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Cahaya Sidur chapter 1 . 6/4/2016
Aw...that was such a happy ending! And a good missing scene that explains more about Manny and Diego's relationship through the baby instead of just "I saved your life, we're friends now". Keep up the good work!
Boomslang chapter 1 . 8/25/2015
I cuddles them all.
This was lovely.
kitsunelullaby chapter 1 . 2/28/2015
sooo cute!
AkuminoTsuki chapter 1 . 12/26/2014
I. Can't. Stop. Squealing! Help me!
erica.phoenix16 chapter 1 . 6/16/2014
Awww...this brings back memories of when I was younger. :)

I even saw that movie, last Friday.
werd chapter 1 . 1/13/2014
Sometimes the stuff they leave out is more interesting then what is within! Is this a real missing scene, anyway it was different and good.
MagentaSpy chapter 1 . 11/18/2013
Ohheyanotherlatereview. I'm sorry about this little trend of mine. At least I'm here and I'm /finally/ able to review this :). Before I start rambling, let's get to the review.

I still don't know why I didn't review this before. Maybe I was still shy, or something, but I regret it. There's so much I love in this fanfic. It wraps up everything I love about Ice Age, such as Manny/Diego friendship, Manny/Roshan friendship/guardian, etc.

I could just re-read this part for hours:

[I've been found out. The mammoth and the tiger thought simultaneously, feeling somewhat embarrassed. Manny sighed, leaving the sanctity of his hideout dourly. To Diego, watching the mammoth walk towards him, unsure of his motives, every step appeared ponderous. Diego felt the earth tremble beneath him – or was that himself quivering in fear? The tiger closed his eyes in resignation, dreading what would happen to him if this news reached the pack somehow. When he opened them again, he noticed at a glance that Pinky had climbed down from the boulder. He sat by Manny, hugging his trunk affectionately, and, to Diego's amazement, Manfred didn't appear to mind. He raised his eyes to the mammoth's face and looked him in the eye only to find that Manfred was glaring at him sternly. For some reason, at this moment, Manfred seemed to resemble his alpha – but the mammoth had an aura of gentleness that Soto himself lacked, Diego discerned.

"Manny," Diego began, causing the mammoth to lift his eyebrows in surprise, as it was the first time that Diego had truly addressed him by Sid's nickname. Manny said nothing, but his expression clearly asked "Yes?"

Roshan interrupted before Diego could complete his thought, gurgling as he crawled up to the tiger, clasping his nearest foreleg in a heartfelt hug. Having found solace in the trust of this baby he'd been threatened with death if he didn't obtain him for his vicious alpha, Diego attempted to finish his statement.

"Uh, he's a good kid," the tiger said lamely, and then bent his head down impulsively, licking Roshan's face as he giggled appreciatively, for emphasis. The distant look Diego had seen yesterday winked in the mammoth's expression, vanished as abruptly as it had appeared, leaving the tiger puzzled once more as to the mystery behind it. The sternness had faded from Manny's visage when he finally replied quietly.

"I guess you never get tired of peekaboo, huh, partner?" he asked, a twinkle in his eye as Diego understood what he was really asking.]

It's like I'm reading original writing from the original Ice Age script. It's perfect for introducing M and D's friendship. It truly is a "missing" scene from IA. I wish there were more scenes like this in the IA movies. I miss them...Ahk, I get myself depressed when I get into this :P.

Annyyywaays, MANNY (and Diego)/ROSHAN (Friendship :P) *salivates*

[How are we not there yet? Manny grumbled to himself, glancing ahead at the flash of light golden fur that delineated the outline of the saber guiding their way to Glacier Pass. He rumbled in his trunk, swaying it gently from side to offer a sense of lull to Pinky, who was nestled in the center.]

[He remembers. The tiger realized, feeling an almost paternal pride in the intelligence of the child, and a hidden smile reached his mouth and his eyes. Roshan cooed, his face brightening with an idea. Tapping Diego on his paw, he gurgled, covering his eyes again in "Where's the Baby?" and then, removing his hands from his face, he pointed to a smooth boulder he'd noticed around the corner of the den area when the travelers had just arrived. Diego ascertained swiftly what Roshan meant. Inclining his head, the tiger agreed to the plan.]

[It was nearly midmorning by the time the mammoth found himself unwillingly roused once more by the absence of a child he had sworn to himself that he'd protect. Once the realization struck him, Manny jumped to his feet, his eyes glinting savagely in his determination to mete out justice to whoever had taken his baby.

His baby?

Most likely that incorrigible sloth had made off with Pinky yet another time, vainly attempting to convince the females of his kind that he'd make a worthy – if somewhat pathetic – mate. Manny's head swiveled as he looked back the resting place Sid had taken for the night, and his brown eyes widened in surprise mingled with dread as he comprehended that Roshan was nowhere in sight.

That tiger. Manny narrowed his eyes, his mouth set in a firm, uncompromising line as he contemplated how he would deal with the tiger, when he returned – ostensibly from his lunch. Manfred felt anger rise within him as he chided himself for letting the tiger guide them to Glacier Pass in the first place. As dark thoughts towards Diego began to consume Manny, his head snapped up at the joyful sound pealing from around the corner – that of a baby gurgling and cooing with delight; the sound of laughter. Manny's body thrilled to the sound as he considered with jubilation that Pinky was still alive.]

[When he opened them again, he noticed at a glance that Pinky had climbed down from the boulder. He sat by Manny, hugging his trunk affectionately, and, to Diego's amazement, Manfred didn't appear to mind.]

Yeah, I kind of grabbed a bunch of them XD. As you know, Manny and Roshan friendship is my favorite pairing. THERE'S SO MUCH HERE! All of this makes me so giddy and just happier in general :). I seriously just love all of it. It's so hard for me to just put it into this review, since this is appeals to me greatly, but I'm not so sure about other Ice Age-ers (Ice Age-ers? :).

To wrap it all up, I love it. loooooooooooooove it, and If the other vignettes your posting (The Five Times Manny Hugged Diego and The One Time He Didn't) are similar to this, I can not WAIT! (Icantwaitforanythingyoupost:P).

*wipes forehead* Phew, I've got it completed! :D After a long delay followed by another delay, its finished!...Now onto LiT. Oh, that is loooooong overdue O_O.


Anyways, I'll see you tomorrow!...If I'm not passed out.

God Bless,

-MagentaSpy- :)
GaaraHinataWake chapter 1 . 8/31/2013
That was all sorts of adorable! :) Very nice job I couldn't stop smiling through the whole thing lol
Animation Adventures chapter 1 . 8/14/2013
Now this answers the question of how he picked it up so easily. Thank you for clearing it up. Diego and Roshan's interaction is always my favorite. My favorite time they interact is when Diego snatches Roshan just out of Manny's reach by the waterfall.
Jonilug chapter 1 . 8/9/2013
I couldn't stop smiling he whole time.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/21/2013
I was wondering how Roshan learned that even if he only saw it twice in the movie and the second time scared him. My favorite part of this was when Diego picked him up to take him over to the rock. Diego only carried him for a few seconds in the movie. I wish Sid and Manny let him do it more. I can just imagine Diego carrying him like he did in the movie.
No Longer Active Here chapter 1 . 5/6/2012
Nice job in filling in the gaps for the original movie.

I like the insight into Diego's thoughts.

Also, love the ending lines. ["I guess you never get tired of peekaboo, huh, partner?"] That made me grin.

But yes, this was a well-written piece that flowed naturally :D

Helena Louvel chapter 1 . 3/30/2012
Awww! So cute! Yes, this is the part that was missing.
Elisheva P chapter 1 . 1/29/2012
This is so cute! I love it! Hmm...not much I can really add. The characters are written perfectly! Favorite parts: Diego's pride for "Pinky" and the alluding to Manny's past in how he interacts with Roshan.
XspriteyX chapter 1 . 10/19/2011
Awwwwww soooo cuuttteee!
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