Reviews for The Chaos Saga
Stop posting this garbage chapter 1 . 4/28/2011
Your story is horrid.

You butcher the characters with your terribly written story. Sonic does not resemble himself at all, you turn him into a generic 'dark' 'distrusting' hero for no apparent reason.

Worse yet, you keep posting this idiotic tripe on our forums as if you are making some sort of point.

Nobody wants to read it. Pardon, I meant: Nobody who has half a brain or any sort of grasp on what makes a story or character endearing wants to read it.

You have no idea how to write a story, you have no idea how to make a character interesting. Whatever good ideas you might think you have are buried under your compulsive desire to make everyone how YOU want them to be, rather than building a character how they SHOULD be.

Come back when you've learned how to properly create a character and maybe you'll have something worth reading.

Until then, you are still on the low end of idiotic that most Fan Fiction occupies. I implore you to delete this crap and purge it from your mind, read some books, learn how to do characters.
fact chapter 1 . 3/2/2011
it sucks