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Guest chapter 1 . 2/7/2014
Well, that was depressing.

Good job. :)
The NHK Ambassador chapter 3 . 9/5/2013
Made it to the end of Chapter 3 and ready to keep going!

When I think of the name Shurelia, it reminds me of a famous Touhou fanatic, who used this name as an alias while putting in some work for the strategy game "League of Legends." She's known for being the creator of a champ called Lux (and a couple others) who has a finisher named 'Final Spark.' Definitely not a coincidence, since there are several other Touhou references in this same game.

This was also the second story I've read where Meiling wound up beaten defeated to become Remilia's servant, and it makes me wonder if there is a doujin source that this plot point bases off of. To be honest, I desire to read more Touhou doujin and official works. The only thing I really completed so far was Silent Sinner in Blue, and some angsty thing between Yukari and Yuyuko.. I wish I knew where to begin.

But anyway, it looks like my favorite gal Patchy shows up here. I'm eager to find out where the rest of this story is going to go after Sakuya joins the ranks. And of course, the only way to do that is to press on!
The NHK Ambassador chapter 1 . 9/5/2013
A twist of fate has brought me here, and I'm loving the beginning of this. It's held my attention all the way through. I'm really looking forward to finish this.

As for Chapter 1 specifics.. That there dog's fate was pretty obvious, but sometimes the obvious things make the experience more engaging to go through. This is what I learned from this chapter. Now to move onward!
Faceplant02 chapter 10 . 8/26/2012
Wow, that was fun. I really loved how much you fleshed out the characters. This is such an incredible piece of storytelling, thank you so much for writing it. Now of course, I must go read your sukima series. XD
nekokuro13 chapter 10 . 7/25/2012
And... here goes. Le ending. Let's see how you tie the ends together, shall we? Ehehen.

Four-layer cake... that's just cute. And Sakuya's response is just... aww.

'""aren't you getting tired?"' - lol Marisa. That's just so... Marisa. :P

So, to sum it up, Flandre is someone who somehow doesn't realize that when someone breaks, they can't be fixed? Maybe being surrounded by fairy maids will give that impression.

Now, having heard the mention of Mom and Dad so many times from Flandre, what happened to them? I'm... too curious for my own good, it might kill me.

'"so dark, so quiet... it's terrible!"' - I commend you, sir, for giving emotions to a spellcard. And... spellcard capture failed, for using a bomb, but, WHO THE HECKING CARES? It's FLANDRE! And it's a HECKING LAST WORD! Lol, sorry. Caps lock misuse. Eiki's going to lecture me for that.

"don't teach her to be a pervert like you." - Lol I've always wondered what Reimu's response to Marisa's quip of marrying Flandre to her. And, you fused Reimu's script with Marisa's. Interesting that you could pull that off. Anyways, my opinion forthe best battle is still the 2nd Reimu vs Remilia, for this story, and vampire hunter Sakuya vs Remilia comes a very close second.

'"but she needs you now, Remilia. You need to get her back yourself. Nobody else can do that for you."' - sisterly love. It has no substitute.

'"well, at least to some degree..."' - ouch. Now I know why vampires need high-speed regeneration.

'" Reimu 'mom'..."' - Daww... and Marisa's being as irresponsible as always. Heh.

And I agree on the canon Flandre part. Sigh... And I miss Shinki-sama too. The demon queen who is often depicted as a mother-figure to Alice is just... pure win. And Mima's not bad too, I can see why she's one of your favorites.

'There is also the nekomata called "Azzhara" (which is pronounced "Atz-hara").' - Uh oh.

Well, it's hard for me to decide which is better, UG or this. UG has the 'give it your all' and 'epic adventure' feeling, while this one here is good in terms of storytelling, the choice of words, etc. Not sure why, I enjoyed the parts before EoSD more, maybe because it's less predictable, and the in-game battle could've been slightly better, but overall, piecing together a story of this magnitude is an admirable feat in itself.

Favorited. Cheers. :) I wonder what book to pick next from the library of your stories.
nekokuro13 chapter 9 . 7/23/2012
Family friendly chapter? Aw... okay.

Ah, Remi is concerned for her sister...

'She stares seriously at the blood...' - Hey! Zere's blood!

Turning into a bat is unfair...

Ah, yep, I knew it. There's still the ripple of 495 years...

Let's see how the duo handle Flan's unhingedness, shall we? For the climax! And I do agree with your point of taking it easy to make sure the battles don't turn out rushed. We don't want this to be merely copy-pasted from the game.
nekokuro13 chapter 8 . 7/22/2012
The sleeping horror underneath... scary.

Ah... I remember the beginning of stage 6. The danmaku was like rain at that part.

And Sakuya's last stand. You put emotions into the gamescript. I remember how frantic 'Eternal Meek' was, and the expression on ZUN-drawn Sakuya's face.

Hm... I remember the feeling of fighting Remi for the first time. Compared to other bosses, she's worlds apart. Her speed, her danmaku pattern, her spell cards...

Ouch. Needles. I prefer exploding amulets. *exploded* See?

'"..., I'll have you clean the basement bathroom with a sponge!"' - But, won't Flandre get to her first?

