and it was definetly "Migthy Wind".
I should say that it was really awesome imagining all the battle scenes with that song as sound-track.

BTW awesome fanfiction.
this one and "In flight".
curiously enough, i readed in flight first, and i don't review cuz both are old enough to think that someone would see my review.
But what the hell! i wanted to point my momento of enlightment
Guest chapter 23 . 2/12
Just noticed that in no part of the story you have mentioned that Halk has two moons.
First-X115 chapter 23 . 2/10
The ending had in tears. This story was so great, and now I can't believe that it's over. Wish you'd make it a series but I understand. Your an amazing author. I've read so many stories on this site, and its really hard to find good Familiar of Zero fanfiction, which is of my favorite ones, and this is one of the few that really got me hooked from the beginning. Great story Gabriel, Root bless man, Root bless.

P.S.: I think Tabitha' s the mom :) you seem like a fan of her and Louise' s choice of Blue seemed almost like a hint.
Deer-Shifter chapter 23 . 2/9
One of the best stories I have ever read, especially among crossovers covering values dissonance and culture clash. Love it. Thank you for introducing me to a new fandom in the process.
Snarky Miracles chapter 23 . 2/8
Before I read this, I actually watched all of FSN, FZ, and re-watched all of FoZ and even picked up the books and cut through them. I was already a fan of FoZ, it has a special place in my heart regardless of its many flaws.

After I got acquainted/reacquainted with all the source material, I felt I was ready to sit down and take a look at Hill of Swords, which I accidentally discovered while clicking and reading through TVtropes, something I do at work to kill time (It's amazing how many hours you can burn through without realizing it once you start reading that stuff!)

I won't get into all the little details of the story, and you'll understand why when I say what I've got to say.

I've read a lot of books, and seen a lot of Anime, TV shows, Movies, whatever. Nothing made me laugh quite as hard as some of the jokes in here, probably because I got the context of it all after going through all the source material. I can honestly say without a doubt that your take on FoZ is worthy of being canonized, it was utterly flawless!

When I sat down to start reading this, I was reading it on my PC at home, on my PC at work, and on my mobile in between. I wouldn't put it down. Trying to explain to my room mate or co-workers that I'm cracking up like a crazy person because of a fan fiction got me a lot of awkward stares, but rather than feel uncomfortable, I felt pity for them that they might never get to enjoy this work.

It's honestly works like this that intimidate me when I want to sit down and write my own fics. But honestly, after reading this, I was inspired to get off my ass and start writing, if for no other reason than to just fill this massive void in my soul that was left after I finished reading this.

I really hope that one day, you might be inspired to revisit this world you've created here. I would love to read a story featuring Louise being a badass in her own right! Someone wrote a one chapter fic about the Louise from this story being summoned to the fourth grail war as Caster instead of, whatever the hell the original thing was. It was off to a good start, had a lot of potential, but as is the norm, people start what they can't finish, and don't finish what they start.

I'll finish up by saying this: Thank you so much for writing this story, sticking with it, and concluding it the way it deserved to be concluded. It's forever earned a place in my heart with all my most dearly beloved works of fiction. It's a place I'll revisit in bad times to bring me back to a better place.
Dark-heika chapter 23 . 2/5
Root and blight, this story.

As a rule, I try not to favorite incomplete stories. Or, at the very least, I avoid favoriting them before I read them to their completion. At chapter 16, I damn near broke this rule. At chapter 23, I almost favorited *you*.

This story is amazing. Truly. I normally have little to do with Familiar of Zero, but by Kami you pulled it off. With two thousand plus reviews, this may not mean so much, but well done.

May your writing always be free of blocks, and may your stories be beloved by all.

Thank you.
shyd1 chapter 23 . 2/4
Wow...just wow.
I did not expect to fall in love with this story, I really didn't. I'd previously seen the beginning of the Familiar of Zero anime and found it too ridiculous and honestly, perverted, to follow the storyline. From the beginning your Shirou's narration was so refreshing, so gritty and real, that by the time you worked in the over-the-top anime hilarity not only could I SEE it in my mind's eye, but I actually accepted it as normal. I was so invested in this world that I read straight through the night until I passed out, then woke up and promptly started reading again.
I loved that Shirou was a teacher, mentor, and eventually big brother figure to Louise. I bought into all the friendships he formed with the other characters (except maybe Siesta, that one was still a bit too much -but it still felt natural in its hilarity!), and enjoyed your take on queen Ann.
You made me laugh (so much!), you held me in suspense, and you gave me plenty of emotional SQUEE! moments and goosebumps! The build up to Unlimited Blade works? Yeah, the slow unveiling of the aria over the whole story really REALLY worked for me. And the scene where he finally completed it? Genius.
I'm so sad it's over! It's been a journey, and I feel quite worn out after finishing it!
Bravo. Really. Bravo!
all forms of fluff chapter 22 . 2/3
As with the first time I read this story it still is quite good. Intergrating ideas and plot devices from both series and making them belivable in completly different worlds. I personally liked the elf fight. It was quick and deadly and made the guy seem like a legitament badass, even if he only really used two spells. I am a bit dissapointed that the Zero fighter didn't make much of an impact. I could understand the fuel requirments being an issue but they have avises on this world that could have replaced the engin entierly. It's the shape that makes it fly wien you get down to it, and if those mecanized golems dont need recharging then you wouldn't have to worry about the fuel at all. That could have got the professor some alone time with the engien. The leathality of was cut down with the ammo ran out but if I am complelty mistaken Shirou could trace some nameless blaes and set them to fire at comparable speeds.

Sorry, fanboying over minor details will end now. This was one of the greats in my opinion, it actually got me looking for Familiar of Zero stories which I didn't think would be any good. Turns out there is a few that toatly warp the entire story about. As to your parting paragraph about playing around with several anime. If possable you should try combining Negima and Fate/Stay Night. I am not sure which route would suport this, possably Heaven Feel where Shirou chooses Sakura. He could be aplying for a regular teaching pistion taking after Tiga and approch the acadamy. The he hears about the strange things going on. Suddenly Vampire atacks, then pactios like severent seals and madness galore. Its even got time travle and beings from other planets. I am not sure who you could team Shirou up with, I would say Evangaline but, you know, vampire. You have proven you can juggle the Harem genra if you keep it small enough like In Flight. It would be an intersting way to see if you could actually intergrate what ammouts to martian magical systems with the earth's as the magic in Negima is rather speticliar but odly similar to what Shirou uses.

Well I guess thats all. I probly shouldn't be in the review section but there you go. If I hadn't said it yet. Thank you for the story. It was quite enjoyable to read.

...P.S. It seems your not allowed to post more then one review on any chapter no matter how long ago the first one was. SO... theres that. :D
tryan8 chapter 23 . 2/2
this was really fucking good, i had been putting off reading this for like a year, i am so glad i decided to read this, it was great, i almost teared up, almost. keep up the good work, ima look for future work from you if you have any.
Guest chapter 18 . 2/1
mad props on the berserk reference, made the chapter in my opinion
GreenDrkness chapter 23 . 1/22
Well its 4 in the morning and I don't regret finishing this story it was great and to me well written the little things that made me laugh that made me cry that made me wish it would never end
I'm will to bet it was Tabitha that got him
Keep on the writes
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