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Sallee chapter 12 . 1/16/2003
This is my first time reading Hp fics (I became a fanfic addic on some other types and decided to try HP tonight) and my first time reviewing. I love the story and the way you write. I get annoyed when people don't spell or grammer check, when they can't write (some even with a good plot), or when they take charaters OOC. This story had none of these and I decided to put in a note to encourage you to continue writing. I don't have a favorite character but loved the emphasis on the adults as you don't get much of that in the books. I read this in one sitting and till midnight so anyone who can keep my attention that long did something right. Keep writing you're doing great!
Sallee chapter 12 . 1/16/2003
This was my first time reading HP fics (I became a fanfic addict on some other types and decided to try this one tonight) and my first time submiting a review. I managed to read the entire story in one night while planning a trip up to Scottland with some friends. I love the whole story and the way it was written. I get really annoyed with people who either don't check grammer and spelling, those who can't write a plot, and those who have charaters way off target and you managed to hold firm on every one. I have never looked stories up by author but that will be changing (that includes the ones you posted as good reads). I must admit I don't have a favorite character but I love the emphasis on the adults, as that's something you don't get a lot of in the books. I want to tell you to keep writing and I can't wait till I get some rest so I can come back for more (it's 11:51pm).
Cas chapter 12 . 1/16/2003
There are a lot of things I adore about this fic - I love the Remus- Sirius interaction especially early in the fic. I really like the way you describe Padfoot flirting with Sinistra while she still thinks he's just a dog. There's some great humour there, and that's always important in a piece with angst in it. There's a few things here though, that could have been done differently. Your OC, Pols is a good character - not much of the MS about her - except her name and that is such a cliche it's a shame. The banter between Snape and McGonagall early on is good, but she's in her seventies and I think anything else is unlikely. Overall, good characterisation and a nice storyline.
ickle-helena chapter 12 . 1/16/2003
Rounds off beautifully! Some very touching moments between Claire/Sirius and Severus/Minerva, and some very funny bits like Percy's visit to Gryffindor Tower and Severus/Minerva discussing the Muggle Studies Professor. I'll be sure to read the sequel.
Bobbi chapter 12 . 1/15/2003
Aw, a lovely ending! It's one of those (rare) fics that managed to convince me that Minerva/Snape was a good idea. They try to argue, bless them, but they just like each other too much!

And I like how you portray the Weasleys. Percy mentally composing his reply to Molly - how Ron's been scrapping and Fred's been reading "innapropriate magazines" - was great!
Ozma chapter 12 . 1/15/2003
It's always a treat to see Percy! And you've got Filch! The reference to Percy stopping by Filch's office to check out his list of Forbidden objects made me squeal with delight.

Wonderful scene in the Gryffindor Common room, with Percy, Fred and Ron. Percy's reactions to what his siblings had been up to, and how Molly would react to the news made me laugh.

Yaaay! Snogging! It was so kind of Remus to leave Claire and Sirius alone. Their conversation was a delight, and the emotions that were moving between them were delightful too. My favorite bit about their scene were their playful references to Fuschia. I also smiled at the image of Sirius wearing the collar. Awww, he fell asleep right in mid-snog... that was so cute!

The scene with Minerva and Severus was another gem. Caius's name for Minerva is perfect! You've got the banter between them exactly right. I loved their talk about Harry, Draco, Muggle actors, tea, Caius, Minerva's sister, their respective Houses, house-elves... And I really enjoy the thought of Minerva wanting a saucer of milk, it's adorable.

Thank you for writing this! It brightened my whole day!
Chary chapter 12 . 1/15/2003
Ah, the end, sad - because this was such a great story - but beautifully done. I'm generally incredibly disappointed in last chapters, but you pulled this off wonderfully. I loved the conversation between Snape and McGonagall. It managed to be awkward and funny and romantic all rolled into one, and that's coming from someone who normally can't get their head around Snape/McGonagall! I can't really list here what I enjoyed most, because I enjoyed it all - Percy's conversation with his brothers, Claire and Sirius's tentative steps towards a relationship and, as I've already said, Snape's talk with Minerva. I must confess though, throughout the story Caius has been one of my favourite characters and he was wonderful here: “Meow. Sev-ah-rus. Mine.” Lol, possessive bird! Actually, I think I took such a shine to him because he reminded me of the 'Arabel and Mortimer' books I loved as a child, which I only remembered because of Caius!

