Reviews for Together Forever
1337kitsune chapter 1 . 2/16/2011
*SQUEE* That's why I was doing to myself! This is so effin cute! AAHHH MUST SCREAM IN JOY SQEEE-EEE! I love love love love love it! Gosh, that was so freaking cute! You've made me a fan of a pairing I'd never have dreamed up. And trust me, I support some messed up pairings.

Don't believe me?

Danny PhantomxGhost Writer



Uh... All the crack pairings have ran dry for my brain. Well, there is ZADR... Zim and Dib Romance... Invader Zim. Jhonen Vasquez. Good show. Crazy, but good. I'm typing this while my head is sideways... Cool!

Okay, little light-headed... Maybe it's where all I've had is chocolate since I woke up and it's now 5:30... Yeah...THat could be it...
unknown20troper chapter 1 . 7/19/2010

Norm is in character. I was expected something kinkier, and I expected Norm not to be one for commitment, but it makes sense here. Norm and Jack have such a cute relationship!