Reviews for One Fine Day
fyerigurl chapter 1 . 6/8/2012
I think that this is beautiful, simply gorgeous writing, and that it is blasphemy that I have not stumbled on this earlier.

Yamato is one of those people you overlook in the manga and anime. He obviously had a huge impact on everyone's life, and yet he's always been somewhat in the shadows. There really needs to be more fics about him.

I love the way you describe Fuji and Tezuka's progress in his eyes. It's just so deep. And even though the anime/manga don't give you much to work with, you manage to keep him perfectly in character - the sort of wise but flippant character he is. Furthermore, the embroidery thing you have at the beginning and end that kind of foreshadowed his fate ties everything in quite nicely.

(Tezuka in a faux fur coat? WHUUUUUT.)

So, uh, this is totally going straight to my favorites and I am recommending this to EVERYONE.
Kunshi Sekijou chapter 1 . 7/15/2011
I signed in just so I could review your story! (XD) No offense, just a joke, okay?

But I really wanted to drop a few lines. So...

First, I really appreciate how you saturated this piece with so much irony. I enjoyed the slow read because I could just pick out the irony like pieces of loose thread on Yamato-buchou's horrible embroidery project. (XD)

Second, I enjoyed your unique style. Really. Your style and the irony you planted all over this piece danced wonderfully.

Thank you for a lovely performance.

PS I've got Chinese blood in me too. Let us shake hands.