Reviews for Bonded For Eternity
Enigma infinite chapter 1 . 9/14/2010
It's sad that Naoya never did learn the proper lesson.
Hidro The Exiled Memory chapter 1 . 7/27/2010
well good job on your first Devil survivor story that's for sure only got two issues in here:

Despite that, he knew it was his fault. He had been the one to damn himself, but he would never openly admit it. He had been selfish, ignorant, and greedy, but somehow all of it had seemed worth it at the time. In his first lifetime, when he'd been known as Cain, he'd somewhat enjoyed killing his brother, but he realized after that it had been a mistake.

those lines made naoya totally out of characters that would be something i would hear out of amane but not naoya he pretty much does not feel guilty about killing abel but well to each their own interpretation right

and the second while it was a nice touch you add that little crossover with P3 please do not do this in the future it does not fit any chronological order, demons an personas are not the same thing an according to P3 Minato didn't awoke to his powers (and that includes death inside him) until he set foot back at iwatodai how did naoya knew Minato was something different when his power was still asleep is something beyond explanation

nevertheless you did a great job describing naoyas need to make his brother rebel against god and that point of view of naoya with his back up plan was interesting so despite those issues i mention earlier i'll send you a huge congrats on your first shin megami tensei story published... good job

Hidro the lost one :)