Reviews for Things Unsaid
Topaz007 chapter 77 . 1/7
"Tom Riddle to No one"

Well, I am reviewing a bit too late. I can't believe I didn't spot this stuff earlier. This is so so so good. I really can't find enough words to praise your writing. Thanks for this amazing piece of writing.

I don't remember the chapter number but the ones I liked the most were - Lupin & Tonks, Lupin to Sirius, Sir Nicholas, Harry to Voldemort, Snape to Lily, and lastly Voldemort to No One.

I love you for writing this :) Thank you!
Topaz007 chapter 76 . 1/7
Wow this is too good. That's when Harry Horcrux was destroyed by Voldemort himself, wasn't it! This was totally cool.
Topaz007 chapter 74 . 1/7
Crabbe and Goyle! I hate them more than Malfoy. Idiots! Good JKR killed him.
Topaz007 chapter 70 . 1/7
Many people are not fond of Dumbledore but I kinda like his character. He made grave mistakes, yes but he knew what he was doing and he loved Harry. I like him and his death came as a total shock for me! I wasn't expecting HBP to end like that. I had actually expected he would come back
Topaz007 chapter 64 . 1/7
Yeah, he used to give Harry free sundaes! I so hate Bella!
Topaz007 chapter 61 . 1/7
Hehe! Nearly Headless Nick - you are awesome!
Topaz007 chapter 51 . 1/7
Sirius :( Another character who shouldn't have died *sniffs*
Topaz007 chapter 49 . 1/7
Seriously! Morfin should have killed them both
Topaz007 chapter 48 . 1/7
Haha! Bella :D
Topaz007 chapter 40 . 1/7
Lupin... the last marauder :(
This was perfect - "And then there were none" Just perfect. Wow. You are siriusly amazing.

Agatha Christie's novel of the same title is my fav too!
Topaz007 chapter 38 . 1/7
Constant Vigilance! Haha! That's what he would have said.
Topaz007 chapter 30 . 1/7
Her death was a shock. Not a known character but the way she was killed. So casual. That was creepy. Good one!
Topaz007 chapter 24 . 1/7
The Flamels! Adventurous couple indeed ;)
Topaz007 chapter 20 . 1/7
Lupin and Tonks! My fav couple in the entire HP series! JKR shouldn't have killed them. They were so adorable. Really it was too brief! Great ya. You create magic with few words :D
Topaz007 chapter 16 . 1/7
I never fancied this Grindelwald Character much but nice one :) No wonder you got over hundred reviews! This stuff is totally amazing
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