Reviews for UC: Crossover Showdown
Jercer chapter 6 . 3/23/2013
Wow. Martian Scout, it's definitely been awhile. Your writing will be greatly miss, if by no one else, at least by me. Your stories were some of the first I read on . I can never forget Neyla's Innocence and Redemption. They are by far among the best stories on this site. They, along with your others, inspired some of my own writing.
I've always said that I would update my story when you added more chapters to Crossover. I guess I can't go by that anymore lol. But, in all seriousness, whatever the reason that you're leaving, whatever you're going through, I wish you luck. Stay strong.
The Conquerors chapter 5 . 9/6/2012
Why have you Not updated This awesome story? We, The Conquerors, demand for More!
Thank You.
foolycoolyboy10 chapter 5 . 6/18/2012
one quick question, whens the next chapter coming up?

this is really catching actually, by the way I found a typo on chapter 4, it's near the end of the chapter, but all accounted for this story is a *****(5 star rating)
Hard Contact chapter 5 . 4/7/2011
exellent work, truely exeptional
Spartan Guy 88 chapter 5 . 12/7/2010
Alright! I knew you'd keep this story alive!

Geez, I can understand that Wilson would be depressed after his breakup, but for him to have suicidal thoughts... I bet that'll have a huge effect on everyone in the later chapters.

Update soon buddy!
Unknown chapter 1 . 11/15/2010
Try and make a cross over between Sly Cooper and Futurama.

The Cooper Gang meet the Futurama characters in the future and don't forget Carmelita Fox.
Spartan Guy 88 chapter 4 . 8/3/2010
I'm guessing you're gonna switch back and forth between the SC and KFP groups until they finally meet.

Cool update. Hope you do it again soon!
erasethisaccountdeleteit chapter 4 . 8/2/2010
Oh boy another chapter :)

Really great as left me straving for more...

(Holds out plate)

More please ;)
Jercer chapter 3 . 7/28/2010
Great chapter and great story so far. Can't wait till u update.
slylady345 chapter 3 . 7/26/2010
So now I have a good idea were this is going...they're gonna mistake the thieves as fricking rebels lol :) Twists...twists...twists...
Spartan-Guy 88 chapter 3 . 7/26/2010
So far, you've done a great job at keeping the characters in character. Despite several spelling errors, this was a good chapter.

As always, update soon! ;)
Slylady345 chapter 2 . 7/24/2010
Same old Freddy (Smacks self in face) I see your kinda focusing more on Sly than usual, kinda strange reading it like that...usually it's Wilson's P.O.V, but...I'm a big Sly Cooper fan so it's fine with me! XD I like how this all fits in so awesomely...I'm gonna make a bet that the next chapter they explore and at the very end meet up with the furious five...and then the next chapter they like...idk...kunfu attack each other? Or maybe they can just pump each other up with sleep darts XDDD My minds in comedy right now sorry...LOL Um...good job...and...can't wait for the new chapter...and poor Wilson and Neyla...

I covered everything :D XD
Spartan Guy 88 chapter 2 . 7/24/2010
WOOT! Chapter update!

This was a good chapter to bring everyone up to speed on the Cooper Gang's activities for those who forgot what happened or to those who haven't read your SC stories.

Update soon amigo!
KittyCaterpillar chapter 1 . 7/22/2010
Well it took me a little while to get around to reading this; but I'm glad I did!

Please update soon!
GoddessOfYingandYang chapter 1 . 7/22/2010
I'm simply awed.

The work is beautiful, the description, and the large knolwedge of vocabulary make this spectacular. I've read your previous works, mostly the hypno ones such as, "Black Widows Victory" Which was disturbing, but at the same time so gripping I couldn't stop reading the oneshot lol.

