Reviews for Wanderlust
narrizan chapter 1 . 3/5
Late to the party ... but this is very layered and pretty, in the way the you have told the story. It's refreshing to see Lavi picking up the mantle of Bookman and that Kanda and Him at an understanding, because I think they do. And yes Lavi is one tough nut because he has to be. Kanda just is. So that does actually make Lavi the bigger 'bastard'.

With all this training I think that he will make a brilliant Bookman. He just has to make some tough choices.

Beautifully written - Zan
mochi1412 chapter 1 . 1/5/2012
You know this wasn't the type of ending I had in mind and I can't say I'll be extremely pleased if Hoshino made Lavi leave like made me change my mind.

Instead of it being full of tears and pleads, you turned it into something deeper and more...meaningful.

I think I actually quite like this sorta end. Clean and well cut. No tears or breakdowns.

Thanks for making me smile and make sure you KEEP WRITING! XD

I look forward to seeing more of your works.
aQuatix chapter 1 . 8/30/2010
Beautiful. Really.

I like how it started out as rather impersonal and, borrowing your words, grow from facts to a story. And the characterization, you have no idea how much I love how you portray both of them, their interaction, and most of all, how (im)perfect they are and how beautiful it is like that.

There are stories that end in a very climactic manner and there are stories that end quietly, leaving rooms for deep afterthoughts. I find your way of telling the story of their farewell nailing the second one elegantly, especially with what is not said/done between them.

God, I'm sorry if the review is too wordy, but really, thank you for writing and sharing such a lovely piece my words can't even justify. :3
Ozuchi-Kozuchi chapter 1 . 8/5/2010
There are no words to describe this what with the degree of awesome put into this story, but I'll try. It is deep, and meaningful. It's not a mushy heartfelt goodbye, it's just the way you'd think a Bookman would go.

I loved the way you characterized both Lavi and Kanda. You stayed true to their character. I also enjoyed how you started and ended. Overall, wonderful.
the-fish92 chapter 1 . 8/1/2010
somehow, you made something so sad seem so bright :) I really really liked this
Saga of Eternal Rain chapter 1 . 7/26/2010
Wow, it was pretty deep and had a glimpse of Lavi that you imagine but it's not exactly shown. It's very realistic in a sense and both characters were written well so it didn't seem out of character at all. It's an awesome friendship/respect story that has so much between-the-lines meaning in it, and I complete loved it.
saxon-jesus chapter 1 . 7/25/2010
Wow, this was great! Found this recommended on LJ and thought I could use some good ficcage. I wasn't disappointed. I liked the way you portrayed all the characters, especially Lavi's distance and analytical thoughts. It was nice to read a fic where neither of them are bleeding hearts or complete and total jackasses. I like how they met in the middle somewhere and how you explained their points of view.

It is a very realistic way of writing a bookman's leaving and how he would view those left behind.

Great job!
Tossino chapter 1 . 7/25/2010
I... love you so much that I have no idea how to put it in words.

I'll try my best to write a decent review but first I just need to flail a bit at you so...


There! Now then.

It seems you and me are practically on the exact same page when it comes to Lavi and he and Kanda's relationship. Like that when comparing Kanda and Lavi the bigger bastard is no doubt Lavi even while most people would see that as a very shocking fact. And how the Order's overwhelming caring and emotion was something that was hard on him but something he at the same time appreciated, and how he in relation to that found relief in Kanda for just being himself; not like that.

But mainly, I just want to pour loads of love on you for the realistic way you had Lavi leave. Well, also that you had him leave as a Bookman in the first place because there are too many who seem to think he won't and that he's not fit to do that anymore or whatever, which is sort of not cool in my eyes. xD And Kanda would definitely accept that, even if he maybe wouldn't be happy about it. That is the thing that I find the most beautiful with their relationship; the quiet understanding and acceptance that not many others would probably show.

Their relationship can't really be seen as flawless and I'm sure there are things with each other that they wouldn't be so happy about but at the same time they have something in each other that, yes, they probably can't find anywhere else. It's that kind of relationship that mostly only comes along once.

Anyway, I thought it wasn't possible for you to become more awesome, but I was wrong. This was perfect, in every way, and I love you LOADS for it.

I humbly bow down to you and thank you into eternity for writing this amazing piece that's possibly the best LaviYu friendship fic out there.
waterlit chapter 1 . 7/25/2010
It's a pretty deep story even though Lavi sounds all flippant and whatnot, and I don't think I've gotten past the first layer of complexity yet. This is probably a story to be read over and over again. Kind of like inception (the movie), in that it requires a lot of thinking.

I'll be back to this soon (: