Reviews for Pokedex
Ultimateheatblast4 chapter 718 . 18h
Great story so far. After you do the Alolan starters or at least the Alolan pokedex, can you do Zygarde's other forms, but can they take place in Kalos, because it is the trio master of Xerneas and Yveltal and I can imagine the how it would do it. X and Y fight each other, wrecking havoc to the environment, Z'10 going to their location and change to Z'100 to stop them, and change to Z'50 to repair the damage. If you'll do that, if not I understand, just a suggestion. Update soon and keep up the good work.
Dragonsrule18 chapter 730 . 21h
Amazing chapter and lore!
LEGAL-EAGLE53 chapter 256 . 21h
...Type Wild... isn't that the name of one of the Japanese endings or something on that line as well?
LEGAL-EAGLE53 chapter 255 . 21h
Huh. I wouldn't have thought Torchic to be a relative of Natu and Starly. Good entry, though. ...Did you put Latias in this from the initial art of Torchic's design?
LEGAL-EAGLE53 chapter 254 . 21h
Nice entry on Sceptile.
LEGAL-EAGLE53 chapter 253 . 21h
Yeah, I can see a Grovyle being loyal.
LEGAL-EAGLE53 chapter 252 . 21h
Huh. I didn't know that Treecko could learn Leaf Blade.
LEGAL-EAGLE53 chapter 251 . 21h
So, you're saying that the "GS" we see on the GS ball is short for Gold and Silver? Huh.

End A/N: glad I finished Johto. Hoenn, here I come!
ShadowLDrago chapter 730 . 21h
I like how you're running with the whole Siren theme Primarina has.
LEGAL-EAGLE53 chapter 250 . 21h
Ah. I completely forgot about the Sacred Ash. Nice work!
LEGAL-EAGLE53 chapter 249 . 21h
...Unfortunately, Lugia is a Psychic type.
saayeen006 chapter 151 . 2/16
Lol love that easter egg to the truck near the ss anne
Dragonsrule18 chapter 729 . 2/15
Awesome chapter!
ShadowLDrago chapter 729 . 2/15
So Brionne single to help others feel better after something bad happens. I can get behind that.
LEGAL-EAGLE53 chapter 248 . 2/8
Tyranitar is a favorite of mine. Huh. I didn't think that Tyranitar were associated with royalty.
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