Reviews for A Life Extraordinary
Mistia chapter 41 . 1/22
Oh no cliffy! Smart, blame it on the dead guy. Suck it Morris!
patricia.kane.969 chapter 41 . 1/22
The Best Writing Ever! I also purchased your ebook just can't tell you enough how wonderful you write LoVe. Please update soon! Can't wait for more!
Guest chapter 41 . 1/22
*dies laughing*

Way to blame the dead guy, donut.
kaykuls24 chapter 41 . 1/22
Thanks for updating! I love this story!
irma66 chapter 41 . 1/22
Read your whole story in the last day and I absolutely love it. Great story, great voices, great original characters, and freakin' hilarious! I see you've been working on it for about 5 years; I hope you're in a productive streak as I would hate to wait for too long to get back to that press conference.
I was sure Duncan would not rat Veronica out since Keith was in his corner. Naming Lamb as the mastermind was quite unexpected. I thought you were going to make Kendall his accomplice or maybe the Fitzpatricks.
Absolem'sMalice chapter 41 . 1/21
Love it! You had me worried there - Duncan's last meet up with Logan was acrimonious enough when he found out about Veronica that I really thought he might do something say Logan organised it. But I guess that wouldn't have put him in a good position with Veronica. So when do we find out what's behind all Logan's cloak and dagger stuff? And has Duncan actually gotten over Veroinca?
calypso chapter 41 . 1/21
Ha, I was not expecting that. Excellent, as always. Keep writing!
fanficREADher chapter 41 . 1/21
Great update and man what a cliffhanger...seriously Morris has such a hard on for Veronica to prove she is right. sheesh... please do continue...and thanks
RAGAnne chapter 41 . 1/21
Excellent chapter! Fluffy LoVe and intrigue all combined in one place. It will be interesting to see if the FBI believes Don Lamb could ever be considered a criminal "mastermind". Keep up the great work.
Bellibella chapter 41 . 1/21
As we say in France, the dead are always wrong ;)
degfas chapter 41 . 1/21
Great chapter. You're killing me on the cliffhangers. Can't wait until you post again.
Tonkncyn chapter 41 . 1/21
Yeah! I am so glad you came back to this story. I love Venus and Mars and this sequel has been great reading so far. Can't wait to see where it goes. Your dialogues are wonderful - several parts have made me laugh out loud (the bra scene - hilarious).
Kou Shun'u chapter 41 . 1/21
Ahahahha lamb the mastermind. Love how everyone is dead who supposedly helped him. I like how mel and sister were all over the back history of logan and veronica. Really glad to see you back, I missed this story.
Guest chapter 41 . 1/21
Oh. My. God. That was an amazing twist and a horribly great cliff hanger ending! You are amazing. Seeing that you updated seriously made my whole freaking year (what little that has passed so far has sucked.) Thank you so much for updating! And thank you for writing one of the best fan fiction stories i have ever read! Please, please, please, please continue asap!
Kingofclubs8129 chapter 41 . 1/21
Blame the dead guy, thats brilliant, they cant prove a thing lol.
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