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Lady Ariadna chapter 21 . 9/20
Despite being a potential rival, I find Lucil lovable. I feel bad for her but it seems she's getting better or starting to move on in this chapter. That's great! Good job on the OC. Most of the times OCs irks but the way you wrote yours make them fit the whole story seamlessly.

Oh, I remember the Chu-hi scene and aftermath in BiY. Lucil's doing it again, this time with Light.

You know, I like how you write Vulnerable!Light. We don't get to see much of that in the games. Just small snippets, mostly comes with anger. The only vulnerability I remember is that ending of LR before Lumina merges with Light, then Hope find her. Oh yeah, just a little rant here. Did you know that the English version of the game did not translate the Japanese version as close as it should be? When Hope reached out to Light, in English he said "We heard your voice." In Japanese, he actually said "I heard your voice." That's a bit of Hope x Light the English version did not include. Eugh!

Hope comparing Light to his ship was lol worthy. XD

Oh a scene of Snow giving Hope The Talk suddenly poppes on my head! Oh boy, I can see Hope embarassed to death buy still listening because he's genuinely curious while Snow enjoyed it especially when he's trying to see how red Hope's face can get! Lol

Wahaha! Serah coming in was so funny. Dhe even saw the boxers on the ceiling! XD

Blessed by a matchmaker! Hehehe...

Aww... the ending kiss. So sweet...

Alright, on to the one shot then that last chapter in BiY then SiB.
Lady Ariadna chapter 20 . 9/20
My favorite one here is the one with Snow and Hope after he verified Light's brand is gone. Hehehe...

Have to say good thing these were deleted. AiR is awesome the way it is already, except for a few things to help tie it up with the other 2 fics. I added some suggestions on my previous reviews. Hope those helps.
Lady Ariadna chapter 19 . 9/20
Tracking device... rriiiight... - Serah

Lol the "victims" part.

About Maqui asking Hope about the bandanna, I think it's better that he ask why Hope's wearing it that way again after all those years. Considering that Hope wore the bandanna that way in BiY, I'm sure Maqui saw that style on him countless of times.

Hopr at dinner teasing Light, damn! Lol xD

Wahahaha! I'm really loving that tent scene!

About keeping Hope and Serah's identities a secret, I think Sabin would at least recognise Serah and vice versa. Serah would at least be assured that since Sabin is there, the negotiations would pretty much have a positive conclusion. Or maybe they don't recognise each other anymore. Then again with the weight of their situation back in BiY, I thought they would recognise each other.
Lady Ariadna chapter 18 . 9/19
When Light found the toolkit under the pillow, imagine that's how Light will be like to their children. Poor kids...

Lol at the morning stiffy. Hehehe...

That conversation with Bartholomew and Light after the briefing is so funny! XD

Serah with a needle... that scene is funny. I don't mind seeing that injection on the butt scene though. Hehehe...

Just realized Serah used that shot as if it's a truth serum! The Farrons are scary. XD

Oh, Hope did call her sis here. Must have forgotten about this part. But I still think more instances of this would tie up AiR with the rest of the trilogy.
Lady Ariadna chapter 17 . 9/19
I feel for Lightning. This is something she can't control... So sad...

For the first time though, it was Snow that made her move forward. Good job in showing that there's more to Snow than his hero stunts.

Oh yeah, I remember, Snow already saw Hope in relapse. Awww... sad...

That scene with Light and Bartholomew is sweet. I like it! Lol Light needs to remember that Bartholomew is usef to interacting with politicians. She can't hide stuff from him. Hehehe...

That father-son reunion... *T-T
Guest chapter 16 . 9/19
To Light: yeah, you better not injure the family jewels.

That worker that was scared to death of Light reminded me of Snuggles when he was being trained. Hehehe. Loving this scene!

Oh no! He's starting to relapse! :( this climb at the mine shaft and the escape are really putting me on the edge. The way you write these scenes are effective. Good job!
Lady Ariadna chapter 15 . 9/18
In Lumina's voice, "ordered" to track her... Right, right.