Wow, Remi promising to be a good girl. And then the game turns Lunatic.

No wonder Marisa's jealous of Reimu's power. And yet, in games, Reimu's usually cheap (economic) with her shots. :P

"Divine Spear, Spear of the Gungnir!" - "Divine Spirit, Fantasy Seal!" Battle of the divine!

'...sending them toward the Lake, causing massive explosions...' - and dead fishes floated, which led the Hakurei shrine maiden to draft a new rule against fishing with explosives i.e. danmaku.

And Remilia was happy to have an enjoyable battle, even if her servants was facepalming from defeat. Cheering them up, that's quite the mistress she is.

And she visits the shrine, the vampire drinking green tea.

Prepare for an EXtra serving!
nekokuro13 chapter 7 . 7/16/2012
Here goes... Wait, no blood? No wonder Remi's mad at the rules. Sorry, Remi, family-friendly.

Lol'd at Yuuka.

Ah, wow, for the mist to be Sakuya's unselfish request instead of Remi selfishly (well knowing her childish antics) asking for it. That's kinda sweet.

Hmm, things are going kinda fast. I thought in the original story, Reimu still have not met Remilia before EoSD, which would explain how she took quite a while to reach the culprit or start investigating, as the red mist had been there quite a while before sweet but lazy Reimu sets off. But, never mind. I leave that to the story-teller. Who knows if it makes things more interesting, and knowing you...

Ah, how nostalgic. The original lines from EoSD... It felt just like yesterday... oh, wait, i did play it yesterday.

Wow, is it just me, or did I really HEAR the music from EoSD playing? Especially in the battle against Sakuya? Ouch, needles!

You added some nice twists to the battle, like, making it 3D (as in the case of Meiling), physical (all the battles except... Patchy? :P), and you made spell card danmaku as... things, and not just danmaku (like Sakuya's and Patchy's). And your added dialogues, making this a 2P game, made sure I was not bored reading the ol' EoSD lines.

Seeing things happen from the SDM's side is a nice twist. And you added emotions. Being a shooter game, short cutscenes won't give us that.
nekokuro13 chapter 6 . 7/16/2012
Here goes... a 9k-worder.

Lol, Remi's childish antics makes me go dawww...

Edward invasion! You showed him Remi-sama! :P Lol, sorry couldn't help myself mentioning that.

Lol, Meiling plays football with a boulder. Yay, Meiling! Power of rainbows and friendship! Oh no, not the washtub Willie, no!

Yay! Flandre does an Edward-bashing! JK, JK, not the washtub again!

Whining smile... Smiling whine... OK creepy. Not to mention how she splattered that dude and his cat. I wonder... so that means vampires from outside can enter Gensokyo with ease?

Ah... when the student is ready, the teacher comes! Remember what I said about the bright future in some review before? Uh, never mind.

Ahaha. Marisa... what will Reimu do without her?

It's Underworld! Vampires everywhere!

I find it strange and very amusing to find how the moe vertically-challenged vampire is actually the most powerful of them all, what with the imposing and all the tough way the others of her kind looked. But then, I used to imagine other vampires to be way tougher, (mistakenly) thinking that Remilia was average for her kind. What a mistake that was.

And thus... the Spell Card Rules was invented. congratulations. Touhou is now a family-friendly game. Lol, sorry, JK, JK again.

Oh yay! The 50th review!
nekokuro13 chapter 5 . 7/16/2012
Now, let's see... ah, explaining Remilia's ability again is something I'm thankful of. Now let's see how this next candidate for the interview will fare...

Hey! It's red riding hood! JK. Well, she better fix that prejudice soon... Being a hunter doesn't mean one has to be prejudiced.

Ah, brave Patchy. Sakuya is scary.

'You manipulated the space around you to create copies of that single knife, letting go at just the right moment while actually stopping time.' - That is the best summarization of Sakuya's skill that I've ever seen.

Not a bad battle. I'm enjoying this.

Wow. It's... a battle between... Epic! That's all I could find to say. Well, we all know how ridiculously hard it is to defeat Remilia in EoSD (without continues, that is). And yeah, Remilia vs Sakuya screams of Castlevania.

It's kind of weird for Sakuya to easily accept her new life, it was as if she came there for that very purpose, but then, Fated indeed.

And that last scene... four Flandres... was scary.

Anyways, I tend to incline towards the theory that Sakuya is a Lunarian, but no, one is free to interpret, of course, and your story here does a good job at just that. Now that we have all the pieces in place, let me guess, we have Flandre to handle? Or some other incident in hand?
nekokuro13 chapter 4 . 7/14/2012
'"oh great, another quiet one."' - Mukyu! Sorry, can't resist saying that. :P Um, is it coincidence that I'm eating bread while I'm reading this? Garlic bread. *Gungnir'd* Conjuring names out of the blue... Patchy really knows how to SPELL, got it, got it? XD Uh, hit me with your washtub. :S

Good one, Reimu, you showed them. Well, Eiki-sama should really give them a proper nagging. Ah... a bright future. The younger generation.

