Reviews for Poisoned Dreams
The 21 blue dudes chapter 3 . 11/17/2010
Your chapters are short at the least to say,so i had to let them build up before i had much matirial to review.

funny you should call a chapter "sword and magic" when it has very little sword or indeed magic in it.

you seem to lack description,I have no idea what the main chracter or her brother looks come to think of it I a have a precious little idea of what ANY of the characters look like at all.

the story flow is slow at the least to say...I'm curious as to when the action and adventure will come in,by chapter 6 the chracters seem to be still stuck in the ordinary lives they lead with perhaps a fragment or two of mild excitement.

Ir's not the action and fighting i'm looking for it's the EVENTS that i'm looking for exmple the main's brother suddenly disspearing .

signed-blue dude-