The format of the chapter is very excellent, and is very neat. Most works I come across have sprawled out dialogue, and no chapter titles...but chapter tittles are a pet pea of mine XD

So far you've captured the personalities exceptionally well, just like the Oneshots a I read, and to people who haven't watched Kung-Fu-Panda can get a feel, or vibe of what the movie itself is like, and may end up watching it because of your story lol.

Fray is in this story I noticed, and I understand why. In your stories, you always pick up from were you left off in the previous stories somehow, and it amazes me. It's very organized writing, and I'm glad to be reading a fiction that is developed by a writer with such organization skills.

It was a little quick, but it is the introduction as I presume. Long chapters are so mind bending for me, I enjoy them strangely enough, and always encourage writers to write longer chapters to draw people in like me instead of short choppy chapters, your chapter however feels long anyways for the fact, as I mentioned before, that you have neat format.

I like the your OCs, they are very dignified, and I know Fray is the only character in this story who is that, but I sort of took a liking to the Interpol Gang you presented on your profile, and took a peek here and there at your stories about Sly Cooper, I found that there is love for Neyla somewhere lol

J.B Wilson is by far your greatest creation if that is to bold to say, he is dignified, calm collected, and above all a outlaw because he believes in justice, and not because of discharge like most officers who are outlaws lol. I like his point of view towards Sly Cooper, because it describes what most people perceive the raccoon as.

I saw a story a long time ago that was deleted that was a crossover between Sly Cooper and Kung-Fu-Panda, though whoever it was deleted their story. It revolved around the idea of the girls being the only ones to help catch Sly Cooper or something of that nature…and of course the raccoon escaped in the last chapter with Penelope’s help.

It makes me wonder what this story has in mind, you more so lol. Crossover showdown? Well I guess in my minds eye that could possibly mean that the warriors wage battle with the Cooper gang, which doesn’t seem fair, no offence to the Cooper Gang, but these are trained warriors! Master of the art of kicking butt lol

Maybe Sly has a fighting chance, maybe. The raccoon does possess skills in dodging, and moves that would astonish some. Though, that all changes if you’re adding in the outlaw cops… Wilson, and the gang? Maybe you are, and maybe you aren’t, maybe after the other series of stories you put up about Sly and his ancestors treasure were the cops so generously helped out, those said cops left? Though on the off chance maybe they stayed with them, even after the work was done?

I’ve only browsed through your stories, read a couple sentences, and skipped through, but this is the first one I’ve truly showed a lot of interest in. It has much potential and is destined to be on my favorites list when it is completed…

On a different note, I like the couples. Fray and Tigress seem to have a lot of chemistry, as well as the same style, which means they spend even more time together. Both share the almost equal personality of the other, dedicated, high strong, strong willed, and very opinionated on life matters. I guess Po and Tigress is out of the equation, I’ve never really understood the pairing, but I see you wrote a very steamy oneshot about those two…but I honestly wouldn’t think they wouldn’t stick together through thick and thin.

Sly and Carmelita seems to fade away, I’m not sure if you’re putting them in or not. If so, I can see there is not much love according to you between the two, I’m not a big Sly and Carmelita fan, I like the strange relationships such as Neyla and Sly, but of course in your fanfictions as far as I’ve seen from my short peeks, Wilson has Neyla.

You don’t seem very into Sly Cooper himself, though I’m sure that’s because you’re the type who sees that almost every fiction in the Sly Cooper category adds Sly in and talks about Sly’s life in general. Though you may not be too apt. to writing about him, you could stand to add him in a little more instead of making EVERYTHING about the OCs or your favorite characters.

I’ve also seen some of your author’s notes…and I have to say it’s not about getting reviews. The experience of writing is more for filling that receiving a review, knowing that you possess skill. Getting annoyed with reviewers shows no patience and leads to less reviews for people not willing to get burned. I’ve seen a couple comments you’ve made about reviewers repeating themselves, and you getting annoyed…kind of annoying to the reviewers too, getting put in an authors note just because of their reviewing…

Reviewers are here to write what THEY think of the story, and what THEY want to write about it, not what you want. Now I’m not judging you at all, or saying your bad writer. I’m just saying that maybe ease up about being so obsessed with getting reviews and focusing more on the writing itself to make it even better to draw in more reviewers. You’re a person right? I’m sure you’ve been busy and have left a quick review, that’s what happens sometimes, and also for the fact people stay up late and are to tired to write everything they felt about saying.