And... Patchy haz a friend! :D

Splitting into four to keep company... *shudders*

Remilia... crying... sigh. Can't say that doesn't disorientate me.

Phantasmagoria of Dim Dream... I see. Would be nice if you were to insert that Reimu part to explain things, but... never mind. The author knows best.

Anyways, this is not too dark. So far. in fact, I find it fairly... normal? Well, the first two chapters are dark, though. But then, of course, this is some peace before things escalate again?

And here's the knifed vampire-hunter! Pa-*knifed* What! I'm going to say Patchy! *Solar Flare'd*
nekokuro13 chapter 3 . 7/14/2012
Yay! Bloody scenes! *prepares corpse wheelbarrow* Well, there are lots of gaps in the Gensokyo characters' past! I think we'll all need Yukari's help for that. Uh... okay, stops digressing.

'...a momentary vortex that allows her to touch the lake's bottom...' - Uh, wow, sheer power is useful. Uh oh, Flan. Remilia... got to commend her way of 'interview.' The... "You are going to be my guardian. No questions." way. Ahaha... so that's how fates are changed the Remilia-way.

Disfigured drawings of blood... Uh, wow. And... it's official. In Willie's universe, Meiling is dragon. '"I will be good to onee-sama and obey her. I will never come out of this room again... until the end of my days."' - Daww... and whoa. Scary too.

Teary-eyes-naive-Meiling. Daww! XD

Yay it's Patchy! Amazing how you pulled all the characters together. I have no idea how they would've looked like before SDM. I'm more of a what-if person. Looking into the past has always been my weakness, I envy authors who could write it well, well, like your story here, or Nicolas' Madness of Lavateinn. Remilia is recruiting! Yep, Patchy, buying food is scary work. Welcome to the shut-ins club.

Mankind... are enemies of what they don't understand. Baka. They don't even treat her like a human. Woot! Here comes Remilia!

Okay, you deserved the 'Okay, who are you, and what have you done with the real WillieGR?' Had to say that question was one of the best compliments I've ever received in my FF Net life.

Umm... yeah, they're kinda quick leading to a set destination, i.e. be part of SDM, although, seeing how there are still 7 chapters left, I can guess it's not going to be that easy. But Remilia'll make sure of that I guess. Fate demands it! Ehehen.
nekokuro13 chapter 2 . 7/10/2012
Flandre... is scarred for life. Hmm, I wonder what place is this new home.

Ah, quite the job interview there, Remi. :D Hmm, I guess we'll see how vampire meets Sakuya in Willie's universe. THAT will be a moment I'll look forward to.

Uh, creepy smile is creepy.

And definitely enjoying your version of Remilia-Flandre relationship. The troubled vampire caring for her sister's mental health.

And... the fairies go kyu. Their only sins were having blue and blonde hair.

Remilia... in pieces. Uh, that'll be quite a scene to forget. And that talking head... wow.

And... good cliffhanger is good. You got me on the edge of the seat trying to guess who this Scarlet fellow here is. Koakuma? Oh dang! It's Hong! Why didn't I see it! Ha! I'll see later if my guess is correct!

Okay, you got my interest here. This cliffhanger got me, because, it is not like Undying Gensokyo where you end each chapter with every change of stage, something like going to the next Stage or Level, which is still suspenseful, but not in the cliffhanger-way.
nekokuro13 chapter 1 . 7/8/2012
And here I am, tearing through alternate universes, at the suggestion of a friend to explore this story here for its dark themes.

Little to no comedy... well surprise me... That's what I'm here for, and I meant business. *puts on sunglasses* LIKE A BOSS! Ahem. Ehehen. So, how dark could it be? *jumps into said universe*

Shurelia... now let us see... who is this character here. But, even in the first hundreds of words, I can see that your style had improved much since the first Sukima. In fact, this story has this tone about it that makes me feel like really enjoying it. It's like a lively-written slice of life. Well, from these few hundreds words that I've read.

Ah, Inuki. That made Flan-Remi sisterly bond a sight to cool the eyes. Red sauce... uh, wow.

Geez, extremists. Just the mention of them makes me wonder if these kinds of people... uh, never mind, I'll stop that rant before I digress further.

And all hell breaks loose. Seriously, if you're convinced that your enemy is a demon, you must be blind if you choose to turn yourself into a worse demon to defeat it. And... of course, failure to try to understand is the key to all suffering in this world.

And Remilia lost it. All the villagers... sigh. Remi lost nearly everything.

And so... it's only two of them, against the world.

Knowing your style of writing, I say this story here is more... effective in its use of words, that is, neither too long nor too short with the details.
Tom chapter 10 . 6/18/2012
I really love your fanfictions.

The "The Story od a Past Scarlet Chapter" was really so good... at certain points I had to think "Oh my god... that poor Flan, mentally scarred just because these guys did that."

I also loved the parts how the characters got to Remilia and their story.

I really hope you make more of these in general. I repeat myself here but I really loved it. So well written and exciting. I am glad I spent two days for about 5 of your fanfictions. And I WILL read all of your in the next days :).

Wish you a ton of good thoughts and ecouragement to go on with these.

LG Tom from Germany
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