Reviews for Harry Potter and the Descent into Darkness
DeanneGray chapter 33 . 11/28
Thank you so much for writing. A fantastic story
Asylum Girl chapter 33 . 11/23
This story was awesome! Keep up the good work. Also I'm happy that there's actually this whole plot instead of the mindless smug I find of this pairing, not that that's bad but...I like story's with plot better. Good luck and have a nice day!
Earl Annex chapter 12 . 10/11
Dammit, Potter! Suddenly you are oh-so abandon-y of your friends. Just because of a single fight! Or two. Celestia damn it, friendship may not always be easy, but there's no doubt it's worth fighting for! And that's exactly where you fail!
Yes, they abandoned you. But did you make any effort to reach back? Hell no! You just suddenly decide to end the friendship. While you make the little things get to you, you make no effort to reslove them! at all! while friendship is about giving of ourselves to friends, it's also about accepting what our friends have to offer! And you don't! You're distancing yoursef! Never lose faith in your friends, Potter! They can be an amazing source of strength!
Then again, back to you too, Weasley and Granger. Anyone can get lost in the excitement of the competition! You just need to remember that friendship is more important than the competition. And it's all right if you forget that for a while. What matters is you remembering it!
Felt like ranting, pay it no mind.
amenoshimai1 chapter 33 . 10/9
Dratias chapter 32 . 9/25
Oh this story was simply marvelous! I loved it! You truly did an astounding job on this book.
Bravo, my friend. Bravo.
SakuraLuck chapter 5 . 7/29
Zyenna chapter 33 . 7/14
This is sooo good! I was very disappointed to find the sequel abandond... Your a good writer, keep up the awesome work!
FruitBarrel chapter 1 . 7/1
If I were harry at during the first task (in this fic) , I would go into the bathroom, make a good copy of myself (he clearly has that skill), and put my invisibility cloak on. I would escape out of the backdoor while my clone is burnt to ashes, then reappear 3 years later and call everyone "a fucking bitch that only cared when I died".
Gleas chapter 31 . 6/22
Ah! There is a sequel! I wondered how the story is gonna get wrapped up in 2 more chapters XD!
Gleas chapter 21 . 6/21
lot of hero-worship going on there... er... Villain-worship? o.O
Gleas chapter 10 . 6/20
I wonder if he is gonna manipulate Hermione or rather ease her into dark magic XD
Gleas chapter 9 . 6/20
I guess since the companion in Harry's mind doesn't actually have a name (yet) as far as Harry's is concerned, it makes sense it would spew out that... interesting, very different and intriguing, this chapter
Gleas chapter 7 . 6/20
And the name that comes out will be... Tom Riddle! Lol I can't wait
Sarah132cs chapter 11 . 6/18
okay... so the B**** is dead... so that's good. Never did like her not one bit. :) sooooooooo when is Harry getting a snake?
Sarah132cs chapter 9 . 6/18
Um does Harry get a snake?
Oh and a animagus form? a real animagus form?
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