Whew…sorry I had to say that, it just bothers me. You have an excellent story, and it proves I like it because I reviewed the first chapter, usually I wait till there is a small amount and base my review off the entire two to five chapters…and it gives me a better idea where the story is heading, and what’s going to be happening.

The whole concept of the legendary Cooper Gang, and the Furious Five plus Fray fighting seems unfathomable…but this is FANFICTION net lol, crossover showdown makes me think of fighting, and don’t think of me as naïve, because that’s the vibe I’m getting from what you wrote. It might be something completely different, something that you’ve never done in your fanfictions for all I know, or it could be the same.

On a, unrelated note to the story, I see that you think Neyla is innocent? I haven’t studied it, but as a serious game player, (My record, solving a game in 3 hours lol) I formed an opinion that the tigress sounded just like Clockwerk. Maybe she didn’t, but that’s what Sucker Punch seemed to get across. Most don’t like Neyla, and that’s understandable, but there are a lot of people who do. I’m standstill on the whole war between SlyandNeyla and CarmelitandSly.

Sly and Neyla seemed to have a lot of like for each other. But one thing in the theory proves Neyla is somewhat of a backstabber, she tricked the Cooper Gang, got Sly Cooper shocked to death and turned in Carmelita, BEFORE she even touched the eyes. Plus the membership to the Klaw Gang adds to the hatred for her. So it could go either way for me, Neyla isn’t innocent, and in a weird twisted way she is on counts of murdering Arpeggio at least if Clockwerk was controlling her.

I also see your into Destroy All Humans? I haven’t read those stories, maybe a long time ago a couple of sentences when I was curious…but then I sort of lost my interest in the game…it was very choppy, but I’ve only played the first one so I can’t really say to much about it…I can were you got your controlling the mind thing. Though the game itself seemed…pointless, and something I’ve seen, however it’s just my opinion.

Video games usually spark a lot of interest I see on this site. Sonic seems to have a lot, I have played a lot of the games dating to the very first one to the newer. The first one I played of it was the game-cube adventure one or whatever…it’s somewhere on my shelves of games lol. I have no idea if you’re a sonic fan or not…and I’m kind of getting off subject of the story lol, though this is still part of the unrelated note, well back to the related part lol.

I still have no idea were your going with this story, but I’ve formulated two different ways it could go so far, and working on a third lol. It just irritates me that I have no clue were your going with this! I’ve never read many of your stories, so I don’t know what your tendencies are yet, but don’t worry I will soon enough lol

Overall I give this SO far, an 8 out of 10. There are no mistakes as far as I could tell, very neat and clean, but somewhat boring, like a long uneventful documentary in some aspects, but not to bad. Plenty of description, expression, but a little short of the characters feelings and such, drifting back to the documentary state a little.

This is good, could use some work, but again this is only the first chapter. Hopefully the next chapter is longer, and fuller of the characters themselves. I’m supposing that the next chapter revolves around the Cooper Gang, or maybe the meeting of the Cooper Gang and the Furious Five…but that is probably not going to happen so early in the story as far as I can guess.

It still seems unfair IF the Cooper Gang and the Furious Five duke it out. Either way it could be that way, for the fact the Furious Five would kick them to the curb. If the Cooper Gang possesses your Interpol Gang, that’s unfair to the Furious Five unless the X officers do not carry around weapons, like Wilson is so famed for…

Any How, I better wrap it up lol. I'll review as much as I can, but summer is busy for me sadly... Your a very good writer, and I will keep reading.

Your Reader,

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