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Samantha chapter 694 . 6/25
Heliopolis x pikachu love at first sight!?
Vryheid chapter 19 . 6/24
The further you get into Pokedex, the more it become's clear that Birdboy's version of the Pokemon world is either delightfully insane or horribly dysfunctional. Taking lore both from the entire spectrum of Pokemon games/offshoots, the fandom, and even the competitive scene, the author takes the unusual features of each Pokemon to their logical conclusion in ways that are at times hilarious and other times heartwarming. This is easily one of the most popular Pokemon fanfics on all of ffnet, so there really isn't a whole lot I could say about it that hasn't already been said. The nice thing about Pokedex is that even though its so long you can easily jump around from chapter to chapter without hurting your enjoyment of the story, so it can be as long or short of an experience as you want it to be. The entries for Rattata and Skitty are two of my favorites, I'm sure that other readers have ones that stick out to them as well.

Anyways, this story has a well deserved reputation as a classic on this site, and it can be credited with inspiring several spinoff stories as well as a number of "expanded Pokedex" fics that are still being written and published here.
Gold2King chapter 73 . 6/19
Yeah...even if it wasn't intended it seemed like bestiality and rape were crudely included just to make a niche for a crass tentacle hentai joke.
Pokemonfan chapter 386 . 6/4
Will you do an entry for Hoopa
Misssocratesbeastbananas chapter 600 . 5/30
Congratulations on having 700 chapters! I look forward to reading this
Freaye chapter 49 . 4/13
LOL, Mothman...
Bumblebee Madness chapter 138 . 4/12
Leafy365 chapter 187 . 3/30
Oh, to live in a world where one could legitimately get smacked in the face by a leafy creature... You've painted a very intriguing pokemon world of your own in just short snippets, and done some fantastic world building in very few words, which is no easy feat. I've been enjoying each one, some more than others, and I'm just glad I haven't reached the end yet.

*off to read more*
Leafy365 chapter 186 . 3/30
*Snicker* "Polietoed maintain their power in the way which most monarchies do; by brainwashing their subjects." Lol, if only my history professors would have been equally straightforward...
Leafy365 chapter 2 . 3/29
Lol so Ivysaurs are huge fakers who used their naturally occurring hallucinogens to make themselves seem more awesome!
Leafy365 chapter 1 . 3/29
? No, don't tell me Prof Oak is a Bulbasaur serial killer! Lol, very intriguing. I got here from TVTropes and with one little drabble, I'm already hooked.
TheArtSmartQueen chapter 719 . 3/20
Oh my friggin' God...this must have took some serious dedication to get this far.I'm in the presence(not really though,that'd be weird.)of a true pokémon fan.I've been a fan of the franchise since I was 3 years old.I know how hard it is to find someone who is a true geek and embraces their inner poké who wears their GeekBadge with who rambles on in reviews and would take testing videogame logic to the extreme.I give full congrats to you,and hope you keep up your long and prosper.
Guest chapter 330 . 3/15
Level X is similar if not the same thing as Mega Evolution, isn't it?
Guest chapter 235 . 3/4
Just as modern man makes miracles by the day, unknowing of the power he now wields.
MaidMarian17 chapter 1 . 3/4
This just made my life
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