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Sphinxes chapter 31 . 1/30/2015
Going through my favorite fanfiction stories. Was surprised to see there was a final chapter to this one that I had missed. Really enjoyed the Alia story and the ending where she joins as a crewperson on the Normandy. Did you run out of ideas cause it became Shepard's story once she joined? Hope you decide to start writing fiction again someday...
Janizary chapter 31 . 8/9/2011
Its only a matter of time before someone figures out how to use the relays themselves as WMDs ;)
Janizary chapter 30 . 6/21/2011
Lol. Red armor. :D
Uatu chapter 2 . 6/21/2011
So are Tali and Shepard together?
Prvt. Caboose chapter 30 . 6/21/2011
Tennant was wearing red armour?

Are you sure it was not blue? Absolutely sure?


Hagdamnit. I better go and repaint my armour...
Sphinxes chapter 29 . 6/15/2011
Its funny - I am following a good dozen fan fictions right now - but this is the only one I look for updates on everyday - Alia is great as everyones favorite medical experment
celerystick009 chapter 29 . 5/9/2011
It's nice to see that despite his asari upbringing, Jato is still very much a krogan. I'm not sure why, but I picture him looking like a calmer, more civilized version of Jax (illegal arms dealer on the Citadel; middle-aged krogan with a blue facial plate).

My usual nitpick slot is filled this time by an observation I'm surprised I didn't make sooner: the plural form of "hero" is "heroes." I suppose I was too busy enjoying your story to notice the small problem with the title! On another note, Evalina isn't actually the artificial conscience's name; it is a name that Aila gave her in chapter 16 when she was upset over her recent manipulation. The Reaper named Retanri most likely wouldn't have known this, and would have instead addressed Eva by her original name.

Once again, your story is an excellent example of what a good writer can put together when they've got a passion for a tremendous work of entertainment like Mass Effect and an interesting story idea to go along with it. It has been a pleasure to read so far and I look forward to seeing more. Keep up the good work.
Blood-Hawk-531 chapter 29 . 5/8/2011
Hell yes, a Big Damn Heroes moment. I approve (not that you need my approval, :P).
celerystick009 chapter 28 . 5/2/2011
It's me, the back-story nitpicker again! Before I start I want to say again that this is just nitpicking, your story as a whole is excellent! Anyway, to business: The two iterations of the SSV Normandy were the Normandy SR1 and the Normandy SR2; the SR2 designation comes after the ship's name.

On another note, I wish we could see a little more of Jato. (I can't help but think Jet Assisted Takeoff every time I see that.) His introduction was very interesting, and I was looking forward to seeing how an asari-raised krogan would contrast with well-known krogan like Grunt and Wrex. I know he is far from a main character, but I think seeing him once in a while would be enjoyable for those curious about him.

Once again, keep up the good work, and I look forward to the next chapter!
celerystick009 chapter 12 . 5/1/2011
I have greatly enjoyed your story so far. Reading it has so far been quite enjoyable, however, I just wanted to point out a couple of small canon-related nitpicks I have. First, a krogan cannot have an asari mother. Perhaps because of some weird circumstances a krogan could be raised by an asari, but asari can only have asari offspring, regardless of the species of the "father" (see the Codex entry on asari, or also the incident with the krogan named Char on Illium). The other is that in most cases, the name of a race does not need to be capitalized. For example, the Illusion should be referred to as a quarian vessel, not a Quarian vessel. You wouldn't call the Normandy a Human vessel; the same rules apply with the other species.

THAT SAID, I wish to reiterate the fact that I have enjoyed the story tremendously thus far, and I look forward to reading on. Keep up the good work!
The Officer That Left chapter 28 . 4/16/2011
oh no...she joined the DARK SIDE! YA- wait...i think tis is bad... really bad i mean BAAAAAAADDDDDDDD...and everything will go to horse shit wich is BAAAAAAADDDDD but she has red biotics...tatssss BAD ASS!

ANYWAY...Exellente Cringo! or something...bye and have a nice day :)
Janizary chapter 28 . 4/12/2011
Ack. Aila got reaper ganked.

But the opportunities: "Gimme some sugar, baby", "Hail to the Queen", "Good, bad, I'm the one with the MAC Cannon".
Janizary chapter 27 . 3/10/2011
Go team retard!

Love it.
Grimlock3 chapter 26 . 2/12/2011
Somebody *please* tell Alia NOT to copy Shepards habits or ways. Walking onto the ship with Geth in tow, really how did she expect her crew would react? I think her crew deserved to be told before she brought Legion on board.

It would also have made her speech MUCH easier. Shocking people doesn't make them more receptive to what you have to say. Shocking is good when you want kill people, not when you want them to listen. Preparation is something Alia (and Shep) isn't much good at, improvisation she can do. Preparation (boring stuff) .. not so much. Then again, she's young... she CAN learn.. I'm still wondering who will teach her. (Miranda could, be she still has a hangover, heh)

The entire 'this person was designed for' logic was fun to read. It makes perfect sense from Legion's point of view. I don't have a problem with Legion alone, single geth aren't that dangerous, it's the entire idea of having him on a partly Quarian crew. It won't mix and a split crew won't work well. (then again I'm of those people who don't take Legion to the Fleet on Tali's loyalty mission)

Alia's clothing idea reminded me about Assassin's Creed actually :)

Going to Noveria... might not be a good idea indeed. Eva is at times a bit to flippant, but she's right about this. Noveria is a planet used by companies to research and/or 'acquire' new technologies. Preferably without any laws getting in the way. You only go there if you need something from them.

I would leave a sizable detachment to guard both ships.

And Noveria is *definitly* not a good place to try that thong :)
Janizary chapter 26 . 2/9/2011
Shepard needs to detail a few folks to latrine duty. ;)

I'm trying to figure out how a thong would work with weird quarian hips. :D
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