I absolutely loved that kissing scene that I read it over and over and over again. Lol xD

The first time I read that Hope's relapsing and he never got to tell her, I was really heart broken. That's tough and I feel for Hope here.

Alright, the cat's out of the bag. I have to commend Lucil here. She kept her feelings to Hope for a long time. That's hard. It will take a certain blonde mechanic to mend that nroken heart. Squeeee! I wonder how Maqui and Lucil started. I think on your other one-shot they're already a couple. Well, I'll re-read that too.
Lady Ariadna chapter 14 . 9/18
Ok first off, a suggestion. Perhaps you should replace "Maker" to "Etro" to tie this up nicely with SiB. You know, for a cohesive trilogy.

Serah interrogating Light reminded me of Lily Aldrin in "How I met yoir mother": where's the poop Light? Lol XD meanie miss farron

Serah's dirty mind, tsk, tsk, tsk xD lol well, perhaps it's because Snow told her of that one night Hope and Light both diaappeared in Aerma.

That little scene at the supply tent was cute! :)

The stupid sealant and the stupid skirt lol xD Hope had it bad.

About your end note, I don't know if it's just me but, aside from the line Hope said, there's a lack of familial tones between Serah and Hope in this fic compared to BiY and SiB. I mean he never called her "sis" here. And there are less interactions between the two to show their relationship. Perhaps a little tweaking in this fic would make it so the trilogy flows smoothly.
Lady Ariadna chapter 13 . 9/18
I really like seeing this side of Hope, the cold one. Good job on the interrogations!

Hope and Light's first, well could be second if you count that time in Palompolum, fight. But this one is worse than that. One is logical while the other is compassionate. I like how you portrayed their difference.
Lady Ariadna chapter 12 . 9/18
Hope, the anti-stress relief. Nice! Hehehe...

They do underestimate Snow a lot of times and I like it that you wrote that here. Now that I think about it, Snow is one of the main "sources" (or spy) within Serah's intelligence network. Damn!

Ooo... Shirtless!Hope Hehehe... Serah is awesome!

Yay! A kiss! I'm so happy! It's funny, I read this fic before but I'm still getting excited over it. lol XD
Lady Ariadna chapter 11 . 9/17
When Snow teased Light for sleeping in, then a voice in the back of her head said "you know you liked it", I imagined that was Lumina's sing-song voice. XD

I like that little jealousy Light had about another "village girl" washing Hope clothes.

That kiss on the forehead though, Hope's getting bold. I love it!

I just found an inconsistency here with BiY. In this chapter, Hope said:

"Serah was in the middle of trying to find work, and at the time, nothing seemed suitable. Because the virus hit so suddenly, it really freaked her out, so she scoured the settlement for medical help, only to find out they needed help too."

Serah already planned to work at the clinic and knows about their lack of help before Hope's collapse. Just thought you may want to edit that part to match the accounts on BiY. :)
Lady Ariadna chapter 10 . 9/17
I really like this chapter. It's the first time that Light and Hope really talked and opened up. Oh and also, gotten closer to Light that he can put his arm on her shoulder, achievement unlocked! Lol xD
Lady Ariadna chapter 9 . 9/17
Ooo, this is where it all started, when Light finally sees Hope as he is now and not the shadow of his 14 year-old self. She became more comfortable with him. By the way, I like the way you progress their relationship; not so fast or slow, just right.
Lady Ariadna chapter 8 . 9/17
If Hope looks at me with guilt on his eyes trying his best to explain himself, I would probably forgive him outright. lol XD But he does need to experience Light's anger (even for a bit) so that the forgiveness and acceptance would be sweeter.

Oh, well played indeed Hope, well played... Hehehe.

"I don't appreciate the veiled insult to my masculinity..." LOL XD

That part when Hope pulled a sentry by his collar and threatened him then deciding to cut off the PSICOM base, I love that part!
Lady Ariadna chapter 7 . 9/16
Hehehe... I really like the dynamic between Snow and Hope here, albeit it's short. I'm excited for the next chapter, especially that talk with Snow and Hope. Brothers for life! lol XD

Oh and here's Lucil and Light's first interaction with each other! I think Lucil's watching Light as a hawk.
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