I'm sorry I haven't reviewed 'A Terrible Beauty' I often read the end of a story first and you're right - it is a bit too depressing for me. I skimmed it though, and I think because I loved this story so much, I'd rather keep this as the last chapter. I prefer the idea of them all left frozen here, semi-healthy and happy with at least the possibility of everything being fine. I know, I know, they're not all going to make it out alive of the real books, but I might not be able to bring myself to read that either! Anyway, wonderful job and I'm *very* glad you managed to find the time to finish the story.
LoveChilde chapter 12 . 1/15/2003
Wow, you stay out of a site for two months's over. And it was so very good. I love your characterizations-finally someone who treats both Snape and Mcgonagal fairly in the same fic. Looking forward to the sequel now.
coconut-ice22 chapter 12 . 1/15/2003
When I started to read this story i was a big h/h writter now I am majorly into slash, its weird. I can see what you mean though about how it was easyer to write the older characters. I have really enjoyed this story all the way through. This chapter nicley tied things up and Im glad I was finally finish it. Thanks a lot for writting this fic, its something special.
AndromacheCassandra chapter 12 . 1/15/2003
(Sees "Scars" has been updated)


(Looks at new chapter title).

Epilogue, oh no; it's the end!

(Attempts to read new chapter).


There is no epilogue at the moment, just a disclaimer.
Louise chapter 12 . 1/15/2003
Is it just my computer or was that update just a disclaimer? Hmmmmm. Mean!
netrat chapter 11 . 12/28/2002
Wonderful story! I loved Snape, Sirius, Remus (whom I've never liked in the original stories, so you've done quite a job with him), Caius, and and and ... Great backstories for Sirius and Remus (their relationship before Voldemort came is really interesting) and Snape, too!

Two nits, though - very very small ones, but as you've got such a lovely attention to details ...

1) Sirius says that Kitty Wilkes died in Azkaban, yet in GoF he says that she and Rosier were both killed by Aurors.

2) At one point, McGonagall muses that Snape hasn't touched a broom ever since he got his Apparating licence, but in PS, he refereed Gryffindor's quiddich match against Hufflepuff.

Also, I was very impressed by "Prophet of Doom" - it really spooked me! "A Terrible Beauty" was well-written, too, but I'm not forgiving you for killing my favourite character! :-( Snape rules!
Angel of the North chapter 11 . 12/22/2002
I loved the characterisation here.

Looking forward to the last chapter - you're on my AA list.

Polaris strikes me as interesting, because of the scars she has from her brother's imprisonment.

Minerva/Snape is funny - she's twice his age.
clarityhiding chapter 1 . 12/7/2002
Wow. That was just... amazing. I just recently got into HP fanfiction, so I was suprised to find something so good when I'm new to the series (usually I have to slog through a lot of awful stuff first).

Loved your portrail of Sirius, Snape, and Lupin. Very in character, I applaud you . I'm also glad that you didn't totally forget about the Potter Posse (I realize they aren't very important to the story, but hey! they are the main characters in the books).

As an Episcopalian, don't feel bad about the whole baptismal thing. I actually only skimmed over that scene (I'm not to fond of the Death Eaters) but I did see some of it and the only thing I could think of was "Hey! It's the baptism thingy! That's so cool!" Really I did .

Can't wait for the Epilogue when it comes! O
Gnomish Librarian chapter 11 . 12/1/2002
I love this story! I have spent the better part of a Sunday reading it and I was so disappointed to know I have to wait for the last chapter. Email me Please when you post again. Love the banter between the characters and I do like the way you show Lupin as a nice guy, not a girly guy. Nothing is over the top and the OCs are nicely developed. Great